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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't look now but the Royals are on the road to making some noise... Wait that was a bad title, well Kc is calling up their 2nd big prospect

I am a fucking genius buddy. Just earlier this week I went into Lids looking for a sick snapback that M.D and I have been talking about for what seems like weeks. But the Lids by me did not have them for Mlb teams yet just the Nba. So I looked to get a fresh new fitted. I scanned the selection that they had and moved some shit around to find the 8's which if you don't know thats the biggest hat they make. This is not for me to look cool with a flat brim, its the only size that fits my massive head. Seriously I had to get my head shaved today so that I can properly sculpt them to my giant skull. But anyway I picked up an all blue with the orange insingena Mets hat ( which makes 4 of that kind) and since its been a good week for me I thought to my self "Self your not going be here for another 2 years why not get that Royals hat you've been saying your going to buy since 08" so I moved the row of hats to find the only 8 of the Royal blue with white Kc hat which is resickulus. With the news today that Mike Mustakas their power hitting 3rd base prospect. Lets bring the noise

For the past few years I have been looking like a complete douche by saying the Royals are going to be sick. But right now they are on the right path. With years of terrible moves, complaining about big market teams getting the best free agents and what ever else happened that tarnished the rep of one of the most prominent teams from the 70's-early 90's. The Royals have let go of some pretty good talent over the past few decades.

Lets see the Royals have traded off : Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye, Carlos Beltran, Raul
Ibanez, Angel Berroa,John Buck,and Zack Grineke.... Ok well they haven't been over run with talent but they had some good players in the earlier part of the decade and by moving them before they got to be expensive for prospects and draft picks. They have spent years fiddling with young prospects basically trial and error and it has been a lot of error. But now with Eric Hosmer, Alcides Escobar finally playing shortstop, The maturation of Alec Gordon and the pitching staff and with the return of Joaquin Soria to the closer role the Royals are on the cusp of big things.

Right now K.C is super pumped for Mustakasand frankly so am I this is the begining of K.C's dominace. If you don't
know Mike Mustakas was ranked a top 10 prospect in the entire baseball world. He was hitting .321 with 10 blasts and 44 rbis, this has been a long time coming. The Royals send down Mike Aviles who has yet to regain that once highly touted talent back to form when he came up 3 years ago and hit 10 homers in 80 at bats and they move Wilson "traded for Nick Swisher" Betiment to the bench, so a vast improvement for the blue ballers. The Royals are now like the A's , Indians and the Mariners the Royals have a young team and they are looking to break the mold that has been in the league. I know I have been saying that a lot. But I really like the Royals. I don't know why but I like them but I do. Wait I know why I do join me at the next paragraph and I'll tell you why.

The Royals are the Hooligans ! These are young kids trying to make a name for them selves after a few bad seasons. We totally are the same except for the whole they play major league baseball and we play week night softball but exactly the same. Speaking of the Hooligans(see what I did there) our first game was on June 8th and well we lost. But it was close 13-8 which is a lot closer then the last 3 opening days of 22-1, 15-4, and 19-8 so we have made a huge stride. Lots of highlights from this game. Really ! I am serious man we played a pretty good. Lets start with the Short stop, Mikey was all over the place making stabs and turnings two playing out of his mind. An outstanding diving catch by Rice , Big cat held it down at 1st and a 3-3 performance by Bones and My self . Bones had 2 rbis and I had three. But The game was determined the game. Around the 4th inning the other team had runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out. Their batter hit a liner to right center Jmart tracked it perfectly made the chest high catch and sent a laser beam of a throw to M.D to get the runner at home. He was dead at the plate but the ump made a tough call that was in the other teams favor . Needless to say there were some words said and our fire was too much in that inning. It took us a little bit to hone it in and we gave up 5 runs that inning really sealing it. But Good things are to come. We have two games next week and the attitudes are running high. Hooligans softball is Hot fire.

Sorry Kc Royalists I got side tracked with my recap. I think there is great things to come for the Royals. With the downfall of the Twins, there is a chance for aggressive advancement like we've seen with the Indians and the Tigers this year. So I am going to rock my blue Royals hat at work everyday. Also I am a Huge Fan Of K.C Stlye BBQ... Well all style of Bbq

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