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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who is going to wear the Black Hat in the Playoff aka The Brewers are turning in to huge tools

( I still can't get over this picture its so creepy) 

   I got in pretty late from work tonight and I was contemplating even writing tonight and just crushing it thursday,Friday and Saturday with maybe two posts each of those days, Whoa holy shit did I just say 6 posts in 3 days lets slow it down... Any way back to my point. So the playoffs are rapidly approaching and the first team took their place as the #1 seed. Surprise the Phillies  with their 10000000-5 win loss record this year. Now they wait to see who is next and the next to clinch should be the Brewers.

    To start the year the Brewers were a cool pick to win the division. The Cards were getting older and their ace went down and had to get Tommy John, The Reds looked ok but did not really add anything to push them over the hump, The Pirates shot out the gate like hot fire and captivate the nation with the eh starry eyed hopes of a season over .500 to have them be dashed by a shitty post all star break, The Cubs  doing just enough not to be out right terrible, and The Astros doing just enough to be down right terrible. The Brew crew slugged and pitched their way up the ranking with their 3-4 punch of Braun and Fielder and newly acquired Zach Grineke looking to get back to his C.Y young form and Shaun Marcum  who's beard rivals only Chuck Norris's. Broke out in like mid june running up and showing the old favorite cardinals that there is a new honcho in town and his name is Tony Plush. Who took the torch of the biggest personality in the national league.

     But as the season winds down the Brewers are showing some cracks in this fun loving bunch of characters who seemed to be the underdogs to the power house Phillies. T-plush antics have be come over whelming and now have become clownish and annoying.The problem with what  Tony Gumbo antics in comparison with Wilson's  is that the bearded ones antics came after wins that he locked down. This fight with Chris Carpenter and his tweets about Albert Pujols  and calling him a girl is not a smart move. The last thing the Brewers need is a a motivated Cardinals team full of veterans who are looking to shut this young team up.
   Now  we see that mid season acquisition  and Tap-out shirt wearing senior fighter K-Rod is now mad that all the save chances are going to Closer John Axford.  So he is stewing out in the bullpen there as Bernie  is creepy out on cheese filled soccer moms.  So if you live in Cheesey North area and are over the age of 60 I would go to the last few game with an air of cation.
    And now Prince Fielder who is having a break out year on his contract year ( Shocker) is saying that this will be his last season in the Walkie. This is not good buddy. What is going on up there these days it's not good? The  fact they are 4-6 in their last 10 and the Cards have won 7 out of 10 and are now 5.5 games back this is the time were a playoff bound team puts their individual shit to the curb and focus up.

  It's going to be so hard to root for these guys down the stretch because it feel like they don't deserve it like they almost think they have won it all when they have yet to see anywhere  outside of the second round since Robin Yount's  mustache called Nancy Reagan a hot piece off good ol' American ass(I tried to find the one where they were at the club and the dude said grade a ass but youtube let me down). And really the The Cards have the best shot o over taking the Brewers because they play the all ready clinched phillies , the Mets who are about to be 4 game swept by the Nationals(some times I just don't know), and they finish it out with 6 against the Cubs and Astros who are using Wiffle  ball bats nowadays. The Crew as the Reds,cubs, Pirates and Marlins coming up. Now I know I cracked wise about the Cubs and the Astros no more then 50 words ago but last place teams in the last 2 weeks of the season are going to be the toughest test for any contender. They have absolutely nothing to lose they are going to go balls out to try to fuck up your standings. If the  Crew and Cards are 2 games out going into the last 3 games this season the Pirates (Crew) and the ( Astros) are going to do everything they possibly can to run shoppe on these  guys.  The only goal these team have in mind is to shut up Nyjer Morgan(Tony Plush, Gumbo, T-plush, Douche Face Killa ).
    So with September slowly winding down  and the games becoming more and more important for both these central based teams. Which one will have the stomach to tough it out?  If the Brewers make it with all of these problems will you still consider them the dark horse favorite?  The egos and  the bitching and the Social anxiety of their Ace who has never pitched on a game that has been aired on anything but local coverage. Can the Brewer recapture the magic they had only 2 short months ago or are they just another collection of assholes who everyone wants to crash and burn?

    All those questions and more to be answered in the next 2 weeks. Talk to you tomorrow.

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