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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just in time for week 2 its a recap of week 1... Hindsight is 20/20 and thats pretty good


 With Week two rapidly approaching and Week one so far in the rear view. The fans have been assaulted with the asinine ramblings of NFL Playoff talk. All ready Its unreal. Seriously last few days driving to and from work I heard at least  5 different shows talking about the playoff implications of week 1.  Are you kidding me no one takes week one seriously.

    To me the first week of any season is like the first real week of school. Yeah you might of done some summer classes to get you some extra credit or the girl you have a crush on made you take the class because she "wanted" to spend more time with you but really she only told you to take the class because she can cheat off you so you both can pass and when you do pass the final you get to walk home with her and her new boyfriend who's in college and he happens to be the vice president of his frat called Date Rape Omega or what ever.  But who really cares about week one ? Its super lame and in no why going to make promises it can't keep...… Sorry elementary school was tough for me.

  SO lets recap what happened in week one.

Houston Texans V. Indianapolis Colts-So have thought to your self what
Would the world be like without Peyton Manning? Well, thats pretty much what would happen. A total disaster on both fronts by the Colts. Now the Texans are flying high because the one thing that stood in their way of making the playoffs were the Colts, their shitty defense, they're historically bad offensive line, their coach making bone head calls , and any post season experience...… So Maybe the other Texas team can be something this year. The Texans play the Dolphins 4:15 and the Colts play the Browns 1p.

The New York Football Giants V. Washington Redskins-I am so disappointed in what I saw in this game. Rex Grossman treat the G-men like he treats buffalo wings.... He's fat. It started out ok a 7-7 tie through out the first and well I was working so I caught small samplings of this game. But It goes to show you If you say you should be looked at as one of the best the best thing you can do the first chance you get  is to show you are better then advertised. The Redskins play  the Cardinals at 1p and the Giants play the beat up Rams on monday night. So maybe these two walking wounded teams can I don't know trip over their bandages  .

 The Green Bay Packers v The New Orleans Saints-the Battle of former Champions... This thursday night battle exceeded the shitty hype. These two sluggers came out and put a whoopin' on each other. 34-42 thats pretty good for two teams that wont make it to the third round of the playoffs this  year. OH shit did I just blow you mind with not hopping on their dicks? Look out world I am the lone outsider thinking that these teams are pretty shitty . The Packers face Cam and his Panthers at 1 and The birth mark take on the Bears and a motivated Brian Urlacher. Which If I can say  I am sorry to hear about your mother bro, thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Pittsburg Steelers V. Baltimore Ravens-Edgar Allan Poe couldn't have wrote  a scary story for the Steelers to read… Yeah I know that was a weak ass joke. But did you see how hard the Ravens fucked Big Ben. Go ahead make all the sexual assault joke you need to I owe you one. But just all over the joint, 7 turnovers , Ray Rice ran all over the field ( is it just me or is Ray Rice becoming a superstar)?  And Joe Flacco making his presence felt with 3 td's and none of them to Derek Mason breaking the streak of  an over the hill receiver being the # 1 option for a good qb.

 The New York Jets V the Dallas Cowboys-I fucking hate both of these teams. But apparently all my friends and some of my relative are fans of both these teams. It makes me so mad. But what ever the golden Boys took time out of looking in the mirror and once Sanchez got back from dropping off his new girlfriend at day care they strap on the pads and had other people do the work for them. My favorite quote on this whole game was on the Philip Defranco show which isn't sports related at all but he said "  Is there anything more American then Tony Romo  choking in the fourth quarter. Fucking Brilliant. So I guess both these teams will meet up again in the super bowl parking lot as they watch good teams play.  Romo  suck, Sanchez sucks, Rex Ryan is ok , and Derrell Revis  might be the second coming of Ronnie Lott  who I know is a safety but I am not a defense type of guy.

The Detroit Lions V. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers-This is the game that I really wanted to see. These are two young and up and coming  teams in the NFL. The questions are going to be answered this year. Can Stafford stay healthy all year and lead this talented group to the next level, Can Josh Freeman continue his shocking dominance of the NFL in his 3rd year, How many amazing catches will Megaton make this year and am I seriously hype about the Bucs and Lions?  Yeah Buddy , I am excited to watch these two teams all year.  Even though Freeman struggled he should be  click in this year and Stafford seriously if he stays healthy the Pack have something to worry about since the Bears are ok and the Vikings suck so hard. The Lions will play the disappointing Chief at 1 and the Bucs will play the afore mentioned Vikings at 1.

     The New England Patriots V The Miami Dolphins- So much was not made of this long AFL rivalry.  As we all know Tom Brady(Yeah that guy) is pretty good at playing Football.  But who would of thought he would drop 517 yards on the fins. Well pretty much everyone who ever played for the Patriots. See the story isn't really about how good the Pats offense was on monday night. Its the Shit storm Ochocinco got on tuesday from some old school Pats. First  Teddy Bruschi blew up on WEEI, Rodney Harrison blew up on espn radio, and Damian Woody blew up on espn.  All Ocho said was that he was amazed that some one  could drop 517 on well pro athletes as hard as it is to call the Miami Dolphins secondary pros. No one gets it why the hate guys? Are you still chapped about losing super bowl 42? Is it hard for you to know that with the shorter training camp and with the advance system Bellicheck runs it might be tougher for a guy who played for 10 years in a system which was set for idiots( sorry wuhday Nation your really stupid). You might say the rookie tight ends got it and they are new to the league. Yeah they also had april till August to learn Ocho had only end of July to August to get it. So your all a bunch of assholes and you lost the most important super bowl. Plus Patriots Pr group you might need help. Tom Brady Said get lubed and get rowdy etc, well what he meant was have lubey sex with your brazilian model wife.... OH you cant do that then get fucked up and punch Philip Rivers in the dumb mouth. The Pats play the Chargers

   Week 2 should have better results then week 1. Lets hope so because I don't know if I can handle the Giants starting 0-2 with a shitty schedule to start the season . But It feel good to write about Football . I don't know if this is going to be the format but I do like  how I can pick out a few teams and not have to go nuts with all the stats. Oh thank God footballs back.

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