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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The second half has started.... OK so now what

IF you haven't noticed Baseball started up again today. The Day after the Espys and two days after the All star game. And I guess you can say this is where we find out who is real and who is just pump fakin it. Honestly there are so many teams that had such a good start and a good end to the first half its just been a mess really.

I am sorry . I cant really get into to because of that clown car of an All star game. Why I am all upset. The Home run derby really wasn't that good, neither was the All star game.

The biggest problem I have with the All star game is that it was so boring and Zona was a
huge dick to Prince Fielder. So Prince picked his dude Rickie Weeks ( 2nd baseman for the Brewers) who has 17 home runs from the leadoff spot instead of Justin Upton ( no relation to Kate but brother to Boss Junior) who has 15 blasts in the up start d-backs which is probably the worst thing to put on a jersey because it looks like they are wearing D-bag shirts. Which after throwing water at Prince , his wife and his two kids ( who are gonna be the prototype bashers when they get to the bigs) on the All star red carpet is kinda fitting? So way to be a good host D-bags.

Did anyone else think that Bruce Bochey was hitting the goose during the game? As the manager for the N.L because the San Fran Hipsters won some sort of title or which team had the most annoying personalities with Brian Wilson, Buster Posey, Cody Ross and Tim Lineceum douching it up with their " we are so cool we have long hair and don't follow the rules attitude against the manager of the Al and the Texas Assholes Ron " Scar Face" Washington and the God squad. But Bochy had the whiskers going and was a bit stumpy walking out to the mound as he took out pitcher on his way to making Wash his bitch again.

But all in all it was a really boring game. M.D and I went to bar to catch the rest of the game but it was so boring instead of watching the game we just got destroyed and talked about who's cooler. Spoiler alert no one that argument.

I have no problem with the derby really. I thought the right guy won Cano is nasty and no one can really argue with that now. But I don't like how there were "teams" apparently. It
makes no sense to me since both final guys were on the same "team". You cant make an individual event such as the Home run derby . What if for the fuck of it the playoffs just were like lets just have the Red sox and Yankees or the Phillies teams that had better records in the regular seasons even if they are in the same league have them battle it out for the crown. Its joke if they want to have this team idea work they should add another round then the final round. Top 2 Al guys get 5 outs top 2 Nl guys get 5 outs then the final round of the winners of those rounds. Problem fucking solved and I don't have a masters in bullshit or whatever it talks to be the commissioner of baseball.

Really what it comes down to is you cant have a home run derby without Ken Griffey Jr and they have to have Boomer stop being the official big event guy for Espn he is a clown . Let Steven A Smith do it he is way more entertaining and He knows his shit better then those T.V guys. The Mets start up tomorrow so maybe I wont be so much of a cranky asshole after that... I should just wait on saying that.

P.S- I have been listening to Pandora and they have been playing a couple of the new cold play jams. I have done a complete 180 of these guys. I thought they sucked ass a few years back when they were all about being all about being depressing and shit like that now they got these songs that are pretty awesome so just a solid job all around by the Martin family.
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