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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OH my god this has taken me so long to write... No not the title

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, floods, falling cones in the middle of the Cross Bronx Expressway, and Minka Kelly Back on the market. What a week! Oh and a 3day long blackout !

As you might of guest I survived my road trip up to boston. Though Irene really tried to get me this evening as I was driving back to the Island. I was kidding about the falling cones on the cross Bronx. The rain was falling at a good clip and I was maybe 2 cars back of a road work truck driving in the right lane to look for my exit I look over to my left to check the middle lane , I see out of the corner of my eye about 6 cones fall off the passenger side of this truck and like Jeff Gordon I quickly change lanes without hitting any other car. Smooth move buddy. But lets talk some sports thats why we are here right ?

Lets get to the biggest story of the week. There was an earthquake on the eastern coast. Why was it plate tectonics like how we learned in the 8th grade? Was it the End of the World ? Was it just a really really loud fart? Possibly , but no. The entity that caused the earth to crumble a little bit was... Derek Jeter broke up with Minka Kelly. WHY DJ3K, why ? Whats wrong with you? Look pal I defended you when everyone else was on your shit for disrespecting the All-star game this year, and I gave you your props when you hit 3,000 I even called M.D the second after it happened. But Now you've done it. Your 20 for 45 with 4 rbis in your last 10 games. Is that why you broke up with her? I honestly don't see any other reason why you would. Now you're on your own pal, next time you do something I will not defend your actions by saying you're a hall of famer. I mean come on bro what the hell. She dug the low top fade and she drove a ford. Minka If you're reading, which I know you are don't let this clown grind you down. Go out and burn it down. And maybe give a shout to a stocky 25 year old blogger from LI with a killer personality and a receding hair line. Nothing spells revenge better then slummin(

Ok now for some sports. Before the East was enveloped by Irene and Irene hype. Which surprising to me none of the facebook friends put up a Dexy Midnight runners Come on EIlleen type joke( I though it was Irene at first. )... So just a side note this I started this on saturday and I just got my power back a few short hours ago? So let me just cap up what happened.

In football this past week was a pretty stacked week 3 for the pre-season lots of moves and
signings because thats what happens. Like up in Indy Peyton Manning has been activated off the P.U.P list (psychically unable to preform) with 2 weeks to go before the regular season. A veteran move by the stalwart quarterback. Who was worried about Manning missing any of the regular season ? I sure as hell didn't Peyton Manning is entering Farve territory now in his career. Now I am not saying he is going to retire, Un retire, retire and so on so forth but he is so important to his team and the franchise,since he has run the offense since he was drafted. So if you want the sweetest gig in the world the Colts offensive coordinator has got to be cake. Well, until they draft Peyton's eventual replacement in 3 years.
The Eagles have given Michael Vick a 6 year 100 million dollar contact in which 40 million of it is garanteed. Not bad for playing only 13 games after serving 2 years for killing dogs . I heard to day that he still owe a shit ton of money to debt collectors and the Flacons. So this in now way can back fire in the Eagles faces right? Look for their matchup with the bears to be the real test.
Finally in football. It seems the Seattle Seahawks are signing up every available former player that has both been listed in the fantasy sleepers and dump 'em categories in a two week span. The Pete Carroll saga continues with another strange step. Lets see if they can lock up the Nfc west with a stellar 8-8 record this year.

Back to baseball. The San Francisco Giants have sent down former MVP Miguel Tejada and former Philly bad ass Aaron Rowand who was among their great signings with Barry Zito . The Giants have made all the right moves but have had all every bad side of those moves come to light. The only way that a new player would work out for them is if they pick them off the wavier scrap heap or if they groom them from the minors. They keep getting burnt on the hot stove.
Last night the last set of Yankees and Red sox games at Fenway started last night and it
went as planned . The Yankees won Blah blah blah. But what makes this so interesting that I , the person who has said that the rivalry is just over blown hype and is pretty much past its due. But Fransico Cervelli . The Yankees 3rd string catcher or also known to the rest of the world as the great Gazoo with his stupid helmet. But this asshole was shocked that his ass got plunked last night. Heres the deal you clap your hands on home after you solo homer which is your 2nd of the season and act like every strike out is the fucking clinching K of the world series you have to expect to get one right in between the numbers.

Basically take it like this Yankees : That was intentional. But he bought it upon himself . So shut up and take your 3rd win against Boston this year and Hope that A.J doesn't let up 6 runs.

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