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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey NcAA D-1 school KAAABOOM your spot has been blown , sincerely Miami University

So this is my first real football post and unfortunately its about all that shit thats been blowing up in the College game. Lets get this straight off the bat I have said before , I am all about people getting theirs. Wether its money, bitches or seconds at the buffet. But I didn't make the rules for college players and I don't really know all of them to the extent that I can sit in judgement of rule breakers and apparently neither do the college players themselves.

Holy crap did every top tier college team in the NCAA just get their spot blown? This is almost as bad as when you fart in gym class and you're the only one doing sit ups. Pretty much everyone knows and your humiliated and the girl with the over bite and clubbed foot says your gross in front of everyone as they laugh at you .... Yeah that didn't happen to me or anything. Back to the point. So just this past week or so, a probe has proven that a booster has been spoiling the Hurricanes football team with a whole lot of shit that would make Lawrence Taylor blush.

So this rich dude Nevin Shapiro who was a big time nerd and has a huge bank roll. But he couldn't lock it up with the ladies because A. he looks like a creeper and b. he is probably super lame to be around. But like all rich kids who think they are super awesome and don't understand why middle class people think they suck , he started buying friends. And in Miami If you can't hang with a drug cartel or J. Lo the last chance for you to be cool is to hang with the hurricanes( this was before D-wade brought the choker and Sir cries a lot to south beach). Now it is suspected that Mr. Shapiro allegedly bought up things like jewelry, booze,clothes and ladies of Ill repute.
What a jerk, right? Look like I said before I am all for players getting theirs. But this is different. This whole situation is fucked from the start. See first off I think that the fact these players are being exploited by their school. Schools are making money off the players jerseys and selling their likeness to video games and these dudes don't see dollar 1. Well, thats what we are supposed to think , but who knows. But a thing like this, with some fuck buying up a bar and sluts is kinda stupid. This nerd wants to be seen as cool, thats his only real motivation. If you look at Nevin Shapiro you know right away this dude wasn't going to be the home coming king. He just wanted to look cool in a hot city.

But this story isn't just about Nevin being lame as shit. Its about what this case will do to the NCAA. Do you honestly think this will be contained to just Miami? There is no fucking way
other top schools come out clean on the other end of this. There are a ton of dirty deals that go on wether its by recruiters, coaches and of course alumnus who thought they could have taken state if they made the team back in high school but because daddy didn't think football was a real career path. But there is always going to be a hand under the table. The Rich alum will throw around cash like it doesn't cost them a thing . And players who Lets face it probably didn't really learn too much in high school get blinded by all that cash dive right in because they aren't used to hearing you can't do this. It's a vicious cycle is happening right now in a college town near you.... BOO , did I scare you?

Do you know who pays in the end? The Players, if they are still playing in college. The Athletic Directors might have to resign but they have made bank as it is. The Coaches can just bounce on the double to the NFL and not have to deal with it. The players who if they transfer to another school to follow a coach who promised them they would stay with them their whole college career but left for that money have to sit out a full year. The players who if they get caught taking anything get black listed forever. It's really fucked up man.

This whole thing is going to blow up big. The big thing for the NCAA is going to do after the investigation is called the "Death Penalty" which is the NCAA shuts down the programs recruits and cuts their spending for at least two years so they can clean out the program of any problem causing issues or whatever. Now since Miami is under "ever so bright" spotlight of the NCAA watch committee. Everyone is all like " Whoa this is surprising ! I never would do something like that. " Same shit happened when Usc got bagged last year. Pete Carroll booked it to Seattle , Reggie Bush had his Hiesmen taken away, they got locked out of top talent and Mat Lienart was told he would never be a real starter in the NFl since he sucks.

But what can you do? Blog about how the rich get richer and there is no real way to stop it. Lets just all act surprised when it happens . We don't want to ruin the surprise for college basketball.

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