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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Recap before my nap

I am kidding of course I am not taking a nap its just a cool rhyme. Lets talk about what has happened in the baseball world lately since I haven't really given a recap in a long ass time. I am gonna try writing short paragraphs about some big stories of the week but lets face it if you read last nights post short paragraphs are like hot chicks knocking on my window, happens very rarely but when it happens its all sorts of hot fire.

Lets start off with something easy. So Dan Uggla the dude who couldn't hit a fucking beach ball
in the start of the season has some sort of hitting streak going. I think its up to 31 games now and granted its pretty cool that he has hit in more then 30 games and I think he is close to breaking the all time Braves hit streak record. But what make this more impressive is that if 15 of these hits weren't infield singles. Seriously thats all he had against the Mets. Congrats Luis Castillio.

The Philadildos have won 12 of their last 13 and they got Roy Oswallt back. Unfortunately Joe Blanton is still hurt but it's not like it fucking matters because they called up this kid Vance
Worley. Now Worley has made 16 starts so far this season and has been dominate going 81-with 72 k's and a 2.85 era. The kid is baffling hitters not only with his race ( I don't know if he is asian , hispanic, or a white guy , or a mix of all three ) but his stuff is pretty nasty. Thats just what the Philadildos need another guy who's better then everyone else. What the fucks up with that town lately. Are they that offended by what Alec Baldwin said so they had to go out and get every all star in 2 sports?

The Big Cleve is making life extremely tough for the Tigers lately. The Indians are once again trying to re take the top of the central and now they have a new 2nd basemen who seems to get a big hit every time up , When Carmona comes back this week he will return to his natural # 2 spot in the rotation with Ubaldo Jimenez established ace. I am gonna be honest with you since you all know how much I dig the cleve I hope they over take the tigers and get into the playoffs . More attention needs to be on Cleve right now since Avengers is being filmed out there so the more coverage it gets the more spoilers we see. So lets go Tribe.

Me and M.D got into a squabble about the Yankees earlier. He was on some shit about how they get no coverage from the Mlb network. Which is total shit and everyone knows it? The
Yankees get at least 5 minutes a fucking show . So I told him that maybe the Yankees will get more coverage if they were a better team. Lets face it the Yankees have totally disappointed this year. I don't care where they stand, they have the most talent, the most money and they play in a league that has piss poor pitching oh yeah also 4 of the stadiums they play in more then 15 times a year are the size of little league fields. Everyone except Curtis Granderson has under preformed. Prove me wrong with out insulting the Mets go a head tell me how it's ok that Rafael Soriano is totally worth that contract, tell me that Eduardo Nunez is the future with his on pace for 40 errors is the reason why he should take over for Jeter in a few years, tell me that Posada is really that great of a team guy, tell me that Russell Martin really deserved that all star selection batting under .230 ,Tell me that going 2-10 against the Red Sox this year make you confident for October and tell me that their pitching staff can hang with any of the top teams in the AL Joke of a season if they get any thing more then the Wild card and get out of the first round is just a fucking joke.

Lets talk about Those Brewers. If they can get it together in the Off-season and re sign
Prince for big money. With Braun , Hart, Weeks, Grineke ,Marcum and Axford all they need to do is find a fucking Short stop who can hit as well as flash the leather they might actually start to be a fixture a top the Central for a few years to come. Also speaking about surprise teams being in first place. The Arizona D-backs have just out lasted the hype machine out in San Fran. Good for them , They were shit last year, they were shit in the start of the season and then M.D calls them irrelevant and combooom bitches here they are battling for the top of the West.

So besides beating the Yankees the Red Sox have started
beating up everyone who plays them. Boston has a pretty week schedule a head of them with games versus the Twins, Mariners , Rays Royals , Rangers and A's before the Yankees come back with that stupid 6 man rotation. The Red Sox have completely changed my mind on them. I know I pretty much blasted them at the start when they started out 0-12 but now I don't really know I am not super sold on them but I do like the fact they just find ways to fuck with the Yankees. By the way I am heading up to Boston to check it out for the A's series . Hitting up Fenway and some of the local watering holes aka places where I can get Fucked up. So show me whats good.
Finally I guess I would like to talk about the Mets? You know I don't know I mean we they have won 2 game in the late innings . But It was against the Padres and thats like saying you beat Helen Keller in Simon. But what makes me thinkI should talk about the Mets is because of what Daily New Live said about them. If you don't know or live in New York SNY ( The Tv home of the Mets, Jets and all New York Sports) they have a show called Daily News Live which is an anchor and two sports writers talking about New York sports or big sports stories of the day . But they had this thing about the Mets called " Did the Mets win back their fans?" like in the past 48 hours every Mets fan forgotten about the terrible loses and the way the Media have painted the ownership as no nothing idiots who are hell bent on driving the team into the ground. Listen as a Mets fan I was pumped that we won 2 games late. It is always fun for a walk off win and seeing Izzy's 299th career save. But seriously its two fucking games bro. If the Mets won the next 25 games in the 9th inning in a row yeah lets talk but A. it's only two game and B. it's the fucking Padres. The story that should have been brought up is that San Diego scored more then 2 runs in those games.

Oh man I think I have a problem . I can't seem to write short quick paragraphs. But thats what happened in the past week. Yes, I know its only Thursday but hey this is the most consistent we have been well I have been since we started.

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