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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do I have to ? ok Week 7 recap


  This was possibly the worst week of match ups since the history of football. Not one game was really worth watching but since this is my thing that I do I guess I will have to recap on this crap, the Giants did even play ugh. By the way before I  jump into this recap I would like to take some time to congratulate the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals on their game 7 victory last night. The most improbable  championship run in the game. From being 9 games out of the Wild card to over take the Braves to get in to the playoffs, to upset the heavy favorite Phillies , then beat could have been feel good choice of the Brewers  and then come back in an epic way against the Buffalo Bills of baseball the Texas Rangers go to the dance two years in a row and lose both. But  needless to say I have to recap week 7.

Lets do this ...

   Broncos V. Dolphins-  The birthplace of Tebowing.  Everything was scripted for the Broncos to have a comeback win. The Dolphins honoring the National Champion Florida Gators which Tebow  played for so that wasn't awkward at all, the Dolphins  defense shutting down after the 3rd quarter, and Tim Tebow  having a heart that was touched by the all mighty. Tebow  and his blessed bunch managed to come back and tie the game and win in over time with a long kick. Thus Tebowing  was born due to him praying on the sideline. The Tebow's come home to play the Lions and the Dolphins take their show on the road to play The Giants.

    Texans V. Titans-The battle for the South crown belongs to the Texans. Schaub  and the boys dropped a hefty 41 points on the Titans. Under preforming running back Chris Johnson only had 46 total yards. Well, off from his average of 100 yards last year. But on the other side the Fantasy question mark Arian Foster had over 234 yards, 115 and 2 td's rushing and only 119 yards receiving with only 1 td a  mediocre performance.  But the Texas are holding strong in first place looking to make it to their first post seasons in franchise history.

   Panthers V. Redskins-Cam Newton got his second win so just give him the MVP right now. Another plus 200 yard passing and 60 yard rushing clearly on his way to be the second coming of Donavan McNabb . And for the 2011 NFC east champion Redskins they steadily make their way back to where they belong. The bottom of the division.   John Beck made his first start in over what 4 years and to the surprise of the Redskins was average. But the injury bug pulled into the nations capital and taking out the Redskins #1 running back and #1 wide out. Both Santana Moss and Tim Hightower are going to be out for a significant amount of time. The Panthers take on the Vikings and the Redskins take the Bills.

   Vikings V. Packers-So the Packers perfect season train just keeps on rolling. But the have to sure up that defense when the playoff come around. It was 33-27 thats not good when playing against a 1-5 team. The Vikings have started up the Ponder era which looks to be a prosperous one. Ponder showed poise and a good arm with A.D  and a better draft next season maybe a top pick wide out they have a shot to come around. But they have to get a better head coach, he made some questionable calls late in the game. The Vikings take on the Panthers and the Packers take on the bye week.

   Lions V. Falcons- Whats going on with the Lions lately. I understand they dropped two in a row in close games but what is their deal after the game ends first it was hand shakes now its smack talk they are just acting like dicks or so other people say they are. Frankly I don't care as long as they make the playoffs. This game had its moments. Matt Ryan almost got his leg broken, Clavin Johnson is probably the best wide out in the game to date, and ToGo is climbing the all time catch list. The Lions are looking to rebound against a weak ass defense in Denver and the Flacons go on the bye.  I feel bad if they say shit about Timmy Tebow  they wont make it out of Denver alive.

   Cowboys V. Rams-Is it any surprise that the Cowboys just straight out dominated A.J. Feely  and the Rams? Exactly the 0-6 Rams have been a bigger disappointment then Tony Romo  in the 4th.  Though Romo  can't take all of the credit like normal, the rookie running back DeMarco Murray who is now Mikey  favorite player of all time. Here is a prediction of what Mikey  will say " Yo, Murray Dez  and Romo  are the  new Emmitt  Irvin and Aikman ! I don't care they played a terrible team they are the Cowboys man thats how they get their wins". Thats right the Cowboys have only beaten terrible teams the only team that was good was the 49ers and that was week 2. This week they play the Eagles who are kind of on a comeback tour so this will be the line in the sand for the Cowboys. They beat Philly they are a team they lose they are hype.  The Rams take on the Saints who have no problem beating on no win teams.

   Saints V. Colts-I wish they started the flex schedule for this one. It was  really bad, well that was too nice it was a shit show. It was 62-7! That is gross the worst part about this game is that the Saints pulled their starters by the end of the 3rd and they still scored two touchdowns. If the Colts we are panicky franchise like the Cowboys and the Raiders that whole team would be shot in the back of the head behind the stadium. Enough of this recap it was bad. The Colts play the Titans and the Saints play the Rams. Hopefully they don't drop another 60.

    Jets V. Chargers-The most shocking thing about this game isn't how Plaxico  caught 3 touch down passes and didn't shoot him self in the leg or how Antonio  Gates returned from the dead no it how the Jets actually backed up Rex Ryan's mouth. I couldn't believe it. I am kidding this game was actually the best match up of the week. It was the Chargers go in front early and the Jets coming from behind which I hear is Mark Sanchez favorite thing to do with freshmen co-eds. But the Jets showed the rest of the league what well we all ready knew. Once you put the Chargers under some pressure they pretty much crumble. Think I am wrong how many super bowls have they won?  Yeah thats right .

    Ravens V. Jaguars-  PUKE  SOUNDS !!!! This game was awful. What happened. This game featured two of the games smallest and toughest running backs in the game. MJD and Ray Rice fumbled 5 times collectively but it wasn't raining or anything  that would make the ball extra slippery. The only thing this game was good for was that Jacksonville's kicker Josh Scobee  was 4-4  and had 3+ 50 yard kicks. Just gross I hope this game is quickly forgotten. I am about to lose my dinner so I am going to stop. It was so bad the Ravens didn't even get a first down until their 9th possession that means they went 3 and out  8 times before they got 10 yards.  BAuh  gross . The Jags take on the Texans and the Ravens take on the Cardinals.

   I would like to take this time to apologize for how bad this recap was. It wasn't that funny or good at all much like week 7.  Have a happy Slut O'ween weekend.  I will be stuck at work so good luck to your fantasy teams and your teams. Lets go Big Blue.  Enjoy Yo Self !


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