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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too Much Phillies Business.

    The Nationals beat the Phillies again. I'm sure Bryan is all jazzed up, I'm just plum surprised. I'm also a little disappointed because I started Roy Oswalt yesterday, but such is life. The Phillies usually spank Lannan, but it was nice to see a Long Island dude get a win over them, even if he was a Yankee fan growing up (ask Michael Kay.). This "Four Aces" thing doesn't seem to be working out quite the way everyone in Philadelphia imagined huh? The Phillies aren't masters of all baseball, just a very good team. Sure they're in first place, but the Marlins are nipping at their heels and getting beat by the Nationals twice can't be good for team morale.
     Some of you may cry blasphemy, and this kind of contradicts what I said yesterday, but is Cliff Lee not as good as we all seem to think he is? The Phillies might have overpaid for him. Prior to the reputation he earned in 2008, Lee actually had a lot of troubles. In 2007, when he was with the Indians, Cliff Lee kind of sucked. He got hurt a few times, and got bumped down to the Minors for a bit. He didn't really seem to figure shit out until 2008, and then, poor Indians, he headed over to Philadelphia, where he was lights out and a total douche. He was great again with the Mariners and the Rangers (where he was a total douche again), but he hasn't been himself with the Phillies this season. He has a 4-5 record and an ERA near 4. That's not the Cliff Lee the Phillies were hoping for, or the Cliff Lee everyone expected. Personally I think he would have pitched better if he signed with the Yankees, but that's just me.
      Enough Phillies talk for now, I'm sick of it, and I'm sure you all are too. Let's talk about the Mets and Terry Collins for a bit. He is clearly unamused by his team lately. The Pirates beat the Mets last night for their 17th road win, I can hardly believe the Pirates have 17 wins at all this season, but such is baseball. Terry Collins was PISSED last night, as his press conference clearly showed. He's right too, there are 0 excuses for sloppy play. Blaming injuries or the guys who aren't there isn't going to turn this situation around for them. It's depressing to see Citi Field, which is beautiful by the way, sitting so empty just because these guys aren't playing like Major Leaguers. I can keep going on this subject for a while, but if you want to read what Terry Collins said and get much better analysis of it you can read it all here.
      The Indians are still raking. They spanked the Blue Jays last night 13-9, and I'm loving it. The Indians this season, so far anyways, aren't just a team that's hot early, they've been playing good, solid baseball all season. They jumped out for 18 hits last night, and looked great defensively. I wrote about the Indians earlier this season, and while I didn't declare them the team to beat in the AL Central, I am now. If the Indians keep this shit up, they could easily be playoff contenders, possibly even World Series Champions? I won't go that far, but if I were you I'd buy some motherfucking stock in Indians merchandise, it'll be worth it in the long run. Your Baseball Zeus has spoken, Cleveland Indians- team to beat in the AL Central. P.S. The Teddy Roosevelt mascot for the Nationals won that stupid President race on a Segway scooter last night, I guess the Nationals will literally do whatever Jayson Werth wants.

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