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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And now its time for the National League

  So to continue this weeks theme of me trying to be a real sports journalist and doing a great job of it. What did you think I was going to do say I am bad? Come on bro its all about confidence and I got it in spades buddy.

   Right so lets go through the National leagues best. So what were the categories from last night. I totally forgot what I wrote last night. So what was it, MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the year and gold glove. That seems right. So like last night I'll list the top 4 on each award except for the gold gloves in which I'll list the top 2 contender because there are so many, ugh I am all ready regreting writing it up . Why do I work so late! 

Prince Fielder, Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun, and Albert Pujols

  So the Big boy Prince Fielder has undoubtably been huge for the Brew Crew this year. With 31 homers 107 rbi and a .293 avg. Not tremendusly over powering but its what has meant to his team this year. Prince has just put the crew on his huge back. When a young guy like Prince has greatness staring him in the face  the player usally hides from spot light but Prince has taken to it like M.D to chicken fingers . He was the Home run derby captain, what ever the hell that means and is now the 2nd most hated man in Arizona. the first of course is still and will always be Slowpoke  Rodriguez.
   Matt Kemp making Dodgers fans feel like the only girls in  world. Ahh sorry I can't talk about Kemp with out mentioning his time with Rihanna. Walter Cronkite would of done it. But Kemp has been a bagillion times better this year compared to his wash of a season last year.  32 dingers 106 rbis  37 stolen bases amd a .320 average. Bro has put up some numbers that would  make Jackie Robinson say " Damn!" only making 4 errors so far this season he is in the top 6 of fielding % of all center fielders.  Out of all the candidates he is the most well rounded ... Except for Princes stomach. Sorry Bro I am big boss too so you know its with love.
   Ryan Braun will win the Sliver Slugger. Lets forget this Jose Reyes hype on the batting title. Reyes has two things going against him 1, he missed over 30 games this year due to injury and 2 he is a Met. But The Hebrew Hammer( they call him that apparently)  has grown in to the pro the Brewers expected. With Him and Prince 3 and 4 in that stacked like pancakes line up. He has 27 bombs and is going to have 100 rbis probably by next monday. But what makes him more of an Mvp is that he has the second best fielding percentage among Left fielders with 1 error. Braun can definitely get the sliver Slugger no question and the Gold glove easy but since him and Prince are on the same team they take votes away from each other. I DONT UNDERSTAND YOU BASEBALL WRITERS OF AMERICA!
   Lets face it if Albert Pujols can swing a bat he will always be a treat to win the Mvp. Never hitting under 35 home runs in his whole career the Machine is just well a Machine. Sadly he wont make the playoffs this year. But if the Cards make a push and He leads the Charge he will get heavy consideration and just sneak away with it. Plus this dude is going to get paid in the off season.

MVP Winner= Prince Fielder.

C.Y Young
Ian Kennedy, Clayton Kershaw, Roy Halladay, and Cliff Lee

 What a surprise Kennedy has been for those upstart D-backs?  He has 18 wins and a 2.96 era this in his second full season as a starter. I know a lot of Yankees fans are kicking themselves over this trade. But relax morons. He is a born N.L pitcher. Low 90's fastball and pin point control he had no place in the AL Ian will be lead this whole new pitching dog fight out west. So now every team out west has great pitching but this year  If Kennedy wins he will be the first west pitcher to actually deserve it . Thats right Lincecum is a clown. Take that Williamsburg.
  Clayton Kershaw is just like Matt Kemp. In a season in the shitter these two guys have been the biggest sparkles in this glittered up turd called the Dodgers 2011 season.  With 17 wins 2.45 era and 222 k's the young lefty kind of reminds Dodgers fans of another hard throwing lefty. Yes, thats right Orel Herisher. He has a very long shot to win because he is on a shitty team and has no real coverage. Its all about the D-backs, Phillies, and Giants for some reason.
   Roy Halladay is my dude and I hate it so much. He has been a beast since leaving the Great white north and landing in the tooth pick league.  16 and 5 with a 2.49 and 195 k's Roy has put up another great season on his 6 year contract. I mean he is just so good and the fact he is  out of the Yankees and Red Sox division just shows how good he really is. Well, He'll be cutting up uninsured jerks  all october until him and the next guy get beaten by the dark horse Kanas City Royals who will win every game from now until the World series. Ok I know I know total bullshit but It will probably be the Philadildos and the Red Sox or the Yankees.
   Cliff Lee taking less money in the  off season was the smartest move. Has been so dominate this year. Again. But like Prince and Braun, Curtis and Cano, and Carpenter and Wainwright were in 2009 teammates are the worst thing for a player trying to win a title. 16 wins 2.47 and another 200 k season. Lee will probably do just fine for his career so don't you worry if he doesn't win.
C.Y. Young winner= Ian Kennedy

Rookie of the Year
Craig Krimbel, Freddie Freeman,Danny Espinosa and Vance Worely

   Craig Krimbel is going to win this award hands down. He has 42 saves the other guys are just there to fill out the ballot.
  Freddie Freeman the Braves first basemen who has really just done a great job this year but he kind of looks like the dude who played Beast  in X-men First Class. 18 pops 64 rbis and .291 avg Freeman was all that and a bag of potato Chips for the Braves so its a good second or third place in the votes.
  Danny Espinosa has 19 blasts and like 80 rbis. Espinosa has had a great season. So there isn't really much to say that. I mean I also can say Justin Turner and Lucas Duda had a chance of winning .
   Vance Worely is really the only true contender for the title.  For a rookie on the best team in baseball having 10 wins and a 2.85 era and around 90 k's him and Dillion Gee  have both have been great for their teams but Worely has been better. He has been the 5th ace for this team of Aces.

Rookie of the Year winner= Lucas Duda ... Craig Krimbel lets not be assholes.

  Now the fun part .... The Gold Glove candidates!
1b- Todd Helton or Joey Votto- Votto will likely win because he is nasty but Helton has only 3 errors on the year so the winner will be Pujols. Like I said if Pujols is around he will win
2b- Orlando Hudson or Niel Walker or Omar Infante- Hudson should win but he has missed a lot of games and his team is awful. Walker was on the darlings of the start of the season and he only 6 errors but Infante is solid too. Winner Omar Infante.
3b- Placido Polanco- Chipper Jones-  Well both of these guys have low errors and have been pretty good but hurt on and off all year. There is no real good candidate this year all the big names have been on the D.L this year. So I'll take it.
SS-Tulo and J-Roll- Tulo will win this year because he is beloved by press. But so is J-Roll just that Tulo has the better the fielding %. So Tulo will win easy.
Of-Andre Either, Shane Victorino, Ryan Braun, and Ryan Braun- All these guys have  been vacuums out there . But Honestly the Outfield selection is a crap shoot there are so many guys who have played so well this year. Though these are the guys I think will get it.

  Holy shit I finished this post before 3 am. Sound the Fucking Horns!!!!!  I am so happy Football has like 3 of these awards and there is no golden helmet or what ever it would be ... Oh fuck there are like 6  awards and two leagues. I can't win.

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