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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Links all over the place like the strippers are all over my face... Thats the start of my rap career , but first this

Hey remember I think it was last month when I did that post when I wanted to write 3 different posts but was so tired I wrote up 1 post that was ridiculously long post that smashed together three ideas I think it was a spotlight, a top 3 and a hater post.......

So where to begin , where to begin ? Lets spilt this up A little football, some baseball and helping my friends out. All great things and all very good reads. Lets kick it off with our bread and butter a baseball spotlight .

Flipping the switch , the light turns on, realizing this isn't as funny as it was back when we were starting out, and pointing it at Houston Astros... Really? Is that the only team we haven't done yet ? Fuck ok lets do this.

What is happening down in Houston? I heard today they have put their best pitcher on the waiver wire , they are still holding on to Carlos Lee, they have a whole bunch young talent that is just waiting to explode and they have absolutely no real money to spend on any real good players to help those player evolve into good pros. So the future is bright. Seriously this franchise used to be amazing. They had guys like Nolan Ryan, J.P. Richard, Jeff Bagwell, Craig
Biggio and Todd Jones( he wasn't really anything special , he just has the second least exciting name in baseball right behind Joe Smith... Todd, clown ) . But some where after 2008 they forgot they were in the World Series in 2005. The Astros have been slowing declining each year ever since Biggio left. I can't seem to get past how bad they are. I used to respect this team a lot back in the day like so much that when the Mets played Houston I worried that they would lose. Remember back a few years when the Mets used to be good , yeah thats what I meant. For the past I think like two years they have dumped soooo much talent to contending teams Berkman to the Yankees, Oswallt and Pence to the Philidildos, Valverde to the Tigers for Brandon Lyon who is the worst closer in the history of closers. All of the guys they have sent away have blown up big this year, figures. This year Houston is the bottom of the bottom and they sadly have no chance of making the playoffs. So Astros fans I am sorry , I am so sorry I feel really bad for you.

Last week a few of my buddies from work and I got together and had our fantasy football draft. A 10 team league two divisions and 9 fucking clowns who think they can mess with the king. I got the first pick in the snake style draft. So who wants to hear the line up of this championship franchise ? I knew it you all did.

Round1- Adrian Peterson - The Vikings only weapon this year 55 tds breaks records like defenders ankles.
Round2- Micheal Turner- The Burner is looking to have a break out year with the Young Gun Hotlanta Falcons
Round3- Matt Ryan- Matty Ice, had a strong year and is looking to break into the elite level with his big time offense.
Round4- Larry Fitzgerald- The highest paid recivers in the game. Also has been a boss in the pre-season with Kolb dropping bombs on 2nd string defenses
Round5- Santonio Holmes- The Jets new #1 wide out. He's going to do all of the deep routes with those old clowns as the 2 and 3.
Round6- New York Jets defense- Heres a heads up I hate the Jets because I am Giants Fan but I dont hate a shut down defense that can carry me to the championship game.
Round7- Tony Gonzalez - ToGo is hall of fame all the way. Fucking Steal
Round8-Julio Jones- Rookie Wide out who spent the lock out in pick up camp with Matty Ice. Can someone say sleeper ?
Round9-Rob Gronkowski- The New England Tight end who fucked Kate Upton... Yeah He's a star on this team.
Round10-Mike Williams (tampa)- Year two with Josh Freeman. Pro bowlin '
Round11- Adam Vinatieri - Just couldn't let this guy get away
Round12-Mike Tolbert- The goal line bowling ball from San Diego . Matchups ho matchups
Round13-Matt Schaub- Yeah thats right He'll be my back up Qb , He throws to Andre Johnson so that might be a solid back up Qb
Round14-Todd Heap-If Kolb cant hit Fitz who's he gonna go to ? My guy thats who .
Round 15-Danny Amendola-Yeah it's only because Jordy Nelson was taken in Round 14
Round16-DeAngelo Williams-Right! The 18th ranked Rb in the League with the 1,7 and 24th all guys who will be monsters
Round17-Danny Woodhead- Lets face it getting him in the 17th round was pretty good for a guy who will be keyed up more this season.

Just Que. up Queen right now. Domination on dowell. Harvey Bridgman reference who say that coming.... Everyone !
Hey Yahoo you should hire me to be a fucking expert. I am so much better then those clowns plus me and Charissa Thompson probably will have a great back and forth.

So the Last story of the day is my boy Funch is competing in the World Police and Fire games. This is the biggest get together of the finest and bravest around the world and they have about 65 sporting events. Which is fucking nuts how cool is that! He is on the Ny Courts
Baseball team, I think he is now their closer. Don't worry he isn't like Brian Wilson he is just like a boss. Now I have gone out here and said how you should support some great causes . Maybe like 3 times and I think one of them was because Olivia Wilde is so hot, but seriously you Phuckers should check this joint out. A lot of the events are happening on Randells Island and Brooklyn. Listen to me they have Team Handball which is the best sport ever created and Table Tennis which is going to be in the Jacob Javits Center! So you know its no joke. I know its tough for you guys to get out to the venues I completely understand because its tough for me as well but I am going to try to get out there. Check them out on Facebook and try to get out to some of these events . I am calling it right now The Blue Sox are going all the Way. I am putting the Phantom Spotlight on them. You can't beat the track record and you cant Beat the Blue Sox.

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