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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Playoffs are actually interesting


     In June through well August it felt like baseball was on cruise control. Nothing was happening all races seemed pretty much locked up and we were set for another lame playoff set with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies  were going to steal all the headlines ,have another low rating World series and fade off in to the distance as I paint my face in Giants blue and red and run semi naked down the streets.... again .  But after last night Arizona Brewers game it extended the first round to 3 game 5 elimination games with teams that were supposed to sweep right off the bat.

     The Yankees and The Tigers have knocked New York Yankees fans on their asses. Well, not really because if you ask any one of them what they think all they can say is 27 time world series champions. They sound like a dumber version of Timmy . But  after being saved by their new messiah Aj Burnett has brought  the Yankees to the edge of screaming 28 time world series blah de blah.  After surviving Justin Verlander  and Papa Grande they yankees hopped up and scored 10 runs on the Tigers. Now playing the crucial game 5 at Yankee stadium , the Yankees have the edge but do they have the luck.

       The Cardinals and The Phillies was supposed to be over by now but no one told St Louis that. Beating Cliff Lee and Roy Oswaltt  to only get to see The Doc twice in one series. The Cards have shocked the world by even being there  but this might be the end of their magical run. I hate to see them fall short but The Doc is  the best in the game. Halladay has ice running through his veins. So when you're watching the game you're going to  suffer through extreme close ups every time Albert  gets in the box against Halladay. It will be annoying, just thank whatever  it is you pray to that Joe Buck wont be making the call.

     The D-backs and The Brewers  the most exciting of the all of the playoff series... I am being completely serious bro. This set has it all pitching, home runs, ridicules celebrations, and that weird backwoods feeling you get when talking to a guy with a slice of cheese on his head. The boastful Brewers against the deceivingly good D-backs. Yeah I don't know what I was going for on that I though it would be a cool word play thing but I got  confused in the middle. But this series is really exciting and what playoff baseball should be . Game 5 is tomorrow night and it should be a great one.

     Every game 5 will be decided by tomorrow night and we will be on our way to not seeing the Simpsons  treehouse of Horror until November 6th. And Now I find out that The Simpsons are going to be cancelled after next season. Well, Fox your fucked because I don't know if  the world can handle another Seth MacFarlane musical based comedy that isn't really funny. Oh maybe thats where the new Arrested Development.  This quite possibly the worst thing Fox can do.

   So you know how I said I wold do 2 post a day on tuesday because I had off until friday well I ate some Checkers and lets just say I anit  as young as I once was. Oh how I let you Phuckers  down. Yeah I still haven't found a better nickname for the readers/people looking through google images and wonder onto the site giving us views.

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