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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 4 is finally here but who cares baseball is still on

     I can't believe what has transpired over this postseason. What upsets except for the Rangers and Brewers. The Tigers and the Cardinals shocked the world. Well  at least two of the largest collection of Douche bags. Shocked stunned and bummed fucking priceless. I 'll get into the post season but this post is the weekly look back at the past week of football. Now I did a lot of games for week 3 so I'll only do a few lets say five this time. I got shit to do in the morning... side not when I write these posts its like midnight in Ny. 

  So Lets do this for the 4th time.   

      Giants V Cardinals- Ok I am going to say it as a true Giants fan. We dodge a huge fucking bullet , Victor Cruz totally fumbled that ball. The Refs were on some different shit when they checked the replay. But none the less Eli was the boss in the 4th quarter in AZ.... again. The Defense of the Giants look a bit shitty late in the game. Whatever  Beanie Wells had three rushing tds for the Cards. Is it just me or does Kevin Kolb look like a mustacheless Ron Swanson? The Giants play the Seahawks and the Cardinals play the Vikings

       Lions V Cowboys- The Cowboys had this game locked up by half time. they were up 20-3. Thats a 17 point lead. Then after  half time they let it go. I don't really know the specifics but all anyone can talk about is how Tony Romo blew the game for the Cowboys. Well yes he did his part he is not off the hook but that was a team effort collapse. But right now the Lions sit 4-0 which is huge  they are tied with the Packers for the top of the north division and the Cowboys are resting ever so comfortably in third in the east.  The Lions play the  Bears and the Cowboys play the bye week so they rest and recoup and get ready to suck ass for the rest of the season 

     Steelers V Texans- If you remember last week after my rant about the Texans and the Saints, how I said that this would he a huge game for the Texans if they beat the Steelers. Well the Texans are for real. They beat a great defense without their best wideout. The Steelers have been nothing but a riddle this season. The offensive line has been awful and every week Big Ben almost breaks a leg. They need to pick it up this week. The Texans take on the Raiders and the Steelers play the surprising Titans

   Titans V. Browns- This  is the first time I have mentioned both these teams. Or maybe I have but I am not going to go back and look its late. Matt Hasselback  is having some sort of  rebirth to his career. It looked like he was done just warming it up for Jake Locker. But he has been burning defense up like any joke from that super funny Whitney Cummings. What makes her so funny is the volume she says the punch line in. See I wouldn't know it was funny if she didn't scream it at the top of her lungs. back  to Football. So the Titans have been giving the Texans a run for the top. Now the Browns are still young. They  have a good Qb ,Colt McCoy is legit and once Hillis gets back and maybe a true wideout and a tight end they will have a shot.  The Titans play the Steelers and the Browns are on a bye. 

   Jets V. Ravens-If you ever want to shut up the biggest nay sayer of your team what do you do the next time you take the field. Thats right you get the fuck beaten out of you.  Well, to be fair just the offense look like shit. Sanchez got beaten down the line was messed up from the jump. At least thats what Rex wants you to believe. Frankly it was all Sanchez he couldn't cut it. But if you're going to have a bad game don't have it against the Ravens Defense. The Jets look to rebound against the defenseless Patriots and the Ravens are on a bye. 

   Colts V. Bucs- The Colts turned to Thor God of thunder to get them their first win of the season but no matter how many 85 yard passes to Pierre Garcon he had. Josh Freeman showed him that his afro is for real not no joke. Freeman and rope a dope Blount did all the work to bring the Bucs to a 3-1 record. The Colts take on the Chiefs who got their first win last week and the Bucs take on the 49ers who had a come from behind win against the "Dream Team".

   49ers V. Eagles-Like we found out last week and tonight. Anything from Philly is just straight Hype and not good at all. The Eagles lead and then blew it. Frank Gore said it the best " Second Half we came out to play they quit." The Eagles look to rebound against the Bills who are in a tight spot. The Bills have to choose are they a good team that can upset this year or are they the Bills and the 49ers  take on the Bucs . 

    So that was week 4.  The game to watch is the Lions Bears game. After last years game that was stolen away from the  Lions by that bullshit  have to come up with the ball call. So watch and be merry.  Oh heads up the League on Fx has to be the Greatest Show on TV right now. Sorry Alison Brie you're extremely cute set up doesn't hold a candle to the brilliant writing and one liners of the League. Also the Simpsons  wont be cancelled next year. Your Welcome world... Now be  funny again. 

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