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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How does one follow up a post about their grandmother.... TOp Ten Hottest famous chicks that might be baseball fans

Seriously today was the funeral and all I kept thinking about after we left the cemetery was " I need to make a new top 10," " It should be about hot famous women who I think are baseball fans " . So after I came home changed out of my suit had a beer or 8 and started thinking up whats what. I know I am not the first dude to think this up and I am probably not the last. Hell I am probably sure I am the 1billionth nerd with a blog who has put up a list of women that he'd more then likely revert back to a babbling mess then actually throw any game to. By the way ladies my game is pretty (spoiler alert) really bad . But thats a story for another post. Lets get this list down so I can be sued by these ladies. I hope I don't come off as too much of a creep

I am going to try to avoid women who were in movies about baseball , so goodbye Karen Allen oh how I wish I wasn't a pre-fetus when you were Indiana Jones or Animal house. Seriously check her out back in the late 70's-80's hell even in the Sandlot she was slammin. I did not make that video but yeah now you know. I think by the end of this It's going to be what celebrity I want to go to a game with on a date. I am a gentleman you animals. Lets start this spiraling disaster.

10. Marisa Miller-
I know super easy choice. Super Model of the superest variety and huge cubs fan. So I guess she isn't that smart. Actually I think she is from Chi-town so she has lived a rougher life then me. Either way there are a billion pictures of her in bikinis , underwear, and other really awesome shit. But my kryptonite is a girl in a jersey. and right now its like superman trying to move that super point less kryptonite island. Anyway she is super hot, super cool , she goes to games , gets into them, rides motorcycles, fight crime and other stuff.

9. Rose Bryne-
Ok so I finally saw X-men First Class last weekend. Besides Jennifer Lawerence standing around looking all hot in blue. Rose Bryne captured my eye. So she is like all english or something and she did the sequel to 28 days later so She is hitting the nerds with everything she's got. I would of picked Jennifer but she is blowing up right now. But Rose is a straight up stone colder looker. She kills it every time. I would love to take her to her first baseball game. Drink some beers she'll tell me how soccer is a better sport and I'd laugh at her silly accent. Oh the fun. By the way its call soccer not football. Also real sports are played with your hands.

8. Audrina Patridge-
What Can I say about her that hasn't been said before. I have had a thing for her since the first time my brother made me watch a 5 hour marathon of the Hills. As I suffered through the mindless dribble when ever whats their faces said when they talked. This California girl stole my eye immediately. Espically when she would look slightly to the left instead of in the other persons eye. Which I think that was her way of not blowing her lines. Don't act like you fuckers don't know what I am talking about . She really good looking and she threw out the first pitch at a dodgers game. So.... You know I just said it

7. This is like a 50 way tie, Not really but here are like 5 that I cant pick from- Zoe Saldana, Ashley Greene, Cobie Smulders, Deborah ann Woll and Emmanuelle Chriqui. OK some names you know some you don't but seriously I put the links to their Imdb pages. So check them out.Oh wait bonus Jennifer Connelly. She is like an All-time favorite but not for this list

6. I guess Cameron Diaz-
Yeah I guess thats fair. She has been all over the place lately. She is pushing some new movie and giving A-rod Hj's at the superbowl. I just saw her on the Daily show so I am going to give Mary ( my 98 crush) her due. I doubt she needs me to push her probably awful movie but she seem like a cool chick. Like the one who would out drink you 6 time till sunday and then punch you in the balls for being a bitch. SO since she is taming centuar-rod and is killing it in all the photos for Bad teacher. SO lucky number 7 is a good spot for her. Not Number 4 like maxim put her.

