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Saturday, May 21, 2011

This will be quick...

Sorry everyone this week has been really fucked since monday. I have been working both jobs 6 days in a row and the last 3 have been a kick in the balls so it left me very little time to write some stuff. So here is a Saturday quick post of the first round of inter league play.

Didn't I fucking tell you all that the Indians and Reds series was gonna be fucking ill as shit! The Reds struck early with 2 in the 3rd and 6th . But the Indians put up a strong 6th inning dropping a 4 spot tying it up. Shelly Duncan , Michael Branley, Shin soo drunk , Aunstin Kearns and some fucking rookie help take the tribe to the winner circle. All I know is that my dude Brandon Phillips is going to put the Reds on his back and rock the crap out of Josh Tomlin, todays pitchers. The game starts at 7 and I hope that they show the game somewhere it should be great.

As I am rambling on about the Reds and Indians Jose Bautista hit 2 home runs against the J.A HAAPless ( Brett Meyers pitched today) Astros. I am pumped that this dude is still launching baseballs into orbit. All he did was add a leg kick to his stance and blamo he is a slugger.

Last night the Pirates destroyed the Tigers in the battle of Union towns series, The Nats ran shop on the Orioles which is making me regret picking the O's as a good team this year. What the Fuck Buck where the fight ? Boston beat down on Chicago , now if they could just win more championships people would care more. Kc shutout St.louis and the other games happened.

Ok remember when I said that all Justin Turner was know for was being a ginger. Well I was fucking wrong, its the Phantom affect(new phrase) . This dude is clutch he has brought in an rbi in the last 6 games. He had 5 rbis in one game. The New York Bisons held their own against that terrifying collection of contract terrorists known as the New York Yankees.

I hope everyone has a good Rapture . I know its throw back day in Boston and Cliff Lee is facing the Rangers. So there might be something to watch. I'll talk to you guys next week. Also keep your eyes on the Reds and Indians thats the series to watch.

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