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Monday, July 4, 2011

Just because they won today doesn't mean I am not super pissed about what they did

Hey Guys I hope you enjoy the 4th of july. I sure as hell wont for a multitude of reasons. This post is about well being disappoint. In every fasit of life. Why should you listen to me about why its this merry go round we call existence is a unbearable shit show that is unrelenting and is just going to beat you down until you give up? Well, because I am a Mets fan.

Fuck the fact they managed to win by the grace of Joe "should have been thrown out a long fucking time ago" Gird. They embraced them selves this weekend. I cant even take pride in the fact we had our second walk off victory today. Why you may ask also you might ask why am I a usually jovial fellow so mad at 2 a fucking clock in the morning. Because shit is shitty. The Mets are 2-4 against the Yankees this year. There is no fucking way we are going to do any real damage. I wish you guys who aren't Mets fans could understand what I go through every fucking year, every fucking day and every fucking minute of my sad , sad life.

Like I said multiple time before I am a stupid fucking Mets fan. I am sooooo fucking loyal that I continue to spend money on them so that one fucking day they will win it all. But has it happened in my 20 years of going to games spending first my parents and then my own money on them . No all It has brought me is fucking ridicule and a sense that I will never be happy like my idiot Yankees fans who once every 10 years get to celebrate with a fucking parade giving the good folks who work for the city an easy paycheck of busting skulls and cleaning up confetti.

Lets see if I can put it in to terms you can all get. Have you ever been had someone in your life (love, work, or other) that you wanted them to notice you and say " hey you're doing all the
right things for me, Why don't I return the favor and give you some sort of nugget that will show you I get it ." but in real life they go " Well you might think you're doing the right things but you are falling short every time out and you are not as good as you thought you are" ... Anyone , Anyone? Besides Mets Fans, Video Game Nerds the Lonely dude out in Singapore who reads us and is like " Why is this AlwaysBlueand Orange asshole always posting? Where is M.D and his Zues like predictions which doesn't make much sense since Zeus never predicted anything and It was Nostradomis who did all the predicting ?" ( Don't worry buddy I never forgot about you) and My sad and fucking lonely ass?

Basically what I am saying to you guys is its Heart breaking. Being a Mets fan is Heart breaking. Going into Shea or Citi you are just waiting for the fucking hammer to hit the nail that is in your heart. I might be jumping to extremes here but if your not a Mets fan you have no fucking clue. Imagine Derek Jeter being seen for what he really is , Imagine Paul O'niel not busting open a water cooler after going 0-3, imagine the Red Sox actually Beating a real team in the Worlds Series instead of a bunch of old dudes and a bunch or young dudes. FUCKING HEART breaking.

You might say "Why are you still a fan, your still young you have a pretty sick Royals hat why be a Mets Fan?" To reason cinderella. First reason I have a strong will. Yeah I might bitch about how bad they are and what ever. But I still am loyal because that team has provided me with some good time( laughs, Cheers and surprises ) I can never forget that shit. And Second reason I am stupid. Yeah I might seem like I am a road scholar but seriously who still roots for something that is just going to break their heart. Honestly I might be the dumbest mother fucker on the planet. I still have faith that all my good deeds and yes I still go out of my way to be overly nice to people will be paid off. Almost 26 years Later and still Have pretty much gone unnoticed.

In closing I would like to apologize for my shitty mood. I need to write something that would help me get rid of any terrible thoughts or actions that might pop up in the old noggin. But this didn't help as much as I thought it would. I fucking hate my life some times. Have a happy Fourth and GO fuck some your face ? Seriously thats how I'll end this .( It's not directed at you guys just my attitude, I Don't fucking get it sometimes dudes. ) SHit It totally didn't talk about the Mets game today. They won in the whateverist inning I honestly stopped caring about it in the 6th because I was assuming they would fall on old trends but they are a fighter and got to Ol' Mumm-ra Rivera. It was a Shitty Day with the weather start to finish. And Phuckers ( your new nick name ... Deal with it ) Its finished .

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