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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July is near , So who is coming and who is going from your favorite team

July is only 36 hours away people. Do you know what that means?All of our favorite Baseball teams will be making some behind the scene decisions that will impact your fandom for the rest of the year or even your LIFE!!!! Ok it's not that serious but there is always one or two block buster deals done around July that can change the makeup of any race. Gm's use the all-star as a speed dating event with each other.

This year there is a lot of talk of which big talent guy will be leaving his shitty team and going to a team that is The Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, and Angels.Right now the two biggest names that are being looked at to relocate is Jose Reyes and Prince Fielder. Both these guys are in walk year of their contracts and are looking to cash in big time. I know Jose is looking to buy up the remainder of the "Predator" armor that he has wanted since last season (get it he has dreads) and Prince just wants his own Mcdonalds. If these guys don't get moved this mid season they will be making big dollars next year both guys will get over 100 million easy.

Here is a list of guys who I think might be moved this year .

1. Carlos Beltran- He wants out of the Mets organization so bad you can almost see it every
time he gets a hit. But I don't think he wants out of a big market. Beltran might be on the last legs of his career and wants to win it big and he knows that the only way he is going to play for a winner is if he A. moves positions..Check and B. Be open to the Dh role. Teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, and Angels looking to stay in the race could use his talents as a rental. The Mets will probably ask for a pitcher in return for Beltran. So the yankees could deal like Nova , the Red Sox could deal Bard since Jenks is healthy , The Angels could send over a few prospects maybe Garrett Richards who is there # 4 best prospect. Beltran is worth a good return. I know he has had a few injuries slow him down over the year but think of it like this. Any team that gets him will get a # 4 hitter batting 6th in their lineup . In the right line up he can bring in over 60 rbis in the second half of the season since he all ready has 54. He would be moved by July 10th.

2. Madison Bumgarner or Ryan Vogelsong- Try not to laugh at these ridiculous last names. The Giants want to repeat so bad they will probably dump some of their young talent to get offense.
Scouts love Bumgarnder even though his record doesn't reflect his talent right now. He went 8 strong in the World Series last year with out giving up a run against a team that can crush so that has cemented his poentinal as 1 or 2 starter. But right now he is 4-9 with a 3.84 era which I am sorry that is pretty fucking good. Vogelsong is owning shop this season going 6-1 with a 2.09 era right now these guys if packaged together can get a kings ransom or if sent separately they can get a Prince and a Reyes. Look for them to be moved by end of july once the heat on Reyes gets to be way too much.

3. Heath Bell-Since Heath took over the closer role in San Diego his name has been written in
sharpie on the Padres trading block. Heath has done nothing but close the door out there and I think he will still be closing the door in San Diego by seasons end. But with The Cardinals dumping Ryan "Goatee" Franklin this week, the injury to Albert the , and the Rebirth of Chris Carpenter. They are going to need a solid closer to get them back to the top and fight off the young upstart Brewers and Reds who are looking to put those birds in a sanctuary(avian joke). If it does happen look for a July 23rd deal. By the way Heath Bell is one of my heros. Dude just eats fried food ,plays video games, and strikes fools out.

4. Ivan Rodriguez-If he isn't dealt he will be cut. The Nationals are looking to go younger and
dump salary to go nuts in the off season. If they can find a buyer for Pudge it wont be for anything to great. Double a talent . Look at the Marlins, Twins, and possibly the A's some team with a young staff on the verge of being something or look at a team who needs a solid back up to give their over rated catcher a breather. Another contender The Giants. Look for an after all star game deal.

5. Joakim Soria-
K.c's closer could being seeing Philly red. Well thats what I think. See everyone they have put in their closer role has either gotten hurt or did just an ok job. Now with Roy Oswaltt hurting his red neck or was it his back? They need a more stable bullpen. And Soria is just about as solid as they come. They will have to deal a lot of prospects but We know the Phillies could spare some . Since they'll probably just go back to them after a year for lss money anyway.

6.A ton of pitching-Well all know pitchers will be moved. Wether its bullpen or starters atlas 50 major league or minor league talent pitchers will be moved this trade season. Lets not kid our selves it's going to happen . Any team who thinks they have shot will do anything for pitchers.
Here is some one who is not going to be traded

1. Felix Hernandez-King Felix will not be wearing pinstripes by August. Who ever says this is obviously brain damaged. He just signed a big contract in Seattle and with the emergence of
Michael Pineada , Dustin Ackely, and those other prospects they brought up . If anything the M's might be buyers this trade deadline. They need a Short stop and a catcher. But felix will not be moved. They have a good farm system and some cash to burn. Right now the Mariners are making some noise out west ( Your welcome..Phantom spotlight ). They are playing good baseball trying to get Ichiro in the playoffs again. With

The trade deadline will be full of surprises and disappointments. WHo knows what these "baseball people" will do. Mistakes will be made I can grantee that. Basically the trade deadline is like going to a toy store with a group of kids during Christmas. After the first hour of them picking out the toys the really really really really really really really
really really really really really really really really really really really really want and you watch their mom(Gm's) try to explain why they(the fans) can only get 2 batman toys instead of 5 with the movie issued batcave with the revolving trap door where Michael Keaton batman can change in to battle ready batman... I really wanted that batcave.

Look for the Yankees, Tigers, Red sox, Phillies, Rangers, Giants, the Reds, possibly the Brewers and the Twins to make the most noise by the deadline. Now I don't claim to be 100% right so if I am wrong don't think your all smarter then me. This is what I think I am just going off my opinion.

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