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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hey NBA 2k12 I have an answer for you....


  Since the end of september 2k sports have been blowing up all over the place like an epidemic of herpes in Philadelphia strip club buffet. But these commercials ask who is the best team ever in NBA history. They cut around with some hipsters, suits, urban like gentleman, some character actor who's only character he can play is a nerd, some douche clown dressed up in 80's Celtic swag and Drake who is spitting some moronic shit about the current Miami Heat .

   Now lets handle the first problem.

  Dear Drake-If this is how you truly believe then well my friend you should have stayed in Canada doing that graphic high school show where anything that can go wrong did go wrong and I think girls got pregos  every episode. But seriously the current Miami Heat the greatest team of all time. You are saying this with a straight face with no humor or irony inflection in you voice. How stupid are you for a team to be considered great they need to win a championship. OK granted it was their first year together playing in a new system. Blah, No actually they get no leeway. Not a chance because they said they were going to win it all right off the bat. Having that intro ceremony when they showed off the big 3. So they blew the doors off the East. Lets look at who they played in the Playoffs 76ers, Celtics and the Bulls. 76ers had no right being there they were a crappy team who just made it in to the playoffs . The Celtics youngest player was 45. They were old as dirt, hurt and it also help when Wade fucked up Rando  arm . They beat the Bulls because the only thing the Bulls had was Derrick Rose. The MVP did his best against three guys who are streets ahead better then Luol  Deng , Taj   Gibson, Ronnie Brewer  Carlos Boozer, and the Over rated Jokiam   Noah put together.They  are a young team and out played them selfs.
    But here is where you draw the line in the sand from greatness and good. They played an older and frankly less talented team in the Mavericks. When it counted the heat were cold  Aubrey (Drake's real name). Not one of those guys who played above the rim could stop a German who ran like he learned how to walk the night before the game and was sick with the flu but we soon learned it was actually Cultchensons  .  While the Heat were thinking of what south beach cross dresser they were gonna bang out that night Dirk and the Boys took their shit to the next level and won the game. Oh yeah and they also played all four quarters. Bitch ass fool. If Losing championship means your great then the 90's Buffalo Bills, the 2000 Mets, and the 04 Yankees are the greatest teams of all time. Stick to hockey Aubrey or root for those Raptors. Since the Grizzles left and became a better team when they came to America. I like Canada but I don't Like you.  Your label gave you your rep. You ran from a nerd with a gun . Lame . By the way when someone tells you, you are lame thats not a compliment.  Fuck it there is no point. Just because you can Rhyme doesn't mean you real. Fuckin   Lil' Wayne killed a guy .

   The greatest team of all time were very obviously the 2005 Knicks. Starbury , Jamal Crawford, Eddie Curry, Stevie Franchise, Jerome James and Q-rich check your ankles at the door they blew.... It  hard  Its 96 Bulls bro.

   After that lets get to the second problem.  Is it humiliating  for the NBA to have ads for a video game that will have its first game played  way way  way  way way ways before the real game starts? It has to be. This is awful, how  can David Stern let this shit happen. Oh wait never mind I  just remember the NHL released NHL 2K5 when they had a lock out. I just feel that this is a black eye to the NBA. They cancelled the first two weeks of the season and  are not looking like they will be  playing anytime soon.
  I know I have said before  how I will side with the players and anyone who makes a good case for making that money. But  this lock out is worse then the NFL labor negotiation. THEY CANCELLED TWO WEEKS OF GAMES! That means thousands upon thousands of people who work for stadiums and those franchises are losing money. These hard working people who probably are working 3 other jobs to feed their families now have to find other jobs that are not out there. While these  players who are claiming to be broke when the average player makes around 7 million a year  are signing up with teams over seas. Look Stern is trying  and I guess the Union is trying to. But its about money. Mo money mo problems.  Get this shit fixed lickity  split. I can't watch Hockey man. The names are too hard to pronounce. Plus Barry Melrose scares me . He looks like a well dress lumberjack rapist. As in he rapes lumberjacks.

                                          By the Way this is the  Greatest team of all time

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