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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why do modern day athletes have no money ? Swagga aint Cheap homie

  This is a strange week for me. I actually want to write about real shit instead of  the Top 10 famous women would laugh at the sight of my basketball shorts/fitted hats collection.  But I just read on Yahoo the Terrell Owens is having money trouble. Which is terrible for him and I wish him all the luck in the world because his football career is over but he could have a career in broadcasting since guys like Keyshawn Johnson, Shannon Sharpe, Terry Bradshaw, and Matt Milen all have jobs spitting shit out of there mouths?

  We are not really here to talk about T.O's future on some shitty pre game show. After reading this article I started to think about whats been going on with some pro athletes.

    During the NFL lockout in the spring we heard , well I heard because all I had on in my car was sports radio because I hate this new fangled pop music that the kids are listening to. But reporters would come out and say how the lock out needed to end so that these players would  go broke in their time off. When the NBA locked up the reporters made the same claims. The Players will go broke without the steady stream of income. Thats how normal people who make minimum wage or a salary go broke. But when you sign a 2 year 10 million dollar contract that 4 million is guaranteed and have a signing bonus of 2 million  that a pretty big egg to crack.

     Look I am not going to say I  know the intricacies of how the big money contracts work or how people spend that cash. But  if someone gave me 10 million dollars and told me to live for a few month
I think I can make it with at least 3 million to spare.

  Heres the check list
1. A nice sized  House with a backyard-no loans or shit  since I got that green to pay those fees , Tv, Internet, Phone and maid service. 2 million
2. 4x Flat screen t.vs-I don't need the best of brands just good ones I'll hit up Walmart and still spend under 5 g's
3. Car-Nothing real fancy. Maybe a charger or Truck something with pick up  along with gas lets say 500k
4. New Clothes- Gotta  be fresh when I peacock it out . 200 k.
5. Social life-  Mo  money mo problems, hitting up the nicest of places. Serious note  my friends  are laughing because the nicest of places for me is any place that allows me to wear a hat and has irish nachos and Bud on tap.500 dollars a month.( 3 months)
6. A stock broker  and the phone number to the S.E.C or what ever government entity watches these dudes. Let my money grow.  Put in like 40,000 and let it grow. Put some in a savings account.

  So lets add it up
 + 1,500
2,746,000 so that me around 7 million for walking around money.

  Now this is for just me I am not including girlfriends, childrens, my boyz and bling. Because swagga anit cheap.

   Listen this budget thing is probably  crap to start with because if someone gave me 10 million dollars right now for doing something I am good at which obviously not writing.
    But if athletes were better with their money and smarter with what they do off the court they should have no problem holding on to the Millions they have collected over their career. Though it's amazing how it's only the big money athletes  have the hardest of falls.  You never here guys in single-A of the D-leagues crashing out and having terrible credit. I know its because of the name but really it happens through out the system. This is Why the NCAA has to crack down and really put the  hammer down on student athletes. They shouldn't be taking classes like advance thermonuclear chemistry or Logic sets and theories of the Kennedy assasintion. But they should be taking classes like money management, speech and secondary career skills. Sorry about that rant but I am sick and tired of watching interview of athletes who went to better colleges then me and got a way better degree make asses of them selves when someone puts a microphone in fornt of their face.
  The whole thing is they need to be smarter with their money. Take care of what you need to. If my family and close friends need help I'll help. If some long lost cousin or "kid 'that could be mine or my dudes buddies need money they can go fuck them selves. This ends the chapter of me trying to be a real journalist.

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