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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What qualifies you for the Hall of Fame? Reading The Phantom Ball player... Can't get you there

Last sunday at the weekly Hooligans practice a few of us basically M.D, J-Mart, and my self were talking about what qualifies a player for hall of fame status. We discussed current and sat players with some weighty stats and some that had accomplished some great things but would it be enough.

Every year around this time a selective group of baseball writers get together and choice which player they feel deserve to be elected to the hall of fame. Then the next day all the people who didn't get the invite critique every little vote. This isn't me criticizing anyones votes this is just me asking a few questions about who that is playing now that by the end of their career will they be in the hall. Baseball players dream of making it to the hall. But now of days there are so many statistical categories that make baseball seem more like math class then a game.
Players like Keith Hernandez, Mark Grace, Lee Smith, Donnie Baseball, Ron Santo and the Immortal Mike Flanagan should all be in the hall but they do not meet the unbelievably stupid number quotas that have been placed. Corner Infielder have to hit 20+ home runs, middle infielder have to have high stolen base numbers and be solid defenders. Outfielders have to a mix of all of it. And the players have to play nice nice with the reports now because they hold the fate of their career. Well thats my rant about the oddity known as the Hall of fame selection process

So instead of doing names first I am going to do stats and then name and then maybe a few jokes or something maybe a couple of funny youtube links maybe a few curse words , I don't know yet.

1,724 career hits, .297 life time batting average,.410 career On base %, .548 slugging %, 338 career Home Runs, 1135 career Rbis, and a 5 time All star:That is Lance Big Puma Berkman- He is having a bounce back year after leaving the shit show of the Astros and the party central that is known as Nick Swisher's New York Yankees. He might be a few years off but if he keeps putting up good numbers especially if he can work out an another contract with the Cards he could be polishing his own plaque.

2,620 career hits, .287 life time batting average,.354 on base %, .436 slugging %, 391 career stolen bases, 222 career home runs, 1075 care Rbis, 2x all star,2 world series rings: That is Johnny "Lady Fingers" Damon-Some might say yes. I say eeeeh no. He has never really been the star of any of the teams he's played on. He never carried a team to a championship he has been on teams that has other players drive them to win the championship. So I am sorry pal I don't think you have what it takes.

1,1713 career hits, .274 life time batting average, .468 slugging %, .800 on base %, 264 career home runs, 996 rbis, 4x all star, 9x Gold glove winner, 1x sliver slugger award winner: That is Torri "Spiderman" Hunter: This guy right here is my dude. My opinion might seem biased but I feel Torri has got what it takes to be in the Hall. Ok his offensive numbers might be as stunning as other guys but his defense alone should put him right next to Clemente (BOLD STATEMENT)

1,606 career hits, .273 life time average, .376 on base %, .476 slugging %, 267 career home runs, 1037 rbis, 5x all star and sliver slugger and 5x world series champion: Come on its Jorge Posada: Does Jorgey have what it takes to get there? The resume is impressive but is it impressive enough. Some one will probably say that Jorge road in on Derek Jeter's success.Side note is Bernie Williams a Hall of famer ?

Finally this one is going to blow your mind in the most mediocre sense of the term

1,893 career hits, .297 life time average, .346 on base %, .364 slugging %, 14 career home runs, 443 rbis, 534 career stolen bases, has never had a season without 30 stolen bases since his rookie year, has never hit under .275 in his career, World Series champion: Its Juan Pierre. Most people are shocked that I would even bring him up . But check this out J-mart broke down what he has done in his 11 years in the bigs. Frankly I think if he plays for another 10 years he will break 3,000 hits , maybe have an over .300 batting average and might have a shot at breaking Rickey Henderson's stolen base record.

Those might be some odd names to throw out. But they have all been playing for over 10 years. I try to avoid big names like Jeter, Dunn, Pujols, and etc etc blah blah blah. Now I honestly don't give a shit about On base or slugging or Ops or what ever Bill James brought into this game. If a player brings his team to a higher level for years at a time. Do you think Ted Williams gave a shit how many times he got on base against a lefty? No, he cared if he got a hit and wether or not he can air raid some nazis. This year we'll see Roberto Alomar who would have been in last year but Marty Noble said he didn't deserve it because of his one year and a half years with the Mets.

Right so thats it for me for a while. I know your all thrilled that I wont be posting until at least next Wednesday but I got some shit I got to do. Oh yeah It's the Heat v the Mavericks in the Nba finals. I am not shocked at all. Later people, thanks for reading and thanks for putting up with my writing every week.

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