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Sunday, July 31, 2011

What the Buck happened Bro?

So I dont know if a lot of you remember but way back I said that the Bailtmore Orioles were going to be something short of awesome this year. A huge year because of the veteran managing skills of Buck " Go Fuck your self Derek Jeter" Showalter and their big off season moves getting Vald, Mark Reynold and Derek Lee to add to a good young out field core. But to my dismay they sucked ass this whole season. 21 games under .500 and possibly the worst record in the majors.

I kinda feel somewhat responsable. I talked them up before the Phantom spotlight was a real thing. So hopefully this will be some sort of late season boost. But lets be real the O's have disappointed everyone but people in Maryland do not really care because all they do is crab cakes and football.

The O's used to be a good team from the late 70's to early 90's but after that bastard Jeffery Maier or what ever. So the O's have had the worst luck with everything they have done. Their luck is so bad that every time some one mentions the O's they talk about how bad their luck is . I am gonna be honest it took me a while to word that last sentence. But whatever they had the best off season of really any team getting a former Ace for cheap 4 guys who have hit over 20 home runs in a season multiple times and signed a manager who is hard nosed and wants to fuck the Yankees every chance. Dream season on the way right?

Well, wrong phuckers . Everything went awfully wrong. Now if you're an O's fan you can try to say it hasn't been that bad . Then you my idiot friend have been watching too much of Ken Burns extra innings. Oh yo check that shit out its pretty awesome. Back to the point the Ace Justin Duchcerer ( not the right spelling) has been hurt since basically the day he signed the contract. Mark Reynolds has struck out a thousand times before the All Star game, They just traded off Derek Lee and JJ and Vlad have had a mediocre season at best. The young pitchers haven't had a strong go of it since all of them except for Jeremy Guthrie who has the illest spikes in the whole professional game have been sent down to triple-A. Their second basemen have been a huge joke. Brian Roberts is done as a O' they should have traded him in the off season to the Cubs and get some value out of the guy because now you'll be lucky to get a pitcher who can throw like MD So it looks like another under .500 losing season for the orange birds.

That brings me to Buck Showalter. Come on man where is the fight. Look at Cincy last
year, pitts this year they had very little star talent but they have so much fight in them because of the dude at the helm. Young teams feed off fire , veteran teams feed off fire. Hell you tell those aging sacks of shit that this is their last stop before playing for Newark Bears. Buck I thought you were the guy to do it . But I guess there is always next year , I have said that phrase so much that it has lost its gusto. Just like Red bull and the charms of Brian Wilson ( the Beach boys lead singer not the clown out in San Fran). Fucking Buck Showalter making me look like a damn fool.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A little recappin

All right so this has been an eventful week . Well, kind of. So lets recap for a minute I think I was bitching about the trade deadline and how it needed to step it's fucking game up . Well, like most things that are mentioned on the Phantom, shit got going. No thanks necessary world just doing my job. Fuck you Ken Rosenthal and John Heyman you awkward sons of bitches. I am sorry but is there anyone more annoying then these to clowns. Especially Rosenthal its like he has this undeserved ego that you only get when you play in your gated communities tee ball all star game. But this isn't about that shit bagger its about recaps. ALL BOUT THE CAPS.

