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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Top 10 list we all were waiting for ... Hottest female sports reporters

Ever since the last top 10 of hot chicks that had something to do related to baseball or what ever I know you have been waiting for me to come up with a top 10 of hot chicks who bring us breaking new in the sports world. Now I only now a few but with the power of google and ask I have studied up to say the least of these super attractive sports casters. But none of them compare to Liz Cho of New York's abc news, but she is not on this list sadly because she does not do sports she just does straight up sexy .

So like the so many other pointless lists I have made when good ideas escape me . Lets start it up ...once again

10. Michelle Beadle- The queen of SportsNation. If you don't know what SportsNation is, its basically SportsCenter for people with short attention spans. With a lot of bright colors, shiny
objects, loud noises, Colin Cowheard, and a few flat screen t.vs SportsNation is the only show on Espn almost worth watching. And its all because of Beadle. Not only is she super into sports and can conduct an interview better then Bob Levy. But she is super attractive and really funny. As we see every what seems like everyday on SportsNation. The Bead is also a wrestling fan and has cause this whole new up swing for the WWE . So that is why she is number 10 , if she didn't think wrestling was cool she'd be higher.

9. Charissa Thompson- For sooo many sundays during the Fantasy football season have I
awoke from my winter slumber to login and load up Fantasy Football live. She comes on every other week and lights it up. She also does some sideline work too. I'm just saying if Yahoo would just make Charissa their #1 video host I think that they will have record numbers in nerds signing up for Fantasy sports instead of signing up for World of Warcraft and that other shit. Sorry I was watching fantasy football live with her talking to these clowns. Seriously Yahoo give me a call me and Charissa will usher in a new era of awesomeness. Or it will be me just looking like a goon while she gets mad either way it will be intersting.

8. Michelle Beisner- So I just actually found this reporter today as I was looking up youtube links for Beadle and Thompson. So I did the work and buddy I wish I had the NFL network. Damn you Jim Dolan , Damn you . So she does some fantasy work and I guess she does some desk work. But Holy carp man . Where do these major news networks find these smokes? Is there some sort of factory or like special school for knock outs that are camera ready?

7.Rachel Nichols- Oh my long time crush. I dont know why but whenever she
started reporting on sports is when I started my secret crush on her. Now not as obviously slamin as 6-1 but she is probably the most apporachable of the pack. Frankly if this was maxim or stuff she wouldn't be in the top 10 but I feel 7 is a good spot for her. She does every sport so that means more exposure and makes my espn view expierance more enjoyable

6. Melanie Collins-She works for NBA Tv so obviously I am not familiar with her work. But I guess when this lock out is over I will be subscribing. Not really. She has done worked for E! and TnT and some other places. Just another Hot blonde for the list. ITs like I have a type. SO Melanie is single handily making me a basketball fan again. Sorry Jordan I am proud of my bacon neck... get it those stupid hanes commercials.

5. Jenn Brown- So one day at 3am I stumble in from a night on the town. I
safely get into my house with my late night snack in hand . As I sit down and turn on Espn News and they were going on and on about something that I cant really remember because the correspondent looks like this. Espn I want to work for you. The only reason that I want to work for you is to be a minor in your female reporter gold mine. Jenn Brown Might not read blogs but she is to hot to stay mad at for long.

4. Erin Andrews- Umm what to say, what to say . Do I really need to say anything about her? She slamin and likes football enough said.

3. Hedi Watney- Boston's new face. Well not new but she replaced the
lovable but eeeh looking Hazel Mae. She is hotter then Erin Andrews and apparently half her Job is to go around and eat food at a stadium and get checked out by everyone. Its like she stole my dream Job. But wether she is making dudes nervous or getting checked out by creepy Red Sox fans. This new comer sure is a smoke. Hopefully she is into fat balding kids with a somewhat descent vocabulary because I will be taking Boston by storm next weekend.

2. Inez Sainz - The Mexican report that proved that the New York Jets are dirt bags. She is the
definition of a knock out punch. Mesmerizing athletes as she trips her way around the english language. When you see a picture of her you kidneys start to hurt because ,well I mean come on .When the Jets story broke it spilt the sports world in three parts. One side was They should treat he like any other sports reporter and should be respected because she's a woman, another side was She shouldn't dress like that if she wants to be taken seriously , and then there was the side I was on which was " Seriously they make reports like that now? Shit I am surprised she left with her clothes still on her. Oh well but Shit." I have no clue what she actually does but she is always at the super bowl so I figure she knows sports

This is my Number 1
1. Tiffany Simons-She is the Sny Mets weekly host .... Wait a minute she is not my number one.
Hold up , the one that the one I wanted... Same initials but not her. Who's is it ? Oh yeah Taylor Swift. What scandal ! She doesn't report sports or the news or really anything. Well To bad readers call it a cop out but T-Swift is my favorite. Now I bet your all like ohhhh so thats why there are so many blondes up . Well, no that was coquincedental . But after that first top 10 I kinda felt that T-swift should have been #1 but I was blinded by Olivia Wilde . So this one is for you Taylor ... That wasn't too creepy right ?

I love these top 10 list because it show how much free time I actually have. And Also after the last two I wrote I feel so creepy breaking down these women who I will never meet in person. But if I do and If they read the Phantom which according to our stats....… They don't, but if they do ... Hey whats up ? Do you like terrible grammar , how about an ego that is inflated by growing up fat? Well, if your single I am the guy for you .... I am gonna take like two days off to re charge the batteries and Ill be back before I leave for bean town.

P.s- So as I was putting in the photos and watching how these pictures are just making the post which I can say probably very poorly written a hell of alot better. I am saying to my self these can not be real sports reports there is no fucking way . But they are, Congrats Viewing public !

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