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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Everybody Needs to clam the hell down... 3 stories this week that were blown way out of propotion

   So I have taken a quick break from beating up the residents of Arkham  City to bring you my take on 3 stories that the big boys have totally blew up like dynamite this week. "The Handshake," "Beers in the Dugout" and "Brett Farve  saying he is the reason for Aaron Rodgers  success".  Lets make it like the Tree house of horror. Except not as funny as it could be but still kinda funny.

Chapter 1: The Handshake of ....... DOUCHEIENESS
     This Past sunday probably the best game to of watched was the Lions V 49ers. They 49ers took and early lead Lions came back, 49ers came back, Megatron  went off for over 100 yards, and then the niners  gave the Lions their first loss of a season. It was pretty good Just two young teams playing intense meaningful football. You don't see that much often anymore. But besides all of that the one thing that the most coverage was the post game hand shake/rumble. Well, not really a rumble just two guys jawing and grabbing at each other. It was cool starting out. The Lions are now a proud bunch letting these dudes know that yeah you might of won the battle but we'll win the war. COBRA! But then we find out what really  happened the fight just seemed petty and well fucking stupid. Harbaugh shook Schwartz hand too hard.  Really? You know what I do when someone shakes my hand too hard. I shake theirs back harder and say "Bro really? ". But Schwartz here went ape shit and started some ruckus  down the forty , thirty , twenty, ten and endzone . Some of the players got involved and really it wasn't something you put on the ol' ' resume. But after the game Harbaugh said It was his fault and was way too pumped up and apologized. Story over right ?  No because there is still 5 days before the next game. Everyone on sunday night and monday were killing this story like it was something out of the blue. Guess what it's not. Football is an intense sport and I am surprised that a head coach didn't kill another head coach after a win/loss yet.  So who do I side with on this.... No sides taken your both grown ass men get the fuck over it. If your upset that your hand got shook really hard , well Sally ann your in the wrong sport. Also if your gonna bitch about someone being a douche at the end of a game. Maybe you should take your own advice instead of doing your best Balrog impersonation .  And Jimmy this is your first year in the NFL and you took a team that was trash last year and have them at 5-1 don't apologize for nothing. Did Belichick  apologize for cheating, no.

Chapter 2: Beer Beer Beer everywhere but not a drop to get you into the playoff.

     I kind of like that title lets soak it in  for  a minute.... During the Red Sox collapse in september there were some hints to stories of players hanging out in the clubhouse drinking beers and eating chicken. Those bastards, how dare they who do they think they are drinking beer and eating chicken don't they realize they can get better food by sending a club house guy into the stadium and getting some fire ass food.  I can't believe this is actually a story, it's so stupid. More detailed is that Lester, Beckett and Lackey on days that they were not pitching would go into the clubhouse and have rally beers  and order some fired chicken hang out and watch t.v and not be out in the dug out supporting their teammates. This is a Story? Where is the problem? Grown men over the drinking age  having a few beers  on a day that they were not going to go in. It's not like Tito was gonna call on Lester to set up Matt Albers fat ass in the 5th when Wakefield couldn't get out of the 4th. Why do they need to support their teammates what is this tee ball? Lets face it,  have you ever watched a bad team sober? It's boring  and They were boozing when they weren't working. Basically they were drinking in Basketball shorts and hoodies . Are you kidding me thats what softball is. Thats great why are these guys denying it. What are they afraid of ? Boston has more bars then people, it's their fucking calling card. If I was one of these guys I would tell the truth.
     "Did you drink on off days ?" :" Yes I did" : "Why?" "What else was I going to do. Its Baseball there are teams owned by beer companies look at the center field scoreboard how many beer ads are there? :  "You should have been out supporting your teammates": "  Really what am I going to tell him, don't throw the ball there , good play, way to go . They get a million dollar paycheck , thats all the support they need": " You need to be a better team player": " You need to grow up I am over 21 and not a factor in the out come of the game, the only difference between me and a fan is that I am wearing baseball pants. And the Shit ton of money I am making. ; ": Thank you , thank you that was my mock interview with a reporter. This story is incredible dumb. But the worst part is that Lester, and Beckett have denied it. I lost a ton of respect for those guys.  Do you know how you support your teammates during a collapse... Win your start thats how.

Chapter 3:  The Night of the living Asshole!
     This might have been last week but I can't remember when it came out. But when it did I  wanted to write about it  but I don't know enough about Aaron Rodgers to  really make a full post about it. But Brett Farve  taking responsablity  for Aaron Rodgers and his success. Well, if you hear the interview he gave , which I have the espn  link in here.  But If you did click and watched the first take debate.  I side with Stephen A. Smith not because we have the same style, flair for  the dramatic , and same haircut. But he is right Brett Farve  is way off.  Brett did say how talented that packers team was when he got  the boot or he retired. But heres the thing Aaron Rodgers is a different Qb then   ever was. If   said Tony Romo would be good I can accept that because Tony Romo  is Brett Farve.2  .Rodgers is more accurate and brainy  Qb  and has no real stud running back. Look I like A-Rod  but he is not my favorite Qb at all I still think Eli is better. Yes, that throws my credibility out the window. Well, thats why I blog and not report.

   This part was just going to be about how far Brett Farve  slipped into dementia . But that video made me want to talk about the other aspect of that story. The old school media protection that Brett Farve  still has. If Farve  had this kind of protection when he was on the field he wouldn't have thrown so many picks. The Old school guys still have a huge boner for this guy.  It could be the fact he is a great story machine or he sext them his dick dressed up as the winner of each game on a week to week  basis. But Guys like Skip here or Ed Werder who is trying to quit Farve by easing into Romo  . Slowly but gently .  I am sorry but that was funny.  All I wanted was the whole " I wish I knew how to quit you" link but I couldn't have slept tonight without saying Ed Werder  puts  it in Romo's 5 hole.
   Back to the real story Old school sports writers think the world of Farve but the  new wave guys don't feel the same. Now it could be their love for Brady and Peyton  and their  accuracy and sniper mentality. I don't know maybe this town  is too small for a gun slinger like Farve . But  if you learned anything from Call of duty 2. Snipers always seem to beat the guy who just runs around and shoots wildly. I do know that Jenn Sterger  isn't a big fan of  Farve . Since she exposed him for being a creeper and she hasn't become famous like how she wanted. There  can only be one Erin Andrews.

   So that is that. Not too bad. There are some good lines in there.


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