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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Did Terry Francona read the Phantom ballplayer?

     Remember like what was it last week when the Red sox totally shat the bed and blew an 8 game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays and replaced the Mets as the worst collapse ever. Last week   I wrote something like how Terry and Theo will start being dicks to each other and basically cause a huge fracture in the Red Sox basically leading to someone losing their job.... Well, the Phantom spot light strikes again, and I am sooooo  sorry .

    Not the reaction you'd expect from a New yorker but I feel like this is my fault somehow. You see since Terry is obvious a reader of the Phantom and he has used it to motivate his team after they started out 0-10 , then to make them run town on the Yankees for at least the first 100 match ups this season. But when Terry checked in to his favorite blog and read his favorite bloggers  daily or every two days or maybe he was looking for the Week 3 recap. But instead of well written jokes, insanely in depth analysis of baseball and football, and basic over all awesomeness, no  not that time  he saw the list where I said they would start a twitter fight and I guess he had a flash into future and did not like what he saw. He left the Red Sox  a good 18 hours after I posted.

     Look I am not going to say I am a Huge red sox supporter and frankly the whole  Red Sox- Yankees  rivalry is  out played  and not the best rivalry in baseball anymore. But I do like Tito he is a good manager and he can get the most from his team. No one thought Pedoria was going to be good but with the little guys drive, hustle ,softball swing and Tito's tutelage Pedoria  is an MVP.  Last year it seemed that every good player on the Red Sox got hurt for an exceedingly long time and he had to compete with just minor leaguers like Darnell McDonald, Ryan Kaliseh  and Jeffy  Double-A to play up to the standards of the Nation. They ended in 3rd place because Toronto and Baltimore aren't good at all. Tito is good stock man, He is the only Red Sox manager to win two World Series.

   Tito has plans of managing again and likely he will get a job offer with in the first 5 minutes of open talks. Now the fun part comes up . Which team will land this bald eagle, which team has the talent that can lure one of the smartest managers in the game to their franchise.... Here are 3 options

1. Nationals
2. White Sox
3. Cubs

     The Cubs I know have Mike Quadde or whatever his name is but the Cubs are suckers for big names so they could dump him after a terrible season that they were lucky to finish above the Houston Astros. The White Sox are looking to replace the flamboyant and headline grabbing manager that was Ozzie Gullien  who by the way is twitter king. But the one that I see would be a good fit and makes a ton of sense. The Nationals.

       Pump your brakes guys let me finish my thought. Look the Nationals have a ton of young Talent Strasburg , both Zimmermans , Desmond, Harper, Werth , Storen , Clipart and  a bevy of young pitchers. They have surprisingly deep pockets so they sign up Tito for like a 3 year deal for like 4 million then they lock up Prince Fielder bring up Harper after spring training and figure out whats going on in center field  they will be a team by year 2. I know it sounds outlandish and I would hate if this came to fruition. The Nats  finished this year in 3rd place in the Nl east and with the unstable Braves and the over hyped Phillies  who are just getting older so really its just a matter of time before the Nationals can get a bug up their asses and start clipping off wins. I'm trying to be honest I know the Mets and Marlins are really not going to compete for year. The Ozzie wants Crazy Carlos Zambrano for his team. Yeah so they wont be good for at least 15 years.

   I am not claiming to be a soothsayer here. I can barely predict when I am going to work and I make my own schedule. But I have been right about a few things so far. I might be right about this. They're the only team that makes real sense. The Talent is aligned and the stars are signed up for years so really whats going to hold them back? Davey  Johnson? No way he will just go back to the front office or operations or what ever he did before and ride the Tito train.

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