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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two more games and then the best part of baseball comes... Free agent signings

    Since there were no sports on today absolutely none what so ever. So after  watching the first three episodes of the 3rd season of the League and I checked out this American Horror story  show. God damn that show is messed  up. I would get into it but I feel like I have been ignoring baseball for a bit because the World series has been pretty good. But since the World series could end with in the next day or two so lets me try speculating where some of the biggest free agents will end up . Because I have been right so many other times before.

Top 5 Pitchers

C.C. Sabathia - The Yankees ace will get a fair share of offers if he choices to opt out of his contract with the Yankees. But the question is would Captain Crunch leave the one place he has been dominate? When he started in the Cleve a few years back and his quick stop off in the Brew City critics have always wondered if Charleston Chew has been able to be a true ace. Well, ever since coming to the Pin striped gang C.C has silenced though critics with a resounding Shut the fuck up. Now that he became that true #1 his value blew up. The Yankees are going to drop serious cash on this guy but since Boston sent John Lackey to the doctor for Tommy John which is suspect they might be out there to fuck everything up. But Really who are we kidding  here. The Yankees will sign up C.C for 8 years and 195 million.

C.J. Wilson-If the Rangers lost game 5 the other night C.J's value would have been cut down considerably. But since he actually showed up and held his own against the Machine he might of added to his value. The easy money is on the Rangers to resign him since he is a guy who lets just say isn't Doc Gooden  like and would probably be better in a less media covered and weaker division. But since there will be a rush on pitchers and since C.C will draw the line in the sand C.J will get at least 85-100 million on a 7+ contract. His suiters will probably be : Yankees, Texas, Detroit, Boston, LA Angels, and a dark horse team that will make things interesting for about 3 days and back out I'd say Toronto. My call is that he'll stay in Texas.

Wandy  Rodriguez-The Houston ace wont get the highest of contracts but he will be the prize of the AL east. Whenever a good young lefty comes out to the waters the Yankees and Red Sox will battle each other until spring training starts. Wandy  will end up in Boston for a bloated deal. He will fill the void left by Lackey but he wont be god the first year.

Roy Oswalt- He just got cut by the Phillies  for being the weak link in the 4 Aces. It's not his fault really he got hurt a lot and never found his grove this season. But Roy is an old dog so if he has some fight left in him he could be the best 2 year contract ever signed . Roy can be an effective #3 and a serviceable  #2 . Teams like the Yankees and Dodgers might be in the market for Oswalt . But I see him signing up with the Nationals to give Starsburg  and Jordan Zimmerman some wise words. I mean they signed Pudge  and Livan  to do that but who better then a former fireballer to show them whats what.  Nationals  with a 1 year deal and options.

Heath Bell-This closer will definitely get some big cash here. If he wants it,  but he loves it in San Diego for some reason. When he was claimed this season by the playoff hunting Giants he declined the deal to stay with his bottom feeding Padres. Is he stupid or loyal? Well, now that he is a free agent his loyalty will be put to the test. Bell can lock up big cash from teams in need of a closer. The team I see that really needs his services is the Blue Jays. They have no bullpen since they traded Dotel  and Ryznendlandalejearjaiehjlakjifl  ( thats his real name) to the Cards. I hope the Blue Jays lock him up for a 4 year deal at 50 million. But the Red Sox, Dodgers, Twins and Mets are all looking to have a lock down guy in the 9th.

Top 6 Offensive Free Agents

Brandon Philips-I now Datdude   has an option with the Reds but he has put up such weighty numbers the past few years that  I think he knows how much he can lock up.  Now he wont get Carl Crawford money or even Jose Reyes money and he should he has been a better hitter and has been healthier then both of those guys. He has played in a small market so his national draw isn't that high, when you think of the Reds you think ,Coked up mascot and Joey Votto . But Brandon could lock up a nice 5 year deal with a contender . The Angels, Dodgers, and Twins all need to build up the right side of  the infield. I'd say 5 to the Angels. Howie Kendrick should move to third and They start Trumbo  over Morales.

Grady Sizemore-He could have been the biggest free agent if he wasn't hurt so much. Sizemore has speed, power, defensive prowess and he has a gun but he is also a huge injury risk. A true center fielder to the word but who would sign him over 2 years. I feel that the only real team that needs a center fielder would be the Nationals. I know I have said they would be getting a lot this offseason with Tito and Oswalt  but I think if they make these three moves hold on to Ankile  for another year until Harper comes up they could have a good squad. Look at the Line up : 1st Morse, 2nd Espinosa , 3rd Ryan Zimmerman, Short stop Desmond, left field Harper, center Sizemore, right Werth  and catcher Ramos. Thats a squad if they are healthy and actually happen. Signs a 3 year deal option after 2 incentive filled contract 15 million over 3 buy out of 2.5 million.

Jose Reyes-The national league batting champion no matter what anyone says. Bunt... I mean but  Jose is looking for a long and heavy contract because the last one he signed was shit. But Reyes is not going to get as much as you think. He was on the D.L for an overall month so that lowered his value about 5 mill each time he went on ( 2 times)  but the batting title definitely covered some of that lose. So if on my calculations , -10 +6 = 4 million more then what he would have gotten if he didn't win. So Jose can get about 95 million dollars over a 7 year with an opt out after 4. Teams that are looking at Jose are the Red Sox, Giants, Mets, Yankees( to fuck with the Mets and Red Sox), Phillies , and the Cardinals. Well, the Cards are a long shot but never count them out. I say he signs with the Mets just above asking price for 7 thus crippling the Mets for years to come.

David Ortiz- Red Sox. I know he has been a douche lately but lets be honest wheres he going to  go? Exactly. Just let him vent out what he needs to and He will be happy up in Bean Town. 3 years at 30 million then retires and goes into the hall as a Sox.

Prince Fielder - Big Boy will definitely get his guap  this off season. It will be a tough sell to keep him in the beer city but I don't see him staying there. There were some grumblings of the Nats , Rangers and Yankees all which I see as crap. Teams like the Red Sox and Yankees will  just have the hype look at him. He will end up on the Giants. They need the bat to protect Buster Poesy and when the Giants sign Armais   Ramirez to play 3rd base they could have a revamped offense. So I see a 6 year 100 million contract to Splash down out in the bay.

Now the main event

Johnny Gomes- This  talented outfielder will add to any contenders bench... Wait I am being told I am being an idiot.

Albert Pujols - The Machine will be target # 1 in the Offseason. No matter what people throw at him it's not enough. The Machine is unreal putting up 30+ homers a year and since this was his first year not dropping 100 rbis and .300 avg.  He will command at least close or on the dot 200 million. If A-rod on roids  can get 250  Albert clean should get 400. The question is will St .Louie drop that much on him. They might have to give him a 10 year 230 with a claim in ownership when he retires. Right if he carries the Cards back to win the World Series except then money thrown at him to make you throw up. I know I said earlier that he could sign with the Phillies  but the teams looking at him are  the Cubs, Giants.... Everyone who can try to afford him.  But he will stay with the Cards.

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