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Thursday, June 2, 2011

All Star game is coming up. Im sorry I mean The Yankees plus two other smucks vs the National League

The All StarBallots are being Counted and Most people are like ... Well That dudes face really sells the point. Shits gone crazy Thanks to Yankees Fans

I seriously cannot wait until Derek Jeter retires and owns his own team possibly the Tampa bay Rays. The reason why is because I am sick and tired of this guy making the All star team by name only. Batting a whopping .264 with 2 home runs and 16 rbis. Derek Jeter leads all Al short stops in All star votes leaving people who actually know baseball scratching their heads. The only reason I see is that there are too many Yankees fans who have access to all star ballots, a complete bias to their team and don't accept the fact there are other teams playing baseball and Will do anything to have Alec Baldwin not punch them in the face. After seeing that new era commercial I pasted up last post I've been in hiding. I don't want Adam Maitland haunting my shit just because he lives about 25 minutes away. What up Long Island!

There are 6 Yankees leading their positions in the ballots : Tex, A-Rod, Granderson, Cano, Jeter, and Martin. Only 3 of these guys deserve it Tex, Granderson and Martin who have been nothing but champions this year. AS they run shop on the Al shitty pitching crushing every hanging pitch over the 310 foot wall.
Does anyone think Cano has produced the way he should be after last year? Especially since the one dude who he competed with and they both lost the Mvp to Rev. Josh Hamilton , Jose
Bautista who looks to be the real fucking deal with his league leading 20 big flies in the frost 56 games. Hopefully Cano turns it on because I do like him as a ball player. He has a very smooth effortless way of getting to every ground ball or pop up that is hit to second base. As his gets older he gets better. But he has to become more consistent at the plate. I know he batting .284 with 11 bombs and about 40 rbis. But he bats after A-rod and Tex so if there is anyone left on he brings in. It just feels to me that he has yet to break out like everyone thought he was going to . I don't know its like he is a thursday that feels like a monday.

A-rod is leading the pack for third basemen by default. See his real competition Evan Longria and Kevin Youklius have battled injuries from jumping out of helicopters chasing down random nerds who wear hats or something and for Youks sake someone stealing his binky so instead of hitting for a higher average he has just been crying. The centaur has been average this year with only 9 home runs so far. We are seeing the twilight of A-rods career as a two way player. He is getting older and he has a bum hip which could possibly act up and effect his production.

Can I say more about Tex, Granderson and Martin. These guys are not the cookie cutter Yankees. As in they seem like really cool guys and everyone in the league likes them, unlike some of the other players. Granderson has just blown up this year with his new swing, Tex has broken his streak of terrible first month and a half of every season he has played in since he was a Texas Ranger, and Russell Martin had been the worst thing for Jorge Posada since every pitcher hating him and the fact he really isn't all that good.

That brings me back to The Captain, king of the over rated, the shortstop who has really stop short of being as good as people think he is. Let me prove my point so that M.D and every Yankees fan doesn't flip out and freak out let me name 6 shortstops in the American League who are having a better season then Jeter. Toronto's Yunel Escobar, Cleveland's Asdrubal Cabrera, Boston's Jed Lowrie, Detroit's Jhonny Peralta, Chicago's Alexi Ramierz, and La's Erick Aybar. Point proven! How long can the Yankees be a powerhouse when their houses power is dimming from over use( I am sooo good at writing its not even funny). Time is not on Jeter side and after 3000 hits will New York still be since the other New York (for now) shortstop is ripping the ball and playing great defense ?

During the All star break many of the guys who don't play for the Yankees will be playing golf and Who the fuck cares . I just wanted to use that clip.

I don't want to spend all day talking about the Yankees. The Mets blew two games this week but had a pretty sick come back this afternoon. Mike Pelfery who once again forgot to dust off his cheetos fingers got licked in the first 3 innings giving up 7 runs against The Pirates who's second basemen Neil Walker ( on the Morgan Freemans) hit a blast that could be compaired to my softball power. But the Mets took Terry's rant to heart by storming back and winning the game in dramatic day time fashion.

Ugh this week didn't really spark too much inspiration for me and since I went off about the Yankees for an extend period of time so I guess that will be it. Oh yeah Its almost Hooligans season and wiffel ball season. SO hilarity will ensue in the upcoming months. Check these monsters out. Thats what the Hooligans are like except with defense and speed. Not really but we are here to win.

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