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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Time to power through and post

    Yesterday I said I have the writers block and its kind of breaking. The problem is I just got a new phone. Its this Droid something but its straight hot fire. I paid like $30 for it ,thanks AT&T  but I have been playing words with friends against my brother and M.D and I have been using up all of my limited spelling capability to lose gracefully to both of them. But I think we have all stopped playing for now and a wave of words and stuffs came roaring back in to my brain.  So I am going to hit  some things that caught my eye  this week.

   Besides this being the start of three new Quarter backs era's this week.  Tebow , Ponder, Beck and oh wait I forgot  Palmers back  but in Black and Sliver. But the one football story  that is even more interesting then any of those stories is the Miami Dolphins and the Indy Colts  race for the worst team of the year. Right now both sit at 0-6. The reason why two shitty teams are in the spotlight by the national media is because Andrew Luck. The future number 1 pick of next years draft will be  the prize of that one lucky unlucky franchise puns intended. If the Colts end in dead ass last , Luck who is already an NFL ready Quarterback will have the privilege of getting tutored by the most fundamentally sound and intelligent Quarterbacks to ever take the field. Andrew Luck will sit for at-least the next 3 years behind Peyton Manning watching how the game is played in an extremely complex and deep offensive system. Basically like an Aaron Rodgers Brett Farve minus the dick pics. But if the Dolphins happen to grab the top draft spot. Luck will be starting on day one no question. The Chad Henne, Matt Morre and Cleo Lemon experiment will be finally over for the orange and teal. Also with the drafting of Luck will mean there will definitely be a changing the head coach and probably an older Q.B will be signed to back up and give some advice to the kid. But this would be worst thing for him. The Dolphins seem to be a cursed franchise ever since the 70's. But this whole "Suck for Luck " title on this chase is classic. I can't believe an editor allowed this to be printed. It just opens up so many blow job jokes. Just poor poor  poor wording and I know a thing or two about poor words.

   As much as I hate to watch espn  they are pretty much the only real sports news network. Well I don't hate all of espn its just some of their reports that just burn my biscuts. When they talk its like nails on a chalkboard. Guys like Pedro Gomez, Tim Kyrkjun , Skip Bayliss, Ed Werder , Sunday Night Baseball and Monday night football. Just those guys everyone else is fine. I just can't stand these people.  I'll start with Sunday night Baseball. Orel Herishiser, Bobby Valentine and Dan Shulman.
  When we heard that Joe Morgan and John Miller were not coming back to the Sunday night scene the crowd was spilt granted they were doing it for a while and  had a group of loyal watchers. But these new guys have got something that  John and Joe never had. The ability to put even the deaf to sleep. These guys have taken what ever fun was left in baseball out of it. Hershiser and Valintine have to be the worst color guys in the biz. Their insight to baseball has made me want to watch paint dry. It is not helped by Shulman  who is just as monotoned.  I have avoided watching the games.
  Monday Night football used to be good. Back when Michaels and Madden  were drawing on the screen and giving classic commentary . But Jaws, Tirico  and Gruden  have sloppy called games for the past two years. They do keep you into the games and have some great insights. But  they constantly talk over each other and jaws cruses up the joint.
  Now let me turn my focus to the reporters. Really if I didn't see what I saw today I think  I would have let them pass and probably talk about Batman or something nerdy. So I was watching sports center today to catch up on what I missed the night before and Tim Kyrkjun  and his dumb face was talking about how Albert Puljos  was wrong by shutting him self off to the media after a game 2 error that cost the Cards the game. Saying some shit the Jeter, Michael Young and Josh Hamilton  would have talked to the media because they nows whats right. Tim this is Alberts 3rd time in the Big dance. He knows what he is doing. So if he doesn't want to talk find someone else. There are 24 other guys in that locker room and probably 15 of them played in the game besides Albert. I know he is the biggest name in the whole show but sometimes you just got to deal with a player with a hurt ego. He actually did the right thing. If he was really upset with what happened he cold of slipped up. See Jeter doesn't have to worry about that because he only knows 5 sentences and who really care what Michael Young and Josh Hamilton have to say. They probably are talking about hunting or God or how they don't drink.
   Pedro Gomez and Ed Werder  are workers in  the hype machine. Pedro was all about Bonds and steroids and Werder  has sold his soul to Brett Farve and Jerry Jones.  Just every time these guys talk I change the channel. It has something to do with their voice I don't know but they make me hate sports. Lets not Forget good lo' Skip Bayless. I watched 1st and 10 which is like cross fire where they get a black reporter to go up against the Big Dawg.  Seriously it seems every episode its two black reports go up against skip. Now most of the time the other guys work together to get one past the old guard but what it would look like to a causal observer is that espn is trying to prove that Skip is a little bit racist. There are  who think he is too. And I kind of agree. It might just be speculation but the one I saw today was  Skip was going up against  his normal foe and a new white reporter and he wished the White dude luck and not the black guy.... I am kidding. Skip isn't a racist he is a douche.

     I think I am going to stop here. I 'm pretty sure I have broken what ever writers block I had. Oh lastly I want to let you guys know I think my cousin Mikey is going to join us here at the Phantom. He will bring us insight into hockey and some other shit we don't know. Week 5 Recap to come tomorrow night.

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