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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yankees clinch the east is anyone really surprised?

   To answer the question I just asked. No ,no one is surprised. The only thing that people are surprised about is that both Wild card leaders are competing with each other to see who can pretend to be the 07 08 Mets. Well, looks like both of these two huge disappointments are going to crumble.

       I find it funny that Boston fans still think they have a clear shot at the playoff because the Rays  have lost  3 against the Yankees. The problem is Boston just because the Yankees beat the team that is on your ass doesn't mean you can make it in. The Los Angeles Of California of western United States of California adventure  Disneyland( Yeah I can't believe this shit was real either, I don't know if they added the Mickey ears bit it was a brilliant add. Sudden racism and selling sex to your kids thats the Disney way... Heads up I might be through in gitmo now) of Anaheim  Angels are burning it up. Just because the Rays have lost a step this week doesn't mean shit. Both the Angels and the Rays are 2.5 back on the Red Sox. Now if  the season ends with a tie and the Red sox somehow manage to hang on to the wild card due to some strange 4 game win streak that starts up against the Yankees and either the Rays or the Angels continue to gain ground and force the ever so popular one game playoff . The Red Sox have to prayer to what ever God they have prayed to before that has  made Marco Scutaro  a serviceable major league short stop,  they have to hope that The Angels are the team they face. If you don't know the Red Sox have historically Slapped around the Angels even back when they were just the California Angels.  But if the Red Sox draw the Rays who are they going to put out on the mound? Seriously who on the Red Sox right now can win them that one game? Lester, Beckett, Wakefield?  The addition of Eric Bedard blew up in their face. Though you could've seen that shit for miles away the guy has no heart anymore, when he takes the mound he just look like he wants to be somewhere else. Its like once he left the O's he took a shit on his career he couldn't hack it up in Seattle and they haven't been relevant since Bill Clinton was stuffing fat chicks in the White House.  If the Red sox somehow stumble in to the playoff they will be playing on borrowed time. I hate to say it because I think Boston's a cool town full of cool people but do they seriously think they stand a chance against teams like Detroit , Texas and if they get past them the Yankees.  Can their bullpen hold a lead? Can their offense out slug everyone else in a 7 game series? There is no way man. No fucking way. Boston gets hot. Seriously start it up .

   The other team  that is just making me laugh really hard in my laz-e-boy. Is the Atlanta Braves?  Oh man it feels good to see a team that has rightly beaten the balls off my Mets for the past oh lets say 15 years.  The Braves are falling harder then the Red Sox and the thing is there are better team on their ass. The Cards and Giants are on unbelievable hot streaks while the Braves have hit a terrible cold streak. The Cards are like I said are highly motivated to break in and fuck the brewers up on that big stage and now those damn dirty hipster out in San Fran have found out that people will think they are too main stream being out of the playoffs or whatever but that has light a fire under their asses and have been burning it down lately. The only real difference is between Boston and Atlanta is Atl  has better pitching. They have four to five studs in that rotation and  3 horses in the pen. Hanson is on the comeback trail and should be well rested if they get into the playoffs. Do I wish  the Bravos luck... eeeh  I don't think so because the team to be the world shakers are the D-Backs

   The last week is upon us are we ready for it? I am sorry this wasn't a long as many of the other one I have written in the Past but they have this 10 year Hard Knocks thing on HBo and I am like split minding it right now. Damn You football season for being so good. Oh yeah also its the WNBA playoff... I guess thats still a real thing. Do women watch the WNBA ? Would anyone care if they went on strike? and Does anyone care ?


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