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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh my God I think I finally respect Rex Ryan...Shit

       So if you didn't know I am a Giants fan. I think the recaps of week 1&2 could have proved that if not well I am a Giants fan so a story that has a title that says I respect the Jets Head coach Rex Ryan should come as a shock to the world.

        But today when  I read(Read It!!!!!!) that Rex Ryan basically told Joe Namath to shut his stupid historically overrated mouth up I smiled a bit. Oh what you think Joe Namath is good just because he won a super bowl. Then you should think , Doug Williams, Brad Johnson, Trent Dilfer, Joe Theism, and Eli Manning are hall of famers. The Dude won 1 title and did shit until the end of his career his is barely a hall of famer. And what seems to be the past  like 5 years he has come out of his drunken stupor to shit on whatever the Jets try to do. Now I have laughed at most of what he said because he is a clown and the Jets were playing as such. But since Rex came swashbuckling into the Jets organizations and changed the culture from laughable goons to trash talking assholes who don't take shit from no one. With their two  appearances in the Afc  championship game  in the past two years the Jets have stormed their way back to semi respectability. Since then Namath  has been awfully chatty about how the Jets aren't as good as they think they are. Blah blah blah .  Namath knows if the Jets somehow win the Superbowl with in the next few years the Jets faithful will forget about Ol' Broadway Joe and start praying at the alter of the Sanchize .  So he has been ultra critical about eery Jet loss which since Rex Ryan took over has been only been 15 total losses which isn't that bad.  The Jets are on the move wether we like it or not and its time we all realize it. It hurts so bad to say that these tenants of the Giants new stadium have the best shot of making it to the big show this year. Ugh I feel like I need a shower now. Actually I would prefer the Jets to win it all then the Cowboys, Eagles, and Chargers win it all.  


        So Namath crossed the line this time. Rex  put his foot down this time. Telling Broadway if he wants to see how good the team really is he should stumble his way to Pelham Park and watch his guys prepare for games. Then he ends the fight with a knock out blow of " He's a Jets,and when you're a Jet you're a Jet for life, " No fooling read the article . I paraphrase a lot but this is verbatim  bro.  Oh I can't wait for the old school fans to turn up and start saying how disrespectful Ryan is to the history of the team, and so on I'll here about it from my uncle who is a huge Jets fan... And the younger brasher and well drunker fans will say this is what the Jets needed to stop living in 1969 and realizing that their time is coming very soon. I hate them so much

      Now Heres my take. Yes, Joe Namath is a jackass who would be a 3rd stringer in the league now, and  yes I think Rex Ryan loves to see his name on the back pages. But Ryan's right his team lost to the Raiders who has a sick running back who is a lot tougher  then Frank Gifford.  Namath should just be happy people still know him for being a Quarterback instead of that drunk creep who hit on Suzy Kobler . Joe seriously you have no right to say that this team is not prepared when their defensive scheme is so complex you need a masters in advanced cryptomathatics( I think thats German?)  to understand the cover 2's.  The Jets are  ugh A good team hell  if they beat Buffalo they might be the best team. Frankly no one should ask Joe Namath about how the game is played today they should just ask him about  his career and how he nailed every Rockkett back in 1970. I know my point seems a bit jumbely and I think I have repeated my self plenty of times but now you know how interviews with Namath goes.  What I want you to walk away with is that   I hate the Jets... Fuck 'em let the Old people and young ones eat each other alive .  My cousin Jay is gonna give me shit about that. Oh well  what will I do ?



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