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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sorry Folks I have the Writers Block

    I am Super duper sorry but my brain has run dry... For now. And look has what happened the week it does. The Eagles saved Jerome Harrison's life from a brain tumor, Rex Ryan and Norv  Turner get in to a war of words about both being underachieving , Nelson Cruz just molesting postseason pitching, and other crap that I cannot form the words together  to make funnies. Oh and plus there was a story call "suck for Luck" I mean come on Brain why are you so stupid. Hopefully I'll get my Mojo back  for the week 6  recap.  I am extremely disappointed in myself and I have been eating brain food this whole week. At least thats what those animals on  Manor farm said ... See I am making Orwell references  . It's sparking  , I am gonna work on this . Have a good night.

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