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Monday, June 6, 2011

Ladies have a seat as I explain why we bros love baseball gear... This wont do me any favors

The whole idea of this came to me in a whirlwind of events . Last night I was texting a few guys on the Hooligans about getting new jerseys this season and as I check my Facebook and M.D sent me a link to a yahoo story about Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie spikes. Which are these resickulus (new term) Air Jordan 1's which are colored orange and black, I tweeted him and asked where I can acquire a pair for my self . I am still awaiting an answer. But April, who we've made mention of before and is one of the 5 female readers we have, rudely called M.D and me dorks. Like the two of us are really dorks ? I highly doubt it. Let me try to prove that we are not dorks. Ok We both are top contenders in Fantasy baseball, We both know more about baseball then we knew about our college courses, we got into a three hour argument about Star Wars.... Holy shit we are fucking dorks. But we are cooler then this. So I am going to try to help you to understand us better

But back to why I am writing this. After stewing about this all night, I came to realize I don't think she gets it. I don't think a lot of women out there understand why dudes like M.D and my self go crazy over baseball gear. Heres the thing , I wait every year for the Eastbay Fielders Choice issue of their monthly catalog. Frankly its like when I was 6 and the Big book of toys came. I circle all the shit I want and imagine what its like to own the newest gloves or bats.

Look I now this sounds completely insane, 5 females who reads this. But ask any dude who has played baseball or slow pitch softball what they think of baseball gear. You'll see its unreal. We as "baseball dudes " I guess that would be the term see this as just like I said before like toys. Instead of cool action figures we get all excited when we have the chance to customize or own gloves like the pros do.

I think thats it. Since our dreams of making the majors never came to fruition ,we jump at the chance to make a glove that just has our last name and favorite number on it. We just want to act like the big leaguers. Even though it costs $300 and we could buy a $75 dollar one and a dollar sharpie and just write it in ourselves. Which I did the last time I bought a glove? Which is sick its kind of like this one , except it has a black I web and a tan index pad with tan lace and sliver lining? Its pretty awesome. There is also the Rawlings logo in the middle of the web. Resickulus, shits paying off dividends. Did you know that they also laser screen your name on bats now. So after dropping 400 plus for a slick DeMarini you can spend like 50 extra dollars to get anything on it . Crazy right!

Listen the 2 remaining female readers. Just take us with a grain of salt. Guys like me ( every dude over the age of 18) will drool over baseball crap every time but don't call us dorks. You just don't understand. Or do you and your just fucking with us? I this honestly took me over 5 hours to write because I was looking at the new Rawlings and Nikes. Sorry also I had like a shit ton of funny pictures to put up but I ran into some Errors so I will try to fix the problems and I'll get better ones on my next post

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