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Monday, July 25, 2011

The clock is ticking baseball midseason trade season better shit or get off the pot

The summer is clipping along pretty fast and still work is where my money comes from. So I have been slacking pretty bad. But good news is I have some time this week and I might have some more guest posts. Lets face it its pretty cool having someone else stumble their way the english language... instead of me.

The point I want to make tonight really is what happened this afternoon. For those who
missed it FOOTBALL IS FUCKING BACK BABY!!! The labor issues are settled after 132 days for bitching and whining about people who are going to make a lot of money are going to start up the gurling camps and the point less pre-season . But why does this affect baseball since there has been a co-exisitance for years where fans of both sports could follow their favorite football teams off season moves with casual glances so they can build up a nasty pre draft wish list. But since the lock out placed a pause on any trades or signings that could of happen since the end of the super bowl it has concentrated free agency, trades and rookie signings in to what might be a month and a half shit show.

Since we entered July baseball teams could have been dumping off over bloated contracts or teams would be looking for that final piece to make them a serious contender for the playoffs. But since the only real big move has been K-rod so far people haven't really given a crap about baseball and have been licking their chops for the football transaction orgy that is upon us.

SO that was my professional look at it. Seriously that was me being a true blue journalist I used the words fuck, shit show, orgy and K-rod . Look out Huffington post The Phantom is coming for you. Now for the Phan side of it all.

Baseball has to start doing shit. Its been so boring. Yeah there has been so cool storied like the Pirates and Joey Bats doing they're thing but fans don't give two shits about the first half
really . If a team wins in may it doesn't mean the same as it does in August or September.Gm's have to start picking their shit up. There are a few teams that should be sellers . Fuck man I mean I wrote a post about this a weeks or so ago and I was right about one of them I think . But I am not a major in Money Ball. I am just a jerk with a laptob and a pentition to be an arm chair quarterback. The Mlb trade deadline is probably the most exciting off the field activity because baseball players dont go around punching strippers during the strippers they just drag race their station wagons or what ever that idiot Derek Lowe did. It's honestly a shame too because baseball players make sick money so just imagine if they had the moxie of a football player.

Like imagine Adam Pac Man Jones playing center field for the Atlanta Braves. Down in Hotlanta where there are more strip clubs then tooth less hillbillies with huge ass mansions. So if Pac man was playing baseball and fighting every Atl shortie baseball would be nothing but hot fire .... Of course I am fucking kidding. Baseball needs to just pick it up by the end of this summer. The pennate race is always gripping so maybe I am just jumping the gun a bit.

Sorry phlox (pushing it) I am just so excited about the start of football. I have been waiting for this day since 132 days ago. My New York Giants are about to fuck shit up even thought they are 40 million over the cap and might lose their big play running back I still have faith. So lets chalk this post up to increasing excitement.

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