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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The End of the World will be averted because of Tim Tebow


  The Denver Broncos might have just saved the world from judgement day. Yes its true the Broncos who are quite possibly the most hypocritical franchise in the whole NFL have saved mankind from the end of days. How ? By putting in the holy one Tim Tebow.  Yes the young man who's arm has been christened by the Pope him self ,Who's when he scrambles out of the pocket not even St. Peter can hold him back and Who's heart is stronger then a T-rex who had a baby with a Superman and Gizmo from Gremlins. What you don't think gizmo is strong! Are you kidding me he took on so many of those grimliens and won and he was just one Mogwai with two yuppies as allies so he owned. Yeah thats right I watched Gremlins, argument Won. Back to Tebow, with Broncos on a bye week they have soe questions to answer.

    I am going to be honest with you. I like Tim Tebow. Actually I think I worte about him a little while ago. But the kid is good. Not like text book good, but like underdog good. I know he catches a ton of shit for not being like Brady, Manning, Brees, and Vick but for a young player in his second year in the Nfl he elevates his team when he steps onto the field. Do you want Proof. Well you have you choice you can keep on reading or come back around saturday and read the Week 5 recap your call I wont be mad eitehr way.

    The Broncos were losing pretty bad to the Chargers who are never as good as they look on paper.  Before Tebow came in they were down like by a few scores and were going no where fast. So in the 4th first year Broncos coach John Fox who quitely has a man crush on Timmy Tebs and totatlly wantend to give him the job but the  brass said to start Kyle Orton because they gave him a contract extention the year before they drafted Tebow because they are stupid. Orton was not having a good game and the rabid crowds up in the Mile High city were chanting for the Chosen one to take over and this time the coach listened. Tim went into the game and put his under preforming team on his back and ran all over the overrated Chargers to only lose the game by 5.  After the game the reporters were trying very hard to get the Tebs to say some shit about Orton. But the kid was a pro saying only the right things.

   With the bye week coming up for the Broncos it couldn't of been better for the delvopment of Timmy Tebs. Now he'll get 2 weeks of practice with the first team because lets face it Kyle Orton's career as a Denver Bronco is pretty much over. If I was John Elway who is the president of Bronco operations  which sounds like he is the crusty look chap at a petting zoo with the shit stained cowboy hat  at the horse back riding section who is hitting on you mom. I would trade Orton to the Dolphins for a high draft pick maybe throw in Reggie Bush so bulid up some weird system that has a good running game and then Reggie Bush.

    The Critics like Mel Kiper Jr and other idiots have to chill their balls with this kid. You can not judge Tebow at the same scale as they do other Qbs. He's a different animal. Its like judging Jose Reyes and Derek Jeter. One is an overrated piece of shit who dumps the hottest chicks so he can have a secret affair with A-rod where they can rub dongs together their highlight films from 2001 and the other is a great lead off hitter and possibly the most dynamic short stop in the game when healthy. Yeah that just happened.... The thing that makes Tebow a good Qb wont be his arm or knowledge of the game it will be his drive. I know I have said that a billion times already but its truer then the Phantom spotlight and I have proven that.

   In closing week 7 will be gut check time for the Broncos. If they don't start him they will lose  most of their fan base and really isn't thats what is all about.  The Broncos need to get better and #15 is where its at. Who gives a crap if he is a stonuch christian with some old school beliefs . He is a good kid with a good heart  possibly  a solid case for the Face of the Nfl seriously its him or Michael Vick and I still don't think this whole kinder gentler Michael Vick will last once they go 1-6. I am not saying that once they put him in they'll be the best team but they can compete since the Afc west is a weak ass division so they can sneak in. The  Seahawks won the NFC west by going 7-8 so I don't really see  a problem.


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