5. Erin Andrews-Oh My God Bros. She is basically my Ideal women. Super smart, Loves sports, is kinda funny and She doesn't suffer fools. I have no fucking clue where Espn found her but
bravo bristol. Bravo! I know she does a lot of college football/basketball which is really lame but sooner or later she is going to crack into the pro game. So watch the fuck out. I found this on youtube so check it out and really just the one thing that would make her perfect to is if she was like a few inches shorter. Yes I have that big of an ego to say Erin Andrew who is a resickulus woman isn't perfect. The balls I have. Thank God she doesn't read this actually I hope she does. Hey Miss. Andrews If your looking for a 6'2 tall, 275 lb dude with thinning blonde hair (don't worry I keep it really short so it looks good) has two jobs absolutely no money but is really funny and knows a fair share about sports give me a shout... I can just imagine her reaction "Fuck No" ...

4. Diora Baird-Who is that you might ask. She has been in a ton of movies but just not as the star. Look bros she has Major league Talent but is tuck in triple AAA because she isn't as classy
as Helen Mirren or what ever . Which is total bull shit. She is really good at acting and being a murder victim. That is how I was introduced to her as a thespian. I was doing a Law and Order: Svu marathon from my netflix and there is an episode where she plays this girl who was almost assaulted by some creepy dude and she contracted some infection. But the whole time she was wearing like skimpy clothes and the moral of the story was don't judge a women by her clothes. So I was interested to see what else she was in. Wedding Crashers, A Texas chainsaw remake , and is always in Maxim. She is super hot and I want you all to follow her on twitter and imdb or whatever lets make her Super famous. The Phantom spotlight is now on Diora Baird.

3. Taylor Swift-What 25 year old dude hasn't sung a Taylor Swift song by themselves on their way to the bar to be throughly shot down by every fucking Jwoww look alike and just sit in the
corner hearing a Taylor dance remix and softly singing the orignal version to their beer? ?? Fuck I guess I am the only one. I know she has gone to games and sung the Anthem and she is from some town in a sports state. But T-swift is all sorts hot wearing sun dresses and being all respectfully dressed. Most dudes don't like the whole covered up look , not this guy. There is nothing sexier then a women who doesn't have to show off to be confident about her self.... Time Out, I just really want to go on a date with her show her a nice time open doors for her make playfully awkward conversation about how we like the same non country music, and take her home kiss her on her door step say good night and go home swooning. Fuck I just lost every dude reader. Sorry bros I wont say anything disrespectful... She'd get 250% If the option came up .

2. Alison Brie-
Now Most people know her as the brown haired chick with the huge eyes and cute face on that show with Childish Gambino and Clark Griswald. She is on Mad men and has done a lot of like under the radar stuff like something called Hot Sluts. Nerds you have to find this for me, I needs to see it. I read an interview she did with Men's Health last year and she told this story how she went on a date with a total tool shed. After reading the whole interview plus the side shits I honestly thought If we met she'd date me. I am almost her type. So I convinced my self that if she ever walked into my job and looked at me she'd fall head over heals for me. SO any time Alison anytime. I am a gentelmen who writes a blog about how lame he is so you know I am super handsome ,I smell very good for a guy my economical class and waist size, I make witty poetical jokes that are both topical and deep, and Well I am not a tool shed.

Now we are at # 1. So who is still with me here? I think I'll catch some flak for this but number one is the Newly Single( her ex-husband must be a real ass clown) and the humanitarian of the year .

Olivia Wilde-God Damn. How attractive is she? SO attractive I almost started to watch House to see her weekly but I stopped my self and said "Self your nerdy enough". Now I do want to mention she has been helping out a lot of in need people which is really cool and you should follow her on twitter. She has to be one of the 4 hottest people on the face of this planet . She is a New York girl so automatically my favorite. I watched Year One like 8 times because of her.She has to be a Mets fan. An underdog team who is having a rough time. Hot chicks love a mess. But Honestly If you could check her out on twitter, support the causes because they are really good causes. Look at the face and tell me you wouldn't want to save the world.... Exactly

Yeah so that was my list. It's not perfect but it's a good list. I feel it is. Looking back at it I think this will bring us a lot of viewers and I'll probably catch a whole lot of shit. But really who didn't see this list coming . SO enjoy it.

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