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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Remember this Day... The Day I defend Derek Jeter

So I wanted to say this real fast before my game tonight. So people in the New York sports media were bugging out about Derek Jeter. Not because of his 3,000 hits but about the fact he skipped the All star game due to exhaustion and wanting to use the time to rest. The reason why people are bugging at him is because he used his given days off to go down to his home in Florida and spend time with his family and his super, unrealistically, painfully hot girlfriend Minka Kelly.
Now heres my beef. Jeter can due what ever the fuck he wants. He has 5 world Series rings,
3,000 hits, 13 All star games selections, 5 gold gloves, 4 sliver sluggers, Rookie of the year, and Minka Kelly. So If he doesn't want to fly across the country to hot as balls Arizona with their insane immigration laws and their molten lava streets he doesn't have to and he doesn't have to make an excuse for why he isn't going.

What I find so funny about this whole issue is that everyone was saying a month ago how Dj shouldn't be in the All star game. He doesn't have the stats and he is past his due so he shouldn't be there. He basically agreed with everyone.

The reason why everyone has wet their pants about this is because of his reasons. Exhaustion after coming off the 15 day dl. I am sorry but these reports have played an inning of real baseball in their life also they don't know what its like to have the whole world watching you when you just need one hit to cement your legacy as a hall of famer. Basically All the Jeter haters were watching him questioning his accomplishment, the rest of his career and where he will bat or play next year. Trust me I know I was doing it too. Ask M.D when he gets back.

Here the skinny I have played in some nail bitting baseball games in extreme heat but I have no clue on what its like playing in a major league game. Hell the only thing that I have had 3,000 of is driving miles and McNuggets. So I could imagine the pressure that a whole career of work all boiled down in to one at bat can do to a guy.

So everyone get off Jeets ass. He deserves a break. Plus his girlfriend is super hot so I don't
blame him . He could say " I only want to play 4 games a week so I can spend 2 to 3 days with Minka." Hell it might extend his career. So let the dude relax and stop this shit that he insulted the game because Bud Selig is still the commissioner baseball and that is a bigger insult to the game.

P.S- The All star game was anti climactic. K-rod got Traded to the Brewers. Also Minka Kelly is super Hot. If she reads this and I hope she does I just want to say She is the official Spokes Model For the Phantom. Sorry T-swift. ---->

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