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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh man I just found out the greatest thing ever

Ok so you all know how much I despise the Yankees. I pretty much think they are the worst team in baseball,How they have limited talent but prosper in a division with two terrible teams and in a league where is like only 4 really good pitchers and how basically everything they do is blown out of proportion to an arrogant extent that pretty much makes 65% of the rest of the world sick . But Bro check this out, My dude Nick Swisher Bro to the power of infinity and basically the most Un-Yankee like player in their franchise has an Album. Now I know what you must think " Why the hell is this dude signing , Are you serious that must be terrible, Doesn't he wear Ed hardy shirts? ". First off its for charity , It's not that bad, and yes yes he wear those dumb ass shirts with dragons, skulls and crosses with like a banner that says " dedication " on it yeah they kind suck . But Swish is such a fucking cool guy that it doesn't matter. New paragraph.

Swisher is jamming out with his boys for the kids. Nick got the like of Barry Zito ,I think
Bernie Williams and maybe Eddie Vedder I don't know who is friends with Swish all I know is that if he called me up and was like "Hey Mick bro , you want to sing Take me home Country Road for the kids?" I would say " You know it bro. I am gonna get my Melodica and jam like the devil came to Long Island.

I am gonna keep this short because I really do like the fact Swish is putting him self out there for his Charity . Also he crushes a few songs I am not gonna say he has a great voice or that he this album will be top of the pops but he is doing it for a great cause so at least if you can download a few tracks. I gotta admit that Take me home is solid , the Wont back down cover is all right, pretty much every song he is backed up by a chorus of youngster who are all bros now. SO check out Nick Swisher's Believe. Yes, that is actually what its called. What ever just download some tracks for Swish. He supports the troops so if you don't support Swish your basically committing treason so the ball is your court Phuckers . Its on Itunes so go...Now.

* By Un-Yankee like I mean Funny, engaging personality and He seems like a down to earth dude. Instead of the stuffy

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