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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sports Sports Sports... FUCK THAT! The start of Nerd week so suck it Nolan Ryan


    This post was going to be all about how Nyjer Morgan poked on twitter the sleeping giant that is known as  Albert Pojuls. It was going to be this whole shichtk  about twitter,# OCCUPYWALLSTREET  really just hates golf, and how Bud Norris and Brian Wilson will fight in the octagon in UFC who gives a shit. But all of that takes a fucking back seat to the latest nerd news.  Today is possibly the start of the greatest nerd week ever.

    If you don't know, don't remember, just started reading, or well plain forgot because you have other shit going on. I am a cross between a Bro and a Nerd a  BRED if you will.  So  every once and a while my nerdness gets crossed with my sports broness, yeah thats a good sentence.  And I can't hold back the nerdness anymore man. Fucking week after week with running out of Ideas to discuss. This is how I recharge my shit up.

   This wedsnday October 13th starts the 4day long gathering of Cosplay enthuistest, mole men who haven't seen the sun since last years gathering and dudes with so many girlfriends who live in Canada ... or better known as The pimpled, socailly awkward jedi , Lady deflecting virgins... Yes Nerds my fucking people.  New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits center. Just like that shit show out in San Diego but this one is less tv show centered. This is the real fucking deal bro. There are artists, writers, some actors, some big fucking wigs man and lots and lots of shit to buy. This  rolls on from the 13th to the 16th and lets face it, it's not cheap  tickets run for $35 for one day and like 100 for all 4. There are some give aways and some swag.  What I find funny about Comic Cons is that they hire these extremely attractive girls dress up like characters to work the booths and hand out flyers or whatever they do.

       But what makes it funny is that these girls are both way to hot for  and so not intersested in whats going on around them. Frankly they can hang out in  yoga pants and say  " Hey nerd ass , check out this shit before my guiedo bouncer boyfriend gives me a std  that he got last week when that slut Becky  accidentally put her whore mouth on him ." just imgine that in the most sterotypical new york accent. Check Out the NYCC this weekend. And heads up for Becky  shes got an std.

    On Saturday this week  the highly anticipated release of the squeal to possibly best Batman game ever made Arkham Asylum. Arkham City you get to explore a section of  Gotham City that is just filled with a bagillion villains. Two face, Catwoman, Penguin, Mr.Freeze, The Riddler, Salomon Grundy,  Taila Al Guhl , Dead Shot, Hugo Strange, Harley Quinn, The Joker and a billion of nameless goons who are going to get fucking stomped out.  You're going to be able to scale buildings, ride on helicopters, play as other characters , and nerd the fuck out. If this game is anything like the first one we are in for a fucking treat. With all the combo moves, the great story structure , the depth of the characters, and the amazing voice acting which isn't the movie actors its the animated series with like Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamil playing the Joker and gave an interview and said this will be his greatest preformance as the Joker. This shit is about to be HOT FIRE.  I can't wait. I have been waiting for a long time. I atually have the game almost paid off  and I am fucking ready to call work and ask for the following week off so I can play Asylum and City back to back while watching all 7 Batman movies (West,Keaton,Kilmer, Bale and West again). Because why ? Because I don't Fux with Batman .

*apparently I am an Idiot because the game comes out on tuesday the 18th no the 15th so .... My bad.

     The reason of the out pouring of nerdness is because of the Avengers Trailer. This past summer was stocked with Marvel movies.With 2 ,ok yeah not really stocked but two back-to-back movies that have connected a universe to create one giant super movie that will totally be cool until the Dark Knight Rises comes out. But I am super hyped up for this epic feature film. Like camp outside of an Imax in a Captain America Halloween costume throwing my shield at all those dorks who are seeing an educational movie. What do they think this is a fucking game? No it's the Avengers. Now I rarely demand anything from you. But I demand everyone of you see this movie. Yes even you phuckers overseas. When I saw Captain America (opening night) and sat through the credits and caught that teaser trailer I lost my shit. When I woke up today (tuesday) first thing I did was check out to see if it dropped. and it dropped like an A-bomb. Kaboom! motha fucka shits fire.

    I would like to end this  supremely nerdy post in a serious note. I would Like to thank everyone who sent me Birthday well wishes today(tuseday). I can't believe that you guys are that cool to me. Thank you so much. Your the best kind of people a jackass like my self can have in his life.

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