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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Who knew that both Joe Torre and Bud Selig are both giant douches? Oh wait everyone knew that.

    This pat sunday was the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on The World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Around the country we stopped to honor and pay respects to  those who have fallen during the tragedy.

    In the sports world the grandest of tributes were paid all day and night. Wether it was opening day for the NFL or it was game 140 something for the MLB. Each team took the appropriate measures to honor the heros and the fallen of 9/11.

    But something a miss on sunday night.  Normally on the day of 9/11 the New York Mets wear hats to honor the New York civil service members. NyPd, FdNy,Transit, and PaPd hats are donned by the players for that day . Actually I don't know if you remember  back to the games after September 11th the Mets and Yankees both played games wearing these hats. But the Mets I believe were the only team to wear those hats for the rest of the season.

    Why is this a source of concern  ? Well, for the first time in 10 years the MLB offices  banned these hats because they felt that all teams were honoring America equally with flags on their hats and Uniforms. Apparently reports say that Mlb officials actually took the hats away from the players after warmups.

    Ok  heres where you going to get angry. Now ever since he retired last season Joe Torre Fellow NewYorker former  New York Mets and Yankees player and manager. He has been an executive Vp of baseball operations.  This is the part were it gets messy. He said it was Mlb's call to take the hats away from the Mets because it was an Unanimity thing as it says in the article.  It was Bud Selling's call and everyone agreed.

   I am sorry But when has Bud Selig ever had a thought by him self? "Bud" is probably the biggest push over  commissioner in all of sports. As a former owner , oh wait He still owns the Brewers. He Basically agrees with whatever is the popular choice. You think he had no clue on steroids? Bullshit he knew. But I am not mad at him he isn't the one we should be mad at. The person we should be furious with is Joe Torre.

     This guy hands are so dirty in this because its looks bad in 3 ways. The first way is kind of a stretch and I will admit that but  He ok the ban of the hats because it was the Mets not the Yankees. Why would I say that? Look If this order came down and it was for a Yankees home game would he allow it. I mean He is in charge of Baseball operations so it's not like there is someone above him. The person above him is Bud Selig so really Joe was in charge of the call. The second way and I hate to say it and I know I can catch a ton of shit for this and I hope I am wrong. Hell I hope I am wrong on both fronts but I have to say it. But Do you think Joe Torre let this shit happen because he thought it was tacky ? I mean Joe Torre by no means is a flashy guy he barely moved in the dug out when he was a manager. He is every quite and a traditional guy. Did he allow this order because it broke the Uniform code?  Or Joe Torre didn't want to cause a fuss with the suits and possibly lose his job so he'd have to beg Espn  for a job.

     The only reason why I am saying this and the only reason why I find it so hard to believe that he would just let something like this something that is  a way to honor  the heros of the tragedy in a unique way that no other team can because they are not from New York. Is because  he flipped his shit when the Yankees were going to give him a one year 8 million dollar contract. He went on say how good he is and spelt out his resume to anyone who would listen .  So when the Yankees wouldn't budge because they had a plan and a vision but they going to make an exception to keep him for  one year so he can end his career as a Yankee. He said no and book a ticket to  L.A for 3 years.

        So  my reason is Joe will stand up for what he thinks is right , what he thinks is just , and what he thinks will help out himself and anyone he likes. Joe Torre let everyone down. Your choice Joe Torre is a Coward or Joe Torre is a prick your call I think he is a prick. There is no such thing as  honoring too much.  Fuck every other team let the New York teams who are playing in New York those days  honor the crap out of that day because it still wouldn't be enough.

      I would like to take this time at the end of this post to say to all those who have lost, worked, and were affected in some way by the events on 9/11 that my thoughts and prayers along with billions of other peoples . You are never alone and you can lean on us because we leaned on you when we didn't know what to do. Thank you So much for everything you have done.

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