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Friday, September 16, 2011

I can't really come up with something good about football/baseball so ... Round 3 of reviews ... Conviction

   Right so like the title said I am blanking on sports right now. I have a day off tomorrow from both jobs  in which I  burnt my self out going balls out for the last few weeks of the summer and the start of September so in October I can chill ass and watch football, the playoffs and drink for my b-day because nothing says turning 26 like taking it easy.

    So after I came in from work this afternoon I took a quick nap a long shower and some well lets just say "me time". So when  came back down to the lair to watch the recaps and Its always sunny and Archer because the Office and Community with my favorite Alison Brie doesn't start showing new episodes until next week so I decide to watch a little HBO again to see whats the haps is . So hbo is showing the movie called Conviction staring  The next karate kid Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell whois one of my top 5 favorite actors. He is always in solid features so I was about 75% into this movie.

   OK I am going to be honest I must have turned it on like a half an hour in but I go the gist of the story. So Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell are latch key kids from southie  I take it from their piss pawr  basston  accents which are ridicules to say the least. But Hilary and Sam are brother and sister named Kenny and Betty Ann Waters. Which is Shanty to start?  So Kenny is convicted of murdering some bitch back in 83 and the evidence is heavy in favor of him killing this lady. The verdict comes down as guilty and he is sentenced to life with no parole. Betty Ann is shook he husband and new babies are all like WTf bro.
    The movie starts jumping around like fucking crazy. Its now 10 years later and we can tell my the lines on Swanks face and over the years she was learning to be a lawyer so she could free him. But apparently Shit got too much for her dumb struck husband so he bounced because Betty Ann couldn't go fishing so he left her and then became some sort of All-star in his new swanky pad and land rover in the driveway. So It clips through her at school and her visiting kenny in jail and he is starting to look like an elder James Headfield  from Metallica.
     So The best parts are the visits to prison.  Each time it's a one of two ways. 1 they are super hype and high fiving   like it's the fucking super bowl or something, or it's the worst day in the world kicking and screaming punching guards like it was his job. On one of the visits a guard said "No Touching" and Rockwell and the guard look at each other like they know.
    But since the conviction Betty Ann has been really working to find something that will help bring up another case which by the way there has been multiple cases in the background which the viewer has no idea happened until they kind of mention it. Now here and her friend Minnie Driver who is like  what seems to be a sancho ponza  type character or a common sense Robin to Swanks Batman. So they manage to pass the bar and get hooked up with Chuck Cedar of all people who plays like this lawyer who  specializes in Dna evidence.
   So the whole gang hits the streets with piss and vinegar knocking down doors and punching old ladies in the sagging boobs.  Honestly at this point I hit the bathroom because dinner was not sitting well with me so I missed a few key points of the end of the Movie. But They overturned the ruling because some bitches back in the day lied. So now lickity  spilt he's out of jail and it's a happy ending.

      Honestly this movie had me on the edge of being really mad.  Not because the story was bad, It wasn't at all I mean it's a touching story of how far someone would go for their family and this seemed like a lot of work so I am not mad at that. I am just mad that 45% of the story was ripped out of it. I almost feel like there is a better movie somewhere waiting for me to watch with the same story  and cast and everything. I am just so incomplete right now and it's really upsetting I think I am going to cry about it .... Wait No I am not because I spent half the movie in the bathroom praying that  my last post said "Cheesy north" so I wasn't 100% focused on what was going on so I guess this was really pointless I am trying to get my mind cleared so I can re cap some football and whatever.


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