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Monday, May 23, 2011

Where have you gone Minnesota Twins ?

Did everyone enjoy their weekend ? I hope so because I know the folks in Minnesota had a rough one. With Twins getting swept by the D-backs every Twin fan hit the bars and wont stop until they saw Joe Mauer catching again. With such a bad start the Twins are basically walking on ice not thin ice but the type of ice in which you try to walk on it and you fall on your ass or face at least five times before you say to your self " maybe this isn't a great idea". Right now the Twins are 14.5 games out of first place and 4.5 games out of first place of the last place teams. Yes, you read that correctly and it's not one of my stupid sayings. The Twins are the Worst of the Worst by at least 4 games.

I understand that it might not be a great time to rip on the Twins right now with the passing or Harmon Killebrew. Maybe this is what the Twins need. Not the passing of their legend but the attention of the Phantom. This could shake things up , Its worked for other teams. Do I have to list them for you guys... Again?

This brings us to the big question. What is this team waiting for? I am tired of asking this question really. I know this team is good. They have been in the playoffs ever year for the past few years. The Twins always look like the team to beat with solid pitching and a stacked line up with offense and defense galore. The only problem is they seem to always draw the Yankees and they have only won 2 playoff games against the Yankees.

The Twins have to turn it around before its too late. If they continue to be this bad they will be 45 games out of first. It simply unbelievable that by the end of May the Indians Royals
and White Sox are at the top of the heap while the Twins who usually are the first to clinch the central in August are not even close to the Tigers. Minnesota I like you guys I think you have a great thing going with the new stadium, keeping Jim Thome even though they have Jason Kubel and The young pitchers. But when is enough ,enough ? They made a bold move by trading Garza and Barlett for Delmon Young who looked to have a break out season (nothing so far) They signed mustache enthusiast (second time I am using that phrase , but about a different person) Carl Pavano , after his quick stop in the Cleve and after he robbed the Yankees for 4 years and earn 45 million for 8 starts, and with the guys they have grown from their own system they should of been right up there with the tribe.

It's only may and 14.5 games isn't that bad. Hell look what happened with the 69 Mets or the 04 Red sox. So lets see if the Phantom effect hits the Twins . That should be a great race between the old guard Twins versus the young upstart Indians battling it out for the future of the central division.

Ok I am going to hit it , dinners almost done and I haven't let my dog out so he is losing his mind.

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