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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One more for the road....

So before I hit the road tomorrow and rip apart Boston at the seems I just want to get in a few thought, musings , and general ramblings that you have all come to know and loath. Oh course I am kidding . But I do want to say something before I leave for a few days since I wont be posting on Thursday and Friday I just wanted to leave you with some stuff.

Every night for the past week or so Espn and Barstoolsports have had something about the Little League World Series. Well they covered two different aspects of the tournament but still pretty much every night something.
As I am watching and reading it just makes me angry. Not the fact that they are getting
world coverage and playing some pretty descent baseball. But the thing that I can't stand is these kids big timing it when they hit a home run over 250 feet with a metal bat and you play on 60 foot bases. I know they are little kids and this might seem douchey saying something about how bush league these kids are acting. But when I played I would have been benched if I danced in Left field, or when I crushed a bomb posed like Manny. These kids are like 2 years away from the code being a factor. Maybe thats why they do it because the code isn't in effect at this level.
Now it could me just being jealous that when I was 12-15 I would get plunked in the ribs if I hit a double and pointed to my fellow hefty bros in the dugout. So see this display makes me remember those 45-65 mile per hour kidney punches. The worst when I played around 17-21 when kids where throwing bullets and this guy roping doubles. Its probably just me. I actually thought to my self if I was one of these players who got jacked up on national television and this clown at the plate looks at his shot like its something that in real baseball would be caught 15 feet behind the second basemen. I would plunk him the next time around , hopefully I have under 100 pitches . I wish I can play Little league baseball again. Plus thanks to Barstool there are some interesting look Moms out there. Thanks El Pres good looks bro.

The Second thing I want to discuss is Jed Lawrie , Chris Johnson from the Titans, and Tim Tebow .
First off Brett Lawire the Toronto Blue Jays highly touted prospect who is tearing it up right now . He is batting .328 with about 4 home runs and 12 rbis. He only has 61 at bats and need about 74 more at bats to be considered for the rookie of the year who right now is.... Fuck I have no Idea? Who would be the rookie of the year ? I have no clue there hasn't been a big to do about it maybe Craig Krimbel in Hotlanta. Who Knows but Lawire is ripping it right now . He has brought the hype to the great north so maybe in his first full year next year The Blue Jays could be something and shut M.D up.
Chris Johnson all pro running back for the Titans. I understand completely you wanting to get paid. But heres the thing your still under contract. Get to camp and help your team. You have a young Qb drafted and an Old qb playing out his last year before he puts a suit on and gets behind a desk. You're going to get a shit ton of carries. Frankly looking around your team your gonna get all the offensive workload. So get to camp there are a bunch of nerds who took you first this year and are having a aneurism everyday you're not in practice.
Tim Tebow. OK So I might catch some shit for this . But all this crap that is swirling
around him that saying he isn't that good, he is not an NFL qb , and that he is going to be cut. Lets stop that noise right now. He was great in college. Yes, he doesn't have the blow you away talent of a lot of qb's . But he has the drive to win. If you look at his college game he made shit happen. Yes, the pro game is fast and is a lot tougher but the kid has heart and will elevate the play of people around him. The funniest thing about it is that John Elway who played the same way Tebow plays his whole career . A mobile guy with a sub par arm but a drive that cannot be matched. And Elway hates the guy. I don't get it ok Kyle Orton has one more year on his contract left and he is a true NFL qb . But this whole deal that they should trade him or cut him loose is just crap. First off it's his second year it took Aaron Rodgers three years to break in and he just won the super bowl as his third year as a starter. So this win now mentality is crap especially when they play in a division that hasn't had a super bowl champion since ... John Fucking Elway won in 97. Let Tebow do his thing let him pray to God ,help people , and scramble thats all he wants to do anyway.

Finally I would Like to end this post with a heavy heart I would like to send out my sympathies to the family of Former major league pitcher and Cy Young award winner Mike Flanagan. Flanagan passed away earlier today 8/24. I wish his family well through this tough time and would like to extend my prayers out to them and the Orioles franchise who treated him like family. My he rest in peace.

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