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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Where is M.D? Millions of heart broken fans cry out . Well here are some suggestions

So Its been a really a tough past few weeks. M.D and I have had some crazy ass schedules at work, its been nuts. After my last post which made the Mets go on a destructive tear on the west coast. Your welcome guys I wanted to hold back until the playoff push but I felt an all star push would be nice. Anyway M.D and I finally talked to each other about how bad we have been about posting lately and what is gonna happen to the Phantom. Clam down we aren't going any where , turns out M.D is doing some sort of Matt Lauer bullshit traveling around the world sending cryptic baseball laden text messages every so often with clues on where he is.

So he has been sending me these things since the end of june and I have pretty much figured its got to be three possible places. So here are my Ideas.

1. M.D has always said how much he loves the Seattle Mariners especially the 1995 Mariners. HE also is a great dancer. I know sounds weird that I would admit that the dude has sweet moves. But we've been friends for almost 7 years and We have hit the clubs and showed the ladies what we are about. Now I can hold my own , there are maybe 2 people who are smoother then M.D on the dance floor. Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson since they are both dead M.D is the smoothest around. SO when I saw this I knew he went to the emerald city . The video is a little grainy but that kid looks like M.D. Thats his moon walk.

For the past year M.D has had a plan. He has called me up at 2 am to tell me this plan and then find me at our job to walk me through this plan. M.D has mapped out to the letter a plan for him to become the Ace of the Irish National Baseball team. Its a real thing. M.D found his grand parents birth certificates and has been pointing to his red hair and saying " You cant say no to this ." So basically the plan was that he and I were going to try out for the team. He'd pitch while I would make the team as a utility infielder. The try outs past last week. I couldnt go because my grandparents were born in America. So M.D might totting the rubber for Ireland.

3. Finally more realistically We are in the second week of July. So there is only one place this kid can be. M.D has stolen my tent again and has posted up in front of the
only Imax theater in a ten mile radius from his house for the realese of Harry Potter( I bet their parents are super happy they will be in crushing debt for the next 14 years so that these clowns can play ). Through all his bravado and baseball swagger homeboy is a big ol' nerd. Now he's not a comic book nerd. He'll talk about how he can fight any dude that steps up and fucks with his mcnuggets. But dude is a nerd want proof ... He started a baseball blog. So right now M.D is probably tucked away in his Harry Potter Pj's in his ninja turtle sleeping bag counting the hours before he sees his imaginary girlfriend Hermione Granger do battle with Francis Dolarhyde( Any Red Dragon fans?) . Its kinda funny because when Hermione attended Brown he was like we should go up there pose as Minor league ball players and try to woo her.
So which one of these do you think is the truth. All I know is that once he reads this and sees I called him a super nerd and ruined his plan b he will get so mad. Honestly readers You know those New era commercials with two dudes who are what the Phantoms all about John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin. I know I have used those commercials as links in multiple posts. But we are like that with our teams. Though he hasn't spray painted my dog we have punched each other in the face.... With insults when one of our teams beats the others but the rivalry is pretty intense. Should I say something about Jeter hitting 3,000? No wouldn't sound right coming from a Mets fan. All I will say is that he is one of the best . The meaning of a Hall of famer, A true role model on and off the field.

P.s-Alfredo Simon started today for the O's and it was his first real start since he had Tommy John and oh yea was a suspect in a murder trial.... New Derek Jeter? I think so.

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