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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Its just about that time....

     So today feels like the first real day of the fall. I know its going  to be on September 21 or whatever. But today  had that feel that we are on the precipice of the post season so lets make so ridiculous predictions on award winners. Sounds like a great time ? Since M.D and I got in to an argument over the effect of a lineup on a players batting average. It got heated.

      Ok so lets break it down in so categories. Oh yeah Today is just The AL.

Mvp, Rookie of the year, cy young and gold glove those are the categories so lets start this shit so I can go to bed.

 Mvp Candidates
A.l- Curtis Granderson, Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Verlander, Robinson Cano, and Jose Bautista
  Each one of these players are having great years for their teams. Gonzo leads the league in average and has over 100 rbis but he wont claim the crown. He is good but he hasn't been that driving force for the Sox this year. Yes the sox  are always fighting for the top spot in the east. With out Gonzo's numbers they would still be a top team they are just that good  He'll definetly win the sliver slugger but El Hombre will not get the golden taco. I am just trying to throw in some funny to the post since I haven't been funny since ...ever.
   Justin Verlander might be the best choice for the Mvp in my opinion. Verlander has been smokin clowns all season. Right now he has 21 wins , 224 k's and has single handedly shit on what M.D said about the tigers. I feel bad for whatever team has to face him twice in a playoff series. Thank God I am a mets fan so I don't have to feel the sting of a Verlander domination, just curshing defeat.
   Jose Bautista has 40 home runs. Thats it. In an offense driven league  he is king right now.
   Granderson and Cano the Yankees lefty power houses. This is why rent is so high in New york. With wreckers like these the Yankees paved their way to another playoff berth with the sweet swing of these to dudes. Along with Tex and  crew the Yankees have really step into the golden shit pile. Grandy has 38 homers and over a 100 rbis. Yeah he's batting  under .275 but he has the power numbers and thats all that matters. This dude has really turned his shit up from last year. With that new swing ( two hands through the zone kids) He held up the Yankees through the slumps of Jeter, Arod, and even Cano.
   Cano Has turned his shit up to eleven in after the derby. Breaking the mold of past champs who fizzle Cano has busted out like a champ. .307 24 and 105 Cano has been fire burning up the dance floor, whoa. The biggest problem is since Cano and Granderson play on the same team they take votes away from each other. I don't get it either but that how this shit works.

MVP winner- Curtis Granderson

(yes they are the Mets Rookies)
 Rookie of the year
Jeremy Hellickson, J.P Arencbia , Eric Hosmer, Mark Trumbo

  You might ask who the Hell is Jeremy Hellickson?  Well he is the Rays stud # 3 pitcher for the next couple of years. Right now he is 12-10 with a 2. 90 era and 105 strikeouts. I know Nova on the Yankees has been a bit better but he plays on a better line up and has been sent down for no reason but he was sent down. But Hellickson has been steadfast and tough all year.
  My dude J.P Arencbia. He is batting .218 which is shit, has a .279 obs which is shit and has 118 strike out which leads all rookies. Sounds like  a great season . But check this out he has 20 homers and 66 rbis. The press thinks of this guy is the next Joe Mauer so he has that edge going for you and a young catcher who can hit and have two of his pitcher with more then 10 wins and have a great report with the whole pitching staff means more so he can get some votes.
  The Hos is the truth. Eric Hosmer has 15 bangs , 65 ducks in  and a .287 avg. He is a bright spot in the Royals future. Plus is solid defensivly so that makes his case for the Roy.
  Mark Trumbo is the guy who deserves it but wont get it.  26 dingers, 80 ducks,  8 stolen bases for a first basemen is huge and .258  average.  The reason why he wont get it is because the Angels are in second place and he wasn't even their top prospect. The hype all spring and summer was Mickey Mantel the sequel Mike Trout who hasn't failed but no one expected Trumbo. Came in because Morales leg still hasn't fully healed from is exercise in awesomeness.  Trumbo can crush but he hasn't go the spotlight.

Rookie of the Year- Eric Hosmer

Cy Young
Justin Verlander, C.C Sabthia, Josh Beckett, Jared Weaver and James Shields

  Like I said before Verlander is smoking fools everyday. So  see MVP reasons

    C.C. Sabthia is the only rock on the Yankees right now. The success or the Yankees rest souly on how far the Left arm of the Big man can take them. He might have to pitch 3 games in each series because of loads of crap the Yankees have after him. 19-7 2.97 and 211 k's. He is the true meaning of the word Ace. He wins when he has to. So Cy might be in his trophy case next to the 09 world series ring ,07 Cy young, and the Nathan's hot dog eating  championship belt for all time champ.
      Josh Beckett has really done the same thing as Sabthia. He is tied in era with 2.49 with Weaver and has 155 k's with a 12-5 record. Sadly Beckett will not win and it's an easy explanation. His innings are low he is  hurt now so it could effect him in the long run and also he has 12 wins which isn't even the best on his own team . Now you might be like King Felix had a low win and a high loss total last year. Yeah well his team was shit and he had like a 2.50 era or some crap like that. But Beckett has to compete with C.C and Verlander and if I listed him 3rd thats being nice.
      Jared Weaver  the Los Angeles of Anaheim of California of theWest coast of the  United States of America  Angels. Weaver started out like hot fire. He was the first to like 9 wins and then he started to All star game and then have kinda fizzled out. He fizzled out like Wayne Greskty  fizzled out when he played for the rangers. He still was great but not as dominate as before.  2.49, 16-7 and 176 k's. He has to hope for C.C to crash out for his next 4 starts to even get close to Verlander.  If Jared could stay strong through out the 2012 season he will most likely win the Cy young.
  Big Game James. Why is he in the discussion? 10 complete games. He is dialing it back to 1968 when Bob Gibson straight up owned shoppe.  Shields has a 2.77 era a 14-10 record and has 205 k's so he has the stats and has the innings. But what doesn't he has? Curtis Granderson and Robinson Cano

C.Y. Young-C.C Sabthia- Its tough to say no to a guy who is going to carry the best offense to another ring. I feel the hate pouring down.  But really it's going to be Verlander.

Gold Gloves. I am just going to put the winners down with really no explanation  because there are 10 winners and I have said enough.
1b-Mark Teixeria or Casey Kocthman but it will be Tex
2b-Robinson Cano or Dustin Pedoria - Peedy has 5 errors to Cano's 9 . But seriously how smooth is Cano in the Field. Winner eeehh Pedoria. Another screw job for Cano
3b-Kevin Youkilis  or Adrian Beltre - Both have been on the Dl for an extended period of time. Both of these guys are not the best fielding 3rd basemen but they are both starters. Jack Hannahan  of the big Cleve has a .982 fielding percentage which is the best but he has been displaced by the big prospect Chisenhall so he loses out on that .
SS-Asdrubal Cabrera- If this guy doesn't get the gold glove someone has to be killed. This guy is a web gem in the flesh. He can take a shit and it will be a top 10 play on sportscenter .
Of-Jacoby Elsbury, Nick Markakis  , Alex Gordon and Nick Swisher-Let me explain. Elsbury , Markakis  and Swish all have 0 errors out there. Seriously look it up bro. Swish is perfect out there and the purpose of the gold glove is to award the best fielders in their positions and nothing says the best then 0 errors. I know crazy Nick Swisher wins a gold glove. Alex Gordon has 20 outfield assists which is really good for a converted 3rd basemen.

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