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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Realignment ... GO fuck your self

So there has been a lot of talk lately and I don't like it. I know I have said that maybe an extra playoff team would be a good thing but some assholes who get paid to do the same shit we do are losing their collective shit. Talk has been to blow up what is in place now to create two division where it would be 15 teams both. That is complete horse shit.

I was driving to get my schedule for the next week of work so I had Espn radio to hear the recap of the Mets second consecutive beat down of American League " Champion" Texas Rangers and callers where talking about how great it would be if they jumbled up the teams and made new divisions. The show wasn't a New York based show so I got to hear different teams fans perspective. And I have to say you guys are kind of bitches. Seriously you're so worried about teams with higher payrolls getting good players and making it harder to compete so you have to put the yankees in a league with other teams with higher payrolls. But really it would be some east coast west coast shit that wont fucking work. Also there is some shit to bring the Astos to the Al west to even thing out. But really I know the rap here. The pussifaction of this sport has come to a boiling point.

If they want to move teams around thats ok. Some teams don't belong in those divisions. Thats fine move the teams but be honest about it. Say its because these teams count themselves out of any race because who they have hired to run the team is a complete moron and their owner has not balls to spend any of that revenue money they get every year on the advancement of their team and keep franchise players for a longer tenure. SO here we can set it up in these divisions

Want to win | Think they can win| Have a plan
1. Yankees | 1. Rockies | 1. Oakland
2.Phillies | 2. Rays | 2. Royals
3.Red Sox | 3. White Sox | 3.Pirates
4. Angels | 4.Rangers | 4.Marlins
5. Cardinals | 5.Twins | 5.Indians
6.Braves | 6.Reds | 6. Brewers
7.Giants | 7.Tigers | 7.Padres

Rebuilding from stupidity
4. Astros
6. Orioles

See How fucking gross it is. Terrible. I felt like throwing up as I wrote it. Maybe it would be more regional set up. I don't know dude it's a fucking disaster to even think about. What should happen is that Bud shouldn't listen to these baseball "purists". Like I have said before I think baseball should evolve every 10 years or so. But this is a terrible plan. They had only two division in the American and National league a while back and guess what shit was gross.

Honestly buddy I feel that with the amount of resistance the Mlb will face . If its wants to realign its going to. There is nothing really we can do about it . We are just gonna have to sit and take it. Sorry no links or photos I am just super mad about this. Basically where are in an older view( Baseball people I.e Commissioners, and Reporters) v a younger view( Owners, Bloggers, Fans, and Tv). Oh yeah the owners are not going to like how their 3rd to 4th place team who is showing advancement will be ranked 6 or 7th or if they do 15 team divisions. That is going to kill ticket sales.

This one sucked. Sorry guys my heads all wound up. I have been out of Ideas for a week now. I have some free time maybe I'll catch a game. But is it just me or is the coverage on the Mlb network getting really lazy? Like all they talk about now is how good some players are and how Sean Casey is really funny. Its like they have 5 shows dedicated to the same thing. I hope they get their shit together because I cant survive on 30 minutes of baseball from espn and listening to those insufferable Pedro Gomez, Buster Olmey and Tim Kurjian blather on about how Barry Bonds Testicles are a unique shade of purple. Whatever, Later for now I'll be back later with better shit.
Oh yeah By the way no one is stopping you from guest posting. Yeah we are still doing that .

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