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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What will happen to the Phantom after Baseball season ?

So around the Phantoms home office we were kicking around some ideas about what we are gonna do when our bread and butter is finished for the rest of 2011. What will we do , Why do we have an office, is any one actually reading us instead of looking up pictures of muppets ? So many questions, I know its only 3 but I have a tuff time answering questions ,spelling things correctly and my dance moves have been known to break up couples( ladies love how my belly jiggles). But we have decided to continue writing about the sports that will go on during the winter months so Football and Hockey watch out here we come.

Now it's not like we don't like basketball but apparently their labor union is not as active to get back to work as the NFL. The Nba player union delegate was quoted this past week basically saying that there will be no 2011-2012 season. Which if you can remember back I ripped the NFL owners and players a new one about how their selfishness was going to put a
lot of hard working people out of work. Well, same story just a different game. I don't under stand why the players and the owners cant come to an agreement. Frankly all I know is that both sides are fighting about money.
But what makes this lockout hard to pick aside because the Owners have the money and call the shots really, some of these players are so irresponsible with their money to begin with that giving them more money would be stupid, Now I am all about getting you paper up so I cant really get on those guys too much cause let face it if you gave me 18 mill to play a sport that I am good at I would of bought the batacopter by now , and The Players have been leaving the country to get paid an insane amount of cash to play in countries like Turkey and China which have better credit ratings then us.
Thats where the players lose my support. The Nfl guys didn't go up to Canada or the Ufl until the lockout ended. No they just worked out with who ever was on the roster at a local high school like I do in october thru march ( anyone with a flag football team looking for a qb
/te ? hit me up ) The fact that they can still go out there get the cash play in a new market possibly get hurt and fuck over their Nba contract and just really check out is not cool with me bro. I honestly think that when the finally reaches an agreement and throw up the prices for season tickets and it's anything over $100 a ticket for a team that barely made the playoffs last season, the fans, vendors, cleaning crews, security guards, and anyone who is losing their lively hoods because of their unwillingness to reach an agreement in a season should have a lockout until the players and owners come to the realization that they are not just hurting each other with their stupidity.

Enough about that I am getting really mad talking about it. But that is our future plans, we hopefully will bring the same bias looks into the winter sports that we have brought to baseball. Since this is really our 4th month of blogging and I think its been ok. Lots of positive feedback from friends and Family but I think they are just being nice to us since we barely got out of college alive. Well, all right I will post up later. Giants and Mets are both playing so I am conflicted on which I want to watch and be horribly disappointed in

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