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Sunday, October 2, 2011

So that was week 3 ...

  Key up the NFl films theme song as you read this because this will be the most epicest  thing you'll ever read! Or it wont be. Its just cool to read with background music. It was a big week for football last week  and I know you guys just love re-reading the stories of something that happened 7 days ago. Thats why you guys come back day after day , that and the Paul O'neil photos.

    Ok Lets get Week 3 behind us so I can start bitching about the playoffs.

     Patriots V  Bills- the  battle of the high powered  Afc  east offenses. Both teams entered this match up at 2-0 and when two unbeaten teams meet up… There can only be one. Yes, a Highlander joke, do you know how long I have been waiting to use that joke... Like 6 months , just let me have it. But what ever so Brady blew up again by dropping 4 tds and threw 387 yards 217 of them went to Wes Welker. But unfortunately all of that wasn't enough  to stop these Buffalo Bills. The Unstoppable Buffalo Bills... The Unstoppable Buffalo Bills. 3-0 Buffalo Bills yes that actually happened. The Pats  take on the Raiders and the Bills take on the Bengals.

     Saints V. Texans-another high flying offensive game   with both Quarter backs threw for 370 yards and for 3 tds. But It was the Saints who came away with 23 point 4th quarter. Drew Brees let Matt Schaub know that Peyton Manning might be out for a while but don't forget that you still are Michael Vicks backup so hold on  buckaroo. The Texans look to rebound and prove they are for real when they take on the Steelers as the Saint take on the Jaguars  for another 40+ victory.

     Panthers V. Jaguars-This is the first time I am writing about the Cam Newton Panthers  because I didn't think he would be this good. But I was so wrong dropping 800+ yards in his first two starts and one of them was against the Packers yes those packers that won that super bowl a little while ago. But Newton seems to be the truth and the Jags seem to be a joke. The only real notable thing about this game is that it was a monsoon. There was like a 30% chance of drizzle in Carolina that day but I guess Mother Nature really hates these expansion teams. The Panthers play the bears to continue the animal team matchups and the jags like I said before play the Saints.

   Packers V Bears- Last years Nfc Championship rematch.  This was a hugh match up so early in the season. The Pack who entered at 2-0 and the Bears were 1-1 so this had big implications in the division. The Packers handled the Bears like little children, well it  was only Aaron Rodgers and Jermichael Finley who had  3 tds. The rest was just  two field goals. The  score was 27-17 but it wasn't that close. But the Bears had a trick up their sleeve with a fake punt which went for a run back td but was called for some bullshit hold. The Pack takes on the Broncos and the Bears take on the Panthers.

   Cardinals V. Seahawks-These teams are at least one more year from being good. But right now they are awful. Travis Jackson is not a starter the only reason why he looked good in Minnesota  is because they had good parts around him like AD. Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald  have good chemistry and I am thankful for that since Fitz is on both my fantasy teams. But the Cardinals have no running game. Who knows what Seattle will do now that Sidney Rice is back and healthier then weeks before. The Seahawks play the under preforming Falcons and the Cardinals bring that weak sauce of theirs against the Giants.

  Viking V. Lions-How bad are the Vikings? Like Seriously how bad are the Vikings. They gave up a 20 point lead and let the Lions come back to take the overtime victory.  I don't get it  they stopped handing the ball off to AD when it mattered. They were 4th and short  and handed it off to Toby Gerhardt who is a big dude and can run the ball but when shit is  on the line you go to your horse. AD stands for ALL DAY not 17 carries and stop. The vikings play the 0-3 Chiefs who  are just as bad so unless they end in a tie one of these teams will get their first win.  The Lions however will be playing the super tough and fundamentally solid Cowboys.

   Cowboys V. Redskins-This game was just as ugly as my writing. The Cowboys look terrible in this game the fact that they won the game was nothing short of a Miracle. I beat after Mikey  reads this he's gonna go " What are you talking about Dallas is soo good. Tony Romo is like the best qb since Aikman  Brady has nothing on Romo,  everything Jason Garrett thinks of is genius , What do you mean Martellus Bennett is the 2nd best tight end in the world, just because I only watch cowboys games doesn't mean I cant give an unbiased opinion of the rest of the League" not matter how you look at this game it was ugly. if Dallas's kicker wasn't the best player that night they would of lost. The cowboys go up against the Lions and the redskins look to rebound against the 0-3 Rams.

    Ravens v Rams-Ummmmmmmmmmmmm. who the fuck is Torrey Smith ? That dude had 152 yards and 3 tds  and those 3 tds were in the first quarter alone. That breaks a Rookie record, thats pretty amazing for a rookie to catch 3 td and get 133 yards in just the first 15 minutes of a game. The Rams are just wounded right now they are not as bad as they look. The Ravens are going to play the Jets and the Rams are going to Redskins

    Jets V. Raiders-This was the game that set Namath on his rant last week ...Obviously.  Frankly Sanchez played great throwing 389 with 2 tds and one pick unfortunately for him there is someone named Darren McFadden who plays running back for the Raiders. Run DMC went off on probably the 3rd best defense in the whole NFL  for 171 yards and two big touchdowns.  The jets failed to sack Jason Campbell who is turning out to be a pretty solid qb his second year away from Washington. The Jets have a lot to figure out with their team. They need to get they're running game on track because they are playing a very good team in the Ravens. Though Rex is out for blood to bad it's not Flacco's  blood. But since Namath doesn't play anymore Joe Flacco will just have to do for the Big Guy. Next stop Revis Island. The Jets obviously play the Ravens and the Raiders look to continue the upset train when New England comes in for a 2-1 show down.

    Giants V. Eagles-"The Eagles are going to blow the Giants out of the water. The Dream Team gets back on the winning path and own Eli and the rest of the G-men" Every Espn, Sny, Fox sports, Yes or whatever fucking moron said about this matchup. Well, Go Phuck your self you bandwagon riding ass clowns. Not only did Eli not throw a pick he threw 4 Tds 2 of them to the infamous Victor Cruz, Bradshaw, and Jacobs.  My dude was nothing but a champ that day. Unlike Vick who broke his chocking hand before the half or whatever. The Eagles defense looked like a bunch of tools dicking  around not like 3 of the best corners that money could buy. But this gets me pumped up for this sundays match up against a team that isn't that good and with this team flying high at 2-1 when we were supposed to be 1-2. So hopefully they win again so I can run up on Philly fans and have something to say during the playoffs.Giants take on the Cardinals the Eagles take on the 49ers as they look to get the dream back on track.

   I did a lot of recapping tonight. So best of luck to you and your fantasy team this sunday. I am thinking of starting fantasy football tips since I have  a little bit more time now. Also I have been thinking about looking into Hockey now you know since basketball is looking like it's not going to happen. But like I said enjoy your week 4 and the playoffs.


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