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Thursday, September 29, 2011

over 8 games up and ...... Collapse !!!!!


     Do you remember the episode of the Simpsons when Bart  goes to Nelson's  birthday part and no one is there and then Nelson thinks Bart is his best friend and it has that stalker vibe until Bart starts to see the plus side of that friendship. Well,  "Ah Oh do I hear a Dial tone this party is off the hook".... Welcome to the Collapse club Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox. We have been waiting for a while for someone to show up to our yearly party and this year we were lucky that two of you showed up what are the odds.... It's not that kind of site. But  its this kind of site.

      This paragraph is for the 1 or 2 Braves fans that still or can read. Your collapse  was the one I wanted to see the most. Granted I did say you have to win it all soon so Chipper can retire a champion and get his life time supply of Hooters wings. But you guys had the biggest collapse in the history of the Wild card era. Yes, my Sonic eating,three teeth having, sprawling mansion living , very nice airport having  rubes.   Over working your young bullpen to the point when every time the best statistical closer this season came in for the save he failed miserably. The Braves really tried so hard to lose every game. Only seeming to beat the Mets but they got flat out  fucked by every team that they faced. They we're not as luck as the Red Sox in the fact that the team behind them wasn't hitting the brakes .Like I have said in post past The St. Louis Cardinals were not going to stop until they shut Nyjer Morgan the fuck  up. The Braves might be the only team to prosper from their epic collapse. Since the Braves have a ranging core of Veterans and  young talent that can take this and use it to their advantage. Jason Heyward had the  a rough sophomore slump where he found out that pitchers don't like giving up home runs to some young kid who replaced strike out enthusiast Matt Diaz. But With Larry on his last legs, Uggla only doing bicep workout and that young bullpen now seasoned the Bravos will probably get another big arm pitcher to replace Derek Lowe when they trade him to the Minnesota Twins for some over rated prospect like Joe Mauer . I think his brother plays for their farm system. Derek Lowe for Randell Mauer, I think thats his name?

        Now this brings me to the main attraction. The Boston Red Sox, Oh man 7-20 in september and none of those wins were consecutive.  Unfortunately  their collapse might not be as fruitful as the Braves. Why you ask? There are some to a cuckold   similarities  between the Red Sox and The Mets. Don't believe me well lets look at it in list form.

1.  Over priced free agents not really panning out-Carl Crawford and Tom Glassine: I know its a huge stretch but The Mets got Glassine from the rival Braves to lock up the top half of their rotation. Like how the Sox got Crawford from the rival Braves to have a speedy and strong offense.

2.  The Bullpen Falling apart when september arrived-Aaron Heilman was supposed to be our Icy setup man who  can come into the eighth inning and set it up perfectly for Billy   but in 08 his 3.40 average ERA ballooned to 5.21 and which spelled the end of Heinemann's career as a Met.  Matt Albers, Daniel Bard,  Dan Wheeler ineffectiveness late in the season  and the over use of Alfredo Aceves who threw over 100 innings with only four starts so that could only be 20 innings not from the bullpen.

3.    The manager and GM are bigger then the team -  When Willie and Omar started to disagree some time in 2007 after Omar fired hitting coach Rick Downs  since Willie was giving the latin players shit about being to boastful and celebrating too much, So after Willie's dude got the axe Willie went after the one guy on the team who was hand picked by Omar to be a leader by cutting Julio Franco. Now nothing has happened yet with Francona and Epstein but you can all most feel the fracturing of their relationship since its been 2 years since the last time the Red Sox made it past September 30th.  With bad moves like John Lackey and Carl Crawford bringing down the whole  Red Sox workman like rep (two guys getting paid big money and doing dick for it) another bad move and these two will be fight on twitter by  the First Yankees series in 2012.

4.  Blowing an 8 game lead in the last month of the season-I don't know how long I can tap dance around it. The Mets blew a 7 game lead with 17 left to play yes it was humiliating seeing a good team crumble against weak matchups . But Boston had the division lead going into the end of August and they gave it away. They stopped being dominate like how they were after their 0-10 start.  The Mets totally sucked and were left looking like assholes by the end of the month in both 07 and 08. Now It's the Red Sox who are left shaking their heads and asking them selfs why.

Bonus*  The one guy who seemed like the emotional leader and the Verbal badass will become an outcast from the shot callers in the organization but not the fans-Paul  Leduc  and Dustin Peoria . These two  guys are both fan favorites and have a mind of their own. LoDuca   said " I am a 36 year old catcher so this might be my last chance to win and we have a good team," and Pedoria has said " Laser show" so  really I don't think these two are the same because of age and positions that they play but who really knows what went on behind closed doors, who knows what they said. All I know is that Pauly was out there every night busting his ass to pick up under 21 year old chicks at Long Island bars.

       There will be a lot of questions to answer for both these teams going into 2012 . Last night was unreal if you were a baseball fan. 2 extra inning games that one was a walk off and the other was a deathblow, an absolute drumming by the Cardinals and a Rain delayed disaster for an elite closer. The Fact that the yankees gave up a 7 run lead in 2 innings just unreal. I was watching three of the 4 games at my house. My Brother who is now nicknamed the Big Q was watching the end of both the Red Sox and the Rays game. Even he was stunned with the outcome and he doesn't really care for baseball. But seriously if you knew the story of why these games were important and watched the outcome  you would be moved to watch some of the playoffs.

   And Now Fucking Dateline is acting like they now whats what about baseball. Like this nerd ass writer ever played real baseball before. Listen to this shit his keys to success : Practice under Pressure like the Military, Forget about playing bad, and Remember the good times of winning. Good Fucking reporting Douche nozzle  where did you go to college Joe Morgan's school of broadcasting.  Way to go Fuck Knuckle way to make you dad  proud now that you talked about sports. Now when he talks to his friends at the Rusty Cornhole  he can actually tell them what you really do. So Welcome guys to the Late season Collapse club meetings are generally held on tuesdays at 9 but you can stay in good standings well you know how.


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