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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Holy shit I just had a terrifying dream

       Dude you don't understand what just flashed through my mind tonight.  So after watching the Mets just own the fuck out of the Phillies  in a day night double header. A scary thought  came through my brain and it shook me to my core. Like seeing something disturbing  shook.

   OK so here it is. How much money do the Phillies actually have?  This offseason showed us that Philidelphia sports teams have no problem getting that one big time free agent to put them over the edge and that ruins everyones life. Wether its Cliff Lee or  Nnamdi Asomugha just  fucking things up for everyone. So this was the thought. Ok so let say the Phillies get bounced again in the second round or the Series.  I highly doubt they will keep Palcido Palonco  due to his age and his declining  skills.  So when free agency come around what are the chances of the Phillies opening up that big red check book and throwing down a fat check at ..... Albert Pujols. Holy shit did I just blow all your collective minds , I think I did.

     Is it really that far off to think that could happen. It's not like we havent seen a big time star  switch a spot(A-rod/Jeter, Youk/Gonzo,Braun/Mcghee,Soriano/Vidro)  to go to a contender. Albert has played 3rd base a few times this year and he is pretty good and they could always use more righty pop in that line up.

Here check out the line up with The Machine in it
1. Rollins-SS
2. Utley- 2b
3. Pojuls- 3b
4. Howard- 1b
5. Pence-RF
6.Mayberry/Ibanez- Lf
7. Victorino-CF
8. Ruiz- C

     Are you kidding me look at that with Halladay, Lee, Oswaltt, and Hammels they lock down that bullpen up and boom the Douche Dynasty is born.

    Let that sit in your brain caverns for a few days and when Albert goes out to test the free agent waters and those Phantics get a taste for blood. Crazier shit has happened man and Philly is all about being dicks at the last minute.

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