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Friday, July 29, 2011

A little recappin

All right so this has been an eventful week . Well, kind of. So lets recap for a minute I think I was bitching about the trade deadline and how it needed to step it's fucking game up . Well, like most things that are mentioned on the Phantom, shit got going. No thanks necessary world just doing my job. Fuck you Ken Rosenthal and John Heyman you awkward sons of bitches. I am sorry but is there anyone more annoying then these to clowns. Especially Rosenthal its like he has this undeserved ego that you only get when you play in your gated communities tee ball all star game. But this isn't about that shit bagger its about recaps. ALL BOUT THE CAPS.

So lets see lets start with the trades. There were some big names if you know baseball were moved this week. Carlos Beltran move to the Williamsburg I mean the San Francisco Giants for Zach Wheeler. I am pumped for this move. Wheeler is a young fire baller with so much upside that with Matt Harvey they can possibly the 1 and 2 of the future with Niese , Gee and Mejia. If we can get a better pitching coach like a Dave Duncan or someone like that the Mets young pitchers can be like the afore mentioned Giants and be nasty as fuck later.
Another big name that was moved was Colby "Calling Tony Larussa an idiot as he bangs
out Tonys hot ass daughter " Rasmus to the Blue jays for Edwin Jackson. Now I love E-Jax he is a tough right hander but he cant seem to stick to a team for a full year. But now The Blue Jays have a core of young players. Arencibia, Bautista, Remero, and a rejuvenated Yule Escobar this team is on the fucking move to be a great team. They just have to move to a different division . Like I said a few months back and Eric Byrnes who obviously reads the Phantom Said on the network. Hey Brynes Send us some love over the air.
What else has happened oh well Hunter Pence got sent off to Philly for a bunch of minor leaguers who will probably not work out like the last time they sent off prospects I think one of them got arrested of sexual assault. YEah this week in Philly Charlie Manuel was on some bull shit that the Giants pitching isn't that good.... Are you kidding me. Right now there are 4 teams with sick pitching staffs 1. Giants, 2. Phillies , 3. Braves and 4 maybe the A's if they had some offense. But Fog Horn Leg horn over there broke off some shit that because his team lost to them in the playoffs was some sort of illusions. Heres the problem Charlie all they need to do is put a lefty on the hill and 85% of is rendered useless.
Oh yeah Also the Pirates got fucked over hard in Atlanta. If you haven't seen it yet, The Bucs and the Bravos where playing a 19 inning game and some fucking joke of an umpire blew the fucking call. I am gonna put a link to the video so you can make the call. But yo lets be real that clown blew the call.
On the 29th I went to see Dropkick Murphy's in New Jersey. I have been to my share of DKM shows, I think this made 8 . So I went with my cousin Mikey and The Big Cat him self Tommy but only Tommy and My self are old enough to drink. So as we scoped the place out for Jersey talent which there was slim pickin's bro, the two really attractive girls that were there said they were from Long Island and there was a cute bartender. But as I am throwing out game like a young David Cone I realize that no one will fucking believe me on how slick this kid was all I have on my phone are 3 pictures of how close I was to the stage. But your gonna have to take me at my word. These Jersey Girls were digging my flow.
But the show was sick. DKr really killed it. Playing some stuff off their brand new album Going out in style which is awesome because they pretty much stopped playing punk and just gotten into like a harder rock that is more irish based and its about how they used to be huge punk rockers. I know its sounds a little rough of a review but I mean it as a compliment it shows growth plus better song writing. Along with the new stuff they broke out some songs from the first two albums which blew my mind. You never hear songs off Do or Die or The Gangs all here man . Just unbelievable The show was so much fun.

Well, That was my recap it took me a little bit longer then I hoped but thats what Coors Original does to you... Btw that photo up top is pretty awesome.

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