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Monday, June 20, 2011

If I ever live 87 years... Your all in trouble

Hey readers( I am still working on a nickname for you guys) I hope you guys had a good fathers day weekend. The Phantom has been taking some time off for celebratory reasons. M.D graduated college so Its been a week of shenanigans . But to bring the mood down a little on sunday afternoon my Dad told me that my Nana his mother had past on. A few weeks back she had a stroke and needless to say it was tough but she held on like a strong Irish woman and unfortunately her time came. While we are all saddened by her passing we look back at her life and start to think back on how great of a women she was. With this platform that I have used to talk about some nonsense and some weighty subject(mostly bull ) I am going to tell you about one of my favorite days with my Nana and its about baseball too so it fits into what the Phantom Ballplayer is about.. No pictures today but there are some links. Come on its still me.

Before I jump into my story I am going to give you a bit of background so your not all like" Well Thats just terrible" . OK so My nana was a firerey Red head from brooklyn, before the hipsters ruined it. She had 3 other siblings. 2 brothers and another sister, now I am not to sure about the order because I am a terrible grandson and her brothers pasted before I was born and her sister pasted when I as 9 so the only real memory I have of her is that her dog was super mean and bite me every time I try to pet it ( You ask why would you pet a dog that bit you multiple time... I wasn't that bright as a child . I saw a dog thought it wanted to be friends and it bit me ) But like most Irish catholics my cousins brother and I all went to her house for random occasions, birthdays , holidays and other stuff which ended up with the young kids doing some sort of free labor but the family motto " Children should be seen and not heard.... Oh and get us more beer." I am kidding but the beer thing is true.
She gave birth to five children my aunt Mary, My Father Jim, My Uncle Rich, My aunt Jean and My Uncle Mike a thriving Irish family a bit on the short side but hard working and strong individuals who all have weird but incredible sense of humor.
Nana took great care of us every christmas we got a ton of stuff and a crap load of socks which now I realize was the best gift of all. Nana was the nicest but old schooliest person you would ever meet.
She used to listen to "rock en rolld " music so that she can relate to her sons and daughters. She was never short of stories about the olden times when pepsis would cost a nickel and how she used to run a muck in Crooklyn ( I know wu-tang would of been better but she liked Jay-z). Since she was old school she wanted all of us to go to church with her every sunday. I never took to the church as evidenced by the padres post. So she used to tell me that if I acted up during mass the nuns would come to my seat take a picture of me and have the priest send it to Santa so I wouldn't get any presents. SO after that I kept my mouth shut during the masses. Later to find out that my church didn't have nuns.... I was really stupid back then.
When my Nana threw a party it was stocked with Old Milwaukee's and High life. When she moved out of her house to live with my aunt about 3 years ago we cleaned out her basement which was stocked with Jim Beam White Labels from like 1964, Irish Mist from the 70's and her fridge still had the beasts and the champagnes of beers from the last summer of 93 bb q. So what you should know if these three poorly written paragraphs haven't proved my nana was pretty cool. So now we start the story.

The first game that I ever went to was with my dads side of the family. Everyone went My aunts , uncles ,cousins, parents and brother. It was the summer of 1990 I was about to turn 5 in october and I was on top of the world. Young handsome and stupid blonde kid who was the best defender in all of the soccer league. But I have never seen a real-life baseball game. So all of kids got taken to Shea stadium to see the Mets V Cardinals. As we walked up the ramps to the upper decks , Nana had to take the escalator because she had foot problems and was starting to go blind so walking up the shea ramps would of been the worst choice. Anyway once we get to the top our seat were like in the middle of the section so we would have to walk up like 25 steps. So the young'ens and my mom and cousins mom were unfortunately dragged up those stairs like dog mushers. I honestly can remember vividly watching Nana go up the stairs and after every three steps her turing around to my dad and saying something. I can only imagine the words she used to describe her displeasure in making this hike. She made it up to the seats and took her seat on the isle.
The day couldn't of been any better. Storm clouds on the horizon, the humidity at a brisk 95% and the R.C cola had a cooling sticky texture. No body was super pumped to be there over the age of 28 except for Nana who got to spend time with her grand kids and have her kids buy us and her some inflatable bats, helmets, like 12 inch wooden bat.. Which by the way why would you market something like that to children you know whats going to happen one kid (my brother )is going to hit a smaller kid in the head with it. ALL THE TIME !
Any way as we left in the bottom of the 5th inning because the Mets were you guessed it Losing. I remember my nana telling me " Bryion (Thats how she said my name it drove me nuts. I think she knew that so she kept on calling me that for years. Like it just stop two christmases ago.) You can do this. You can play for the Mets one day. They could use you " when I heard this I got this notion in my head that I should start playing baseball and one day I would make it to the bigs and play for the Mets. Now I know it was just Nana busting my balls again !

I know I have said a lot of things that might seem really inappropriate and kind of mean and if you take them that way your just as stupid as I was as a kid. My nana loved all of her children and her grandchildren with her whole heart and always wanted the best for us. She just had a really good sense of humor and she pasted it down to all of her kids who then pasted it down to their kids and God help those poor sons of bitches when we start having our own families. If I ever live half the life she has lived with a great and loving family and a really cool grandson it would be amazing.
Rest in Peace Nana, Go bust God's balls for once and give me a break... Oh crap I am so gonna be haunted for the rest of my life.

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