So lets see lets start with the trades. There were some big names if you know baseball were moved this week. Carlos Beltran move to the Williamsburg I mean the San Francisco Giants for Zach Wheeler. I am pumped for this move. Wheeler is a young fire baller with so much upside that with Matt Harvey they can possibly the 1 and 2 of the future with Niese , Gee and Mejia. If we can get a better pitching coach like a Dave Duncan or someone like that the Mets young pitchers can be like the afore mentioned Giants and be nasty as fuck later.
Another big name that was moved was Colby "Calling Tony Larussa an idiot as he bangs
out Tonys hot ass daughter " Rasmus to the Blue jays for Edwin Jackson. Now I love E-Jax he is a tough right hander but he cant seem to stick to a team for a full year. But now The Blue Jays have a core of young players. Arencibia, Bautista, Remero, and a rejuvenated Yule Escobar this team is on the fucking move to be a great team. They just have to move to a different division . Like I said a few months back and Eric Byrnes who obviously reads the Phantom Said on the network. Hey Brynes Send us some love over the air.
What else has happened oh well Hunter Pence got sent off to Philly for a bunch of minor leaguers who will probably not work out like the last time they sent off prospects I think one of them got arrested of sexual assault. YEah this week in Philly Charlie Manuel was on some bull shit that the Giants pitching isn't that good.... Are you kidding me. Right now there are 4 teams with sick pitching staffs 1. Giants, 2. Phillies , 3. Braves and 4 maybe the A's if they had some offense. But Fog Horn Leg horn over there broke off some shit that because his team lost to them in the playoffs was some sort of illusions. Heres the problem Charlie all they need to do is put a lefty on the hill and 85% of is rendered useless.
Oh yeah Also the Pirates got fucked over hard in Atlanta. If you haven't seen it yet, The Bucs and the Bravos where playing a 19 inning game and some fucking joke of an umpire blew the fucking call. I am gonna put a link to the video so you can make the call. But yo lets be real that clown blew the call.
On the 29th I went to see Dropkick Murphy's in New Jersey. I have been to my share of DKM shows, I think this made 8 . So I went with my cousin Mikey and The Big Cat him self Tommy but only Tommy and My self are old enough to drink. So as we scoped the place out for Jersey talent which there was slim pickin's bro, the two really attractive girls that were there said they were from Long Island and there was a cute bartender. But as I am throwing out game like a young David Cone I realize that no one will fucking believe me on how slick this kid was all I have on my phone are 3 pictures of how close I was to the stage. But your gonna have to take me at my word. These Jersey Girls were digging my flow.
But the show was sick. DKr really killed it. Playing some stuff off their brand new album Going out in style which is awesome because they pretty much stopped playing punk and just gotten into like a harder rock that is more irish based and its about how they used to be huge punk rockers. I know its sounds a little rough of a review but I mean it as a compliment it shows growth plus better song writing. Along with the new stuff they broke out some songs from the first two albums which blew my mind. You never hear songs off Do or Die or The Gangs all here man . Just unbelievable The show was so much fun.

Well, That was my recap it took me a little bit longer then I hoped but thats what Coors Original does to you... Btw that photo up top is pretty awesome.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The clock is ticking baseball midseason trade season better shit or get off the pot

The summer is clipping along pretty fast and still work is where my money comes from. So I have been slacking pretty bad. But good news is I have some time this week and I might have some more guest posts. Lets face it its pretty cool having someone else stumble their way the english language... instead of me.

The point I want to make tonight really is what happened this afternoon. For those who
missed it FOOTBALL IS FUCKING BACK BABY!!! The labor issues are settled after 132 days for bitching and whining about people who are going to make a lot of money are going to start up the gurling camps and the point less pre-season . But why does this affect baseball since there has been a co-exisitance for years where fans of both sports could follow their favorite football teams off season moves with casual glances so they can build up a nasty pre draft wish list. But since the lock out placed a pause on any trades or signings that could of happen since the end of the super bowl it has concentrated free agency, trades and rookie signings in to what might be a month and a half shit show.

Since we entered July baseball teams could have been dumping off over bloated contracts or teams would be looking for that final piece to make them a serious contender for the playoffs. But since the only real big move has been K-rod so far people haven't really given a crap about baseball and have been licking their chops for the football transaction orgy that is upon us.

SO that was my professional look at it. Seriously that was me being a true blue journalist I used the words fuck, shit show, orgy and K-rod . Look out Huffington post The Phantom is coming for you. Now for the Phan side of it all.

Baseball has to start doing shit. Its been so boring. Yeah there has been so cool storied like the Pirates and Joey Bats doing they're thing but fans don't give two shits about the first half
really . If a team wins in may it doesn't mean the same as it does in August or September.Gm's have to start picking their shit up. There are a few teams that should be sellers . Fuck man I mean I wrote a post about this a weeks or so ago and I was right about one of them I think . But I am not a major in Money Ball. I am just a jerk with a laptob and a pentition to be an arm chair quarterback. The Mlb trade deadline is probably the most exciting off the field activity because baseball players dont go around punching strippers during the strippers they just drag race their station wagons or what ever that idiot Derek Lowe did. It's honestly a shame too because baseball players make sick money so just imagine if they had the moxie of a football player.

