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Friday, October 14, 2011

Stayin' Classy.. The jets and the Red Sox know how it goes


   As most of you know I  was the one who predicted the fall of the Red Sox management.  But I have yet to flash the spotlight in a positive or negative way on The J-E-T-S. But that will happen sooner or later probably sooner I gotta do the Week 5  recap.

  I have noticed some similarities between these two franchises. They are both pretty classless. Wether its how the Red sox's say good bye to the only manager since the Titanic to win the World Series twice for them. Or how this freedom of speech  locker room  that is now ripping apart at the seems.  They know how to handle the same way one of those girls on My super Sweet 16 would. With bickering and rumors.

   The Red Sox outright blasted Tito after he left the organization "saying it was all his fault" taking the blame which is the classy thing to do. But this week the Red Sox have said that Tito was distracted by his failing marriage and his pill addiction. Also with the news of Big Papi  wanting to play for the Yankees the Red Sox are looking to get out of paying him some big money on a 3 year deal.  See Papi  said he would consider playing for the Yankees and Boston spun it like he wants out faster then Taco bell through you intestine.  Look Papi  is a free agent and the Yankees have a spot open for DH but they wont sign him.  Papi  just said if they offered money he'd think about taking it. Its like if  you get a job offer from a place you don't want to work for but will give you the  best medical, dental, 401k and you start off at 65k and have room for advancement but you have to kill a few baby seals every so often. You'd hesitate for like 3 minutes and when they say "oh would you like 75 instead" you'd  pick p the club your self and start whacking.  It's a business Broston ,  look I am not going to speak for the guy he'll do that  himself. If your upset because he spent a good portion of his career and built up a great rep with the  people  in bean town a now he wants to go to the hated yankees. Stop being stupid. He still loves you guys with all his big heart but  you have to think  he isn't going to play baseball forever he is looking out for his family. So stop throwing dirt on this guy who was the reason you won the first World Series. Oh and Nesn their t.v station reports have been bickering in the past week to. The whole system need to take  like a 2 week vacation and come back refreshed.  Poor Heidi Watney

   I am sooo happy with whats going on with the Jets right now. This bigger then life personality  Head coach can't control a team that only whats to play for him. Santino  Holmes has come out this week and blasted the Offensive line because they have played like crap. Today one of the linemen I think Brandon Moore has fired back at  one of his captains. Yes, Holmes is a fucking captain.  I can't imagine what hair brain  idea Rex had when he made this guy a captain. The jet already shipped off Derrick Mason who was supposed to be a guy who was going to get a butt ton of receptions. They have Holmes as the Deep threat, Burress  at the goal line, and Mason was going to be the guy who could cut up the middle.  But after a rumored meeting with Rex about how bad the Offensive coordinator is.  They sent this guy who was a number 1 receiver up until two season ago to the Texans which could be a great move  for a 7th rounder.  The Jets play the 0-4 Dolphins and if Brandon Marshall doesn't get ejected by half time and the Jets lose  to the Luck looking Dolphins  I feel that this will be an apocalyptic rupture within.  Thought the Jets are way to good to lose 4 in a row. Even though it wold make me smile.

   So that is that these two teams are Classless. I know I didn't go into too much depth on it tonight but thats because I am going out in like a 10 minutes so I gotta get ready fast.  Saturday Week 5 Recap. Hopefully Arkham City does come out so lets see.

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