Like imagine Adam Pac Man Jones playing center field for the Atlanta Braves. Down in Hotlanta where there are more strip clubs then tooth less hillbillies with huge ass mansions. So if Pac man was playing baseball and fighting every Atl shortie baseball would be nothing but hot fire .... Of course I am fucking kidding. Baseball needs to just pick it up by the end of this summer. The pennate race is always gripping so maybe I am just jumping the gun a bit.

Sorry phlox (pushing it) I am just so excited about the start of football. I have been waiting for this day since 132 days ago. My New York Giants are about to fuck shit up even thought they are 40 million over the cap and might lose their big play running back I still have faith. So lets chalk this post up to increasing excitement.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wait another guest post....

So another one of our loyal readers and actually of or M.D and mine employees wanted to write a post about one of his favorite ball players of all time. Now I have mentioned Hambone a few times on the Phantom. Let me give you guys a little bit of background on Hambone. Well, first things first his name is Rob and he is a huge jerk. Hambone make wild accusations every day at work about how many home runs he hit in the catholic school league and tries for really undeserved High fives after mediocre jokes. Thats my thing jack ass... Actually to be honest Hambone is a stand up guy. He is so nice if he was on fire he'd give you a cup of water. So It was no problem when He said he wanted to pay homage to the Man the Myth the Mustache ... Mike Piazza. So here we go.

"Even though he has no World Series rings, Mike Piazza is a fucking champion. He made a team with no real fan base since the ’86 Mets become alive. With his power he put fans in the seats at Shea Stadium. He could hit the ball to all fields with serious amounts of power. To all the assholes that say he used steroids-fuck you. Piazza did not use steroids. He was just a champion.

I first became a huge piazza fan when he joined the Mets on May 22, 1998. Piazza had one of the greatest right handed swings of all time. He would wait patiently
at the plate waiting for his pitch to drive over the fence. He was a natural leader in the Mets clubhouse. My favorite Piazza moment was when he hit the memorable home run on September 21, 2001. This game was not only important for one player, or for one team, but for one city. The stadium had nothing to cheer about until the bottom of the 8th inning. The Mets were losing 2-1 to their division rival, the Braves. One man was on when Piazza came up to the plate. Steve Karsay threw Piazza an outside fastball that Piazza absolutely smacked. He hit it to the deepest park of Shea Stadium, hitting the TV stand in left-center field. Piazza had the center of attention around him during that game securing a 3-2 win against the Braves.

On May 5th, 2004, Piazza hit his 352nd home run, surpassing Carlton Fisk as the best home run hitting catcher in baseball history. He hit the ball a fucking mile,
hitting the base of the scoreboard in right field. Piazza also had a career .308 batting average (fuck you mauer). Piazza led the Mets to the 2000 world series in which he had to face the number one asshole in baseball…Roger Clemens. Earlier that year Piazza hit a foul ball which sent the barrel of his bat in clemens’s direction. Being the douche Clemens is, he threw the barrel of the bat at Piazza because he said “he thought it was the ball” Are you fucking kidding me?! In the Piazza was the one who didn’t have to use steroids to be a winner.
As all you baseball fans can see, Piazza is a fucking champion. If you have a problem that he doesn’t have a world series ring-go fuck yourself. He's a hall of famer and one of the greatest Mets of all time. "

I would like to thank Hambone for his time and his multiple threats on the readers well being. But seriously he went to Catholic school.... Public school is looking better and better every day. Just kidding buddy.
If you guys want to write a post hit me up at because very obviously I get extremely busy and I skip whole weeks.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The second half has started.... OK so now what

IF you haven't noticed Baseball started up again today. The Day after the Espys and two days after the All star game. And I guess you can say this is where we find out who is real and who is just pump fakin it. Honestly there are so many teams that had such a good start and a good end to the first half its just been a mess really.

I am sorry . I cant really get into to because of that clown car of an All star game. Why I am all upset. The Home run derby really wasn't that good, neither was the All star game.

The biggest problem I have with the All star game is that it was so boring and Zona was a
huge dick to Prince Fielder. So Prince picked his dude Rickie Weeks ( 2nd baseman for the Brewers) who has 17 home runs from the leadoff spot instead of Justin Upton ( no relation to Kate but brother to Boss Junior) who has 15 blasts in the up start d-backs which is probably the worst thing to put on a jersey because it looks like they are wearing D-bag shirts. Which after throwing water at Prince , his wife and his two kids ( who are gonna be the prototype bashers when they get to the bigs) on the All star red carpet is kinda fitting? So way to be a good host D-bags.

Did anyone else think that Bruce Bochey was hitting the goose during the game? As the manager for the N.L because the San Fran Hipsters won some sort of title or which team had the most annoying personalities with Brian Wilson, Buster Posey, Cody Ross and Tim Lineceum douching it up with their " we are so cool we have long hair and don't follow the rules attitude against the manager of the Al and the Texas Assholes Ron " Scar Face" Washington and the God squad. But Bochy had the whiskers going and was a bit stumpy walking out to the mound as he took out pitcher on his way to making Wash his bitch again.

But all in all it was a really boring game. M.D and I went to bar to catch the rest of the game but it was so boring instead of watching the game we just got destroyed and talked about who's cooler. Spoiler alert no one that argument.

I have no problem with the derby really. I thought the right guy won Cano is nasty and no one can really argue with that now. But I don't like how there were "teams" apparently. It
makes no sense to me since both final guys were on the same "team". You cant make an individual event such as the Home run derby . What if for the fuck of it the playoffs just were like lets just have the Red sox and Yankees or the Phillies teams that had better records in the regular seasons even if they are in the same league have them battle it out for the crown. Its joke if they want to have this team idea work they should add another round then the final round. Top 2 Al guys get 5 outs top 2 Nl guys get 5 outs then the final round of the winners of those rounds. Problem fucking solved and I don't have a masters in bullshit or whatever it talks to be the commissioner of baseball.

Really what it comes down to is you cant have a home run derby without Ken Griffey Jr and they have to have Boomer stop being the official big event guy for Espn he is a clown . Let Steven A Smith do it he is way more entertaining and He knows his shit better then those T.V guys. The Mets start up tomorrow so maybe I wont be so much of a cranky asshole after that... I should just wait on saying that.

P.S- I have been listening to Pandora and they have been playing a couple of the new cold play jams. I have done a complete 180 of these guys. I thought they sucked ass a few years back when they were all about being all about being depressing and shit like that now they got these songs that are pretty awesome so just a solid job all around by the Martin family.
OH yeah I have been told to start telling the readers if they have a twitter to follow me @blueandorange17, M.D @ flanaganmd , mikey @Dequatmugsy and chris at his two accounts of @Cjsantrelli and @Blaze_ChrisS. Yeah we have twitter and Yeah we have Facebook and yeah nobody really cares. But you get 140 characters of awesomeness or whatever.

(More Recent photo of M.D and Me)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remember this Day... The Day I defend Derek Jeter

So I wanted to say this real fast before my game tonight. So people in the New York sports media were bugging out about Derek Jeter. Not because of his 3,000 hits but about the fact he skipped the All star game due to exhaustion and wanting to use the time to rest. The reason why people are bugging at him is because he used his given days off to go down to his home in Florida and spend time with his family and his super, unrealistically, painfully hot girlfriend Minka Kelly.
Now heres my beef. Jeter can due what ever the fuck he wants. He has 5 world Series rings,
3,000 hits, 13 All star games selections, 5 gold gloves, 4 sliver sluggers, Rookie of the year, and Minka Kelly. So If he doesn't want to fly across the country to hot as balls Arizona with their insane immigration laws and their molten lava streets he doesn't have to and he doesn't have to make an excuse for why he isn't going.

What I find so funny about this whole issue is that everyone was saying a month ago how Dj shouldn't be in the All star game. He doesn't have the stats and he is past his due so he shouldn't be there. He basically agreed with everyone.

The reason why everyone has wet their pants about this is because of his reasons. Exhaustion after coming off the 15 day dl. I am sorry but these reports have played an inning of real baseball in their life also they don't know what its like to have the whole world watching you when you just need one hit to cement your legacy as a hall of famer. Basically All the Jeter haters were watching him questioning his accomplishment, the rest of his career and where he will bat or play next year. Trust me I know I was doing it too. Ask M.D when he gets back.

Here the skinny I have played in some nail bitting baseball games in extreme heat but I have no clue on what its like playing in a major league game. Hell the only thing that I have had 3,000 of is driving miles and McNuggets. So I could imagine the pressure that a whole career of work all boiled down in to one at bat can do to a guy.

So everyone get off Jeets ass. He deserves a break. Plus his girlfriend is super hot so I don't
blame him . He could say " I only want to play 4 games a week so I can spend 2 to 3 days with Minka." Hell it might extend his career. So let the dude relax and stop this shit that he insulted the game because Bud Selig is still the commissioner baseball and that is a bigger insult to the game.

P.S- The All star game was anti climactic. K-rod got Traded to the Brewers. Also Minka Kelly is super Hot. If she reads this and I hope she does I just want to say She is the official Spokes Model For the Phantom. Sorry T-swift. ---->

Monday, July 11, 2011

Its Home run derby time... And there is some noise going on in the desert or whatever

I'll never understand why the Mlb has its coolest event on a fucking monday? Honestly there is nothing more suited for a drinking game then the home run derby. Seriously like you can take a shot overtime Chris Berman says "OHHHHHH",chug your beer when he says something out rightly stupid, take a shot of vodka every time an all star hits a home run, and chug a bottle of whiskey every time the announcers give the background story of a guy from a small town/country making it to the bigs. See would that shit be awesome thats why I always want the All star break to happen on a friday or even saturday. So we all can recover from terrible decisions. But I am not writing about my drinking habits... again but we here at the Phantom take the all star festivities very seriously.

For the past few years way before the Phantom was even an Idea we have be getting together for a 3rd annual home run derby. Every afternoon before the real derby a few of us get together with a couple of cases of beer ,a few dozen wiffle balls and an arsenal of quick jabs.
Today was an exceptional day for it. I think it was a blistering 94 degrees and little to no cloud coverage so it was perfect weather for inebriated irish kids to stand outside for a few hours. But Uv protection was put to the limit as we began the tradition that we have been waiting all season for.

In this 3 round competition we had a slue of great hitters. We set up the field in my back yard because it has a pretty sick home run fence and a baller ass deck so who ever isn't hitting at the time can get some food off the grill and some beers out of the cooler. Like the pros have. Who was competing this year you might ask your self. Well, I'll tell you I was just painting a picture with my words so you can set your self on my deck watching the derby.

The order of batters
1. M.D
2. Mikey
3. Rice
4. Rob aka Hambone
5. J-mart
6. Big cat (tommy-the space jam guy)
7. Me
8. Coletti
With the top 4 advancing to the second round then the top 2 gunning for the trophy. We started. The pitcher was the next batter so 2 throws to 1 3 to 2 so on so forth. Now you got it now heres what happened
M.D set the pace early with 15 big flies to lead the evening off. Powered by Bud light and chicken nuggets M.d was crushing wiffle ball like he was a fat kid at free ice cream day at sizzler. We all felt the pressure from the returning champ.

Next up was Mikey. Channeling his idol Charles Barkley and pretty much scraping by with 5 dingers claiming that he is only good at softball and is too cool for this shit. Passing up beers Mikey went back to the world of warcraft or what ever I lost him for like an hour. I think he might have been douching. Im kidding Mikey kept the grill going as I had to answer a few phone calls and drink some beers.

Rice the Cali crusher stepped up to the plate and launched a solid 12 bombs. Calling out M.D and his crown. The lefty actually hit my neighbors front door across the street so his words were heeded.

The newbie Hambone was so eager to show off that Griffey like swine he forgot to him the ball fair. So Hambone only hit about 2 home runs. He was heart broken. But his spirits were high because J-mart and him got into a conversation about the greatness that was Griffey.

The smooth J-mart stepped up and launched 10 hard hit bombs to the middle of the street. As he took his hacks J-mart was all like " You know for a fact I am going to win. All you phuckers are just pretending ."

Big Cat stomped into the competition fresh off his latest claim that the Sandlot was an allegory for something I totally forgot what he said I just shook my head and threw him his pitches . Hitting 7 bombs switching sides in between each pitch. Dude almost broke my fucking windows with a wiffle ball. A FUCKING WIFFLE BALL!!!!!! I am so mad as you can tell by my capitals.

Now It was my turn. The Host of the show. The one the only the big man. I dug in my fitted blue Mets cap on low to show I meant fucking bidness. With a thunderous swing I managed to crush 4 home runs. One of the just barely made it out. I am so ashamed. I walked away with my head hung low unconsolable. How. I suck.

Finally in the first round Coletti stepped up and roped 9 dingers to lock up the final spot in the second round. Frankly we were all shocked. I kick an empty box across my back yard in utter disbelief.

The Second Round started after a quick smoke ,beer and food break where I guess it was lets make fun of Bryan day and I got ripped apart by the final four. Jerks

The Second Round went off with Coletti hitting 4, J-mart hitting 13 , Rice hitting 13 and M.D hitting 14. So we have a tie breaker on our hands. A five out crush fest. Jmart edged out rice by one.

So here were are the Final round M.D v J-mart. Both combatants exhausted from a long day of taters. But You gotta give it to J-mart the new champ. Hitting 6 in the final round. Another year down and another loss for me. What can I say I am not a home run hitter I am a Rbi guy gap to gap.

Here are the final totals-
Jmart- 10,13 *7, 6
M.D- 15, 14, 3
Rice- 12,13*6
Coletti- 9,4
Big Cat-7
Mikey- 5
Me- 4

Fuck bro its even worse writing it out. Maybe I'll do better at the annual Punt pass and Kick tourney in the fall. I think we can get Erin Andrews or hopefully that Kate Upton that is smoking it right now in this mess of a celebrity softball game.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where is M.D? Millions of heart broken fans cry out . Well here are some suggestions

So Its been a really a tough past few weeks. M.D and I have had some crazy ass schedules at work, its been nuts. After my last post which made the Mets go on a destructive tear on the west coast. Your welcome guys I wanted to hold back until the playoff push but I felt an all star push would be nice. Anyway M.D and I finally talked to each other about how bad we have been about posting lately and what is gonna happen to the Phantom. Clam down we aren't going any where , turns out M.D is doing some sort of Matt Lauer bullshit traveling around the world sending cryptic baseball laden text messages every so often with clues on where he is.

So he has been sending me these things since the end of june and I have pretty much figured its got to be three possible places. So here are my Ideas.

1. M.D has always said how much he loves the Seattle Mariners especially the 1995 Mariners. HE also is a great dancer. I know sounds weird that I would admit that the dude has sweet moves. But we've been friends for almost 7 years and We have hit the clubs and showed the ladies what we are about. Now I can hold my own , there are maybe 2 people who are smoother then M.D on the dance floor. Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson since they are both dead M.D is the smoothest around. SO when I saw this I knew he went to the emerald city . The video is a little grainy but that kid looks like M.D. Thats his moon walk.

For the past year M.D has had a plan. He has called me up at 2 am to tell me this plan and then find me at our job to walk me through this plan. M.D has mapped out to the letter a plan for him to become the Ace of the Irish National Baseball team. Its a real thing. M.D found his grand parents birth certificates and has been pointing to his red hair and saying " You cant say no to this ." So basically the plan was that he and I were going to try out for the team. He'd pitch while I would make the team as a utility infielder. The try outs past last week. I couldnt go because my grandparents were born in America. So M.D might totting the rubber for Ireland.

3. Finally more realistically We are in the second week of July. So there is only one place this kid can be. M.D has stolen my tent again and has posted up in front of the
only Imax theater in a ten mile radius from his house for the realese of Harry Potter( I bet their parents are super happy they will be in crushing debt for the next 14 years so that these clowns can play ). Through all his bravado and baseball swagger homeboy is a big ol' nerd. Now he's not a comic book nerd. He'll talk about how he can fight any dude that steps up and fucks with his mcnuggets. But dude is a nerd want proof ... He started a baseball blog. So right now M.D is probably tucked away in his Harry Potter Pj's in his ninja turtle sleeping bag counting the hours before he sees his imaginary girlfriend Hermione Granger do battle with Francis Dolarhyde( Any Red Dragon fans?) . Its kinda funny because when Hermione attended Brown he was like we should go up there pose as Minor league ball players and try to woo her.
So which one of these do you think is the truth. All I know is that once he reads this and sees I called him a super nerd and ruined his plan b he will get so mad. Honestly readers You know those New era commercials with two dudes who are what the Phantoms all about John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin. I know I have used those commercials as links in multiple posts. But we are like that with our teams. Though he hasn't spray painted my dog we have punched each other in the face.... With insults when one of our teams beats the others but the rivalry is pretty intense. Should I say something about Jeter hitting 3,000? No wouldn't sound right coming from a Mets fan. All I will say is that he is one of the best . The meaning of a Hall of famer, A true role model on and off the field.

P.s-Alfredo Simon started today for the O's and it was his first real start since he had Tommy John and oh yea was a suspect in a murder trial.... New Derek Jeter? I think so.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Just because they won today doesn't mean I am not super pissed about what they did

Hey Guys I hope you enjoy the 4th of july. I sure as hell wont for a multitude of reasons. This post is about well being disappoint. In every fasit of life. Why should you listen to me about why its this merry go round we call existence is a unbearable shit show that is unrelenting and is just going to beat you down until you give up? Well, because I am a Mets fan.

Fuck the fact they managed to win by the grace of Joe "should have been thrown out a long fucking time ago" Gird. They embraced them selves this weekend. I cant even take pride in the fact we had our second walk off victory today. Why you may ask also you might ask why am I a usually jovial fellow so mad at 2 a fucking clock in the morning. Because shit is shitty. The Mets are 2-4 against the Yankees this year. There is no fucking way we are going to do any real damage. I wish you guys who aren't Mets fans could understand what I go through every fucking year, every fucking day and every fucking minute of my sad , sad life.

Like I said multiple time before I am a stupid fucking Mets fan. I am sooooo fucking loyal that I continue to spend money on them so that one fucking day they will win it all. But has it happened in my 20 years of going to games spending first my parents and then my own money on them . No all It has brought me is fucking ridicule and a sense that I will never be happy like my idiot Yankees fans who once every 10 years get to celebrate with a fucking parade giving the good folks who work for the city an easy paycheck of busting skulls and cleaning up confetti.

Lets see if I can put it in to terms you can all get. Have you ever been had someone in your life (love, work, or other) that you wanted them to notice you and say " hey you're doing all the
right things for me, Why don't I return the favor and give you some sort of nugget that will show you I get it ." but in real life they go " Well you might think you're doing the right things but you are falling short every time out and you are not as good as you thought you are" ... Anyone , Anyone? Besides Mets Fans, Video Game Nerds the Lonely dude out in Singapore who reads us and is like " Why is this AlwaysBlueand Orange asshole always posting? Where is M.D and his Zues like predictions which doesn't make much sense since Zeus never predicted anything and It was Nostradomis who did all the predicting ?" ( Don't worry buddy I never forgot about you) and My sad and fucking lonely ass?

Basically what I am saying to you guys is its Heart breaking. Being a Mets fan is Heart breaking. Going into Shea or Citi you are just waiting for the fucking hammer to hit the nail that is in your heart. I might be jumping to extremes here but if your not a Mets fan you have no fucking clue. Imagine Derek Jeter being seen for what he really is , Imagine Paul O'niel not busting open a water cooler after going 0-3, imagine the Red Sox actually Beating a real team in the Worlds Series instead of a bunch of old dudes and a bunch or young dudes. FUCKING HEART breaking.

You might say "Why are you still a fan, your still young you have a pretty sick Royals hat why be a Mets Fan?" To reason cinderella. First reason I have a strong will. Yeah I might bitch about how bad they are and what ever. But I still am loyal because that team has provided me with some good time( laughs, Cheers and surprises ) I can never forget that shit. And Second reason I am stupid. Yeah I might seem like I am a road scholar but seriously who still roots for something that is just going to break their heart. Honestly I might be the dumbest mother fucker on the planet. I still have faith that all my good deeds and yes I still go out of my way to be overly nice to people will be paid off. Almost 26 years Later and still Have pretty much gone unnoticed.

In closing I would like to apologize for my shitty mood. I need to write something that would help me get rid of any terrible thoughts or actions that might pop up in the old noggin. But this didn't help as much as I thought it would. I fucking hate my life some times. Have a happy Fourth and GO fuck some your face ? Seriously thats how I'll end this .( It's not directed at you guys just my attitude, I Don't fucking get it sometimes dudes. ) SHit It totally didn't talk about the Mets game today. They won in the whateverist inning I honestly stopped caring about it in the 6th because I was assuming they would fall on old trends but they are a fighter and got to Ol' Mumm-ra Rivera. It was a Shitty Day with the weather start to finish. And Phuckers ( your new nick name ... Deal with it ) Its